Mia Chapter 3: This Ain’t Goodbye

Chapter 3: This Ain’t Goodbye…read more here

You’re so young. You don’t understand how these things work. Sooner or later one of us will meet someone new and then we will hurt each other with lies. Distance relationships never work out. It will be so much better if we just make a clean break now. Who knows if one day…”

You’re a prick, Ethan Kavanagh. You’re too scared to fight. You’re letting them win. Well, you can walk away from this if you want but I will never forgive you for this. Kid yourself that you will forget me in time but I will never, ever forget you.” She throws the flower down in his lap and then she was gone, so she never heard his choked whisper.

2 thoughts on “Mia Chapter 3: This Ain’t Goodbye

  1. 1klkelly says:

    Love the song and video


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