IE Ch 4: Sexy and I Know It

TDC32 – Wanna be a photographer

When I walk in the spot,(yea) this is what I see (okaay)

Everybody stops and they starin’ at me

I got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it, show it, show it, show it…

I’m sexy and I know it

Sexy and I Know ItLMFAO

There’s plenty of time between arriving at the Heathman and our appointment with Christian Grey to set up for the shoot but in my anxiety I’m pushing everyone to their limits.  Taking control of the organization is second nature but there’s a moment where telling Jose and his assistant, Travis, where they should put their gear earns me a don’t-tell-us-how-to-suck-eggs look from both of them.  Generally, Jose and I work well together and I’ve often wondered if he isn’t wasting his time doing an engineering degree.  However, today I am being an officious bitch and he looks like he wants to take my clipboard and shove it up my ass.  We’ve had enogh of those drunken conversations in the past, where I’ve promised to get him a job at Kavanagh Media but Jose is smart and committed to supporting his family. He doesn’t see photography as the way to do that.  It’s a shame and a colossal waste of talent.

Ana hovers nervously, glancing at the door every few minutes.  I wish she would calm the fuck down. One of the hotel marketing-execs turns up and tries to throw his weight around.  In retaliation, I turn on the charm and get the requisite salivation from the idiot’s slackened mouth.  Yeah, yeah,  tongue back in and eyes on the face, big boy. Soon he’s putty in my hands as he bends over backwards to bring us refreshments, even helping move the furniture around. Ana looks disapproving but I can’t help it if some men are so easy to manipulate. They fall over themselves at the feet of a pretty face and a nice rack.  Just once, it would be nice if a man noticed my intelligence before he started drooling at the package but hell, if you’ve got it flaunt it, I always say.

On the other hand, I could be more like Ana and be so averse to the limelight that the world never gets to see how smart and beautiful she is. Centre stage is not her style and I kind of envy her complete lack of vanity. She never seems to need the affirmation.  Me – I’m so used to having to work to get people to really see me and not just the face, that I’m not sure I know any other way.

As for the way I am treating everyone else? My uber-officious mode takes over and I know how domineering I’m coming across as I order them all around. Glancing at Ana and Jose, I recognize that this is more than just a story for the newspaper. We are all nervous for different reasons and so much is hanging on what happens in the next half hour or so. I want to keep everyone busy so that they don’t start thinking too much, especially Ana. I keep firing out orders to distract myself from watching her tying herself up in knots with anxiety over Christian Grey.

Suddenly our time is up and he arrives with his bodyguard in tow, sweeping into the room as if he owns it.  Which he probably does.   Immediately I see what all the fuss is about. Photos simply don’t do him justice. If he is gorgeous in digital print, then he is truly staggering in real life. He’s so relaxed and stylish drawing us all into the Christian Grey web. But when he greets Ana I see the one thing I was hoping to avoid. There is nobody else in this room right at this moment but them. Fuck. They both stare at each other, her like she wants to curl up at his feet and him like he wants to eat her. If I weren’t seeing it with my own eyes, I would never believe it and I can feel the tension emanating in waves from Jose.

Eventually Ana recovers some equilibrium and remembers to introduce me. Right, Grey, let’s see what you’ve got. I look him straight in the eye. You are not going to intimidate me Grey, this is my show. And I know your type. I try to stare him down before I realize that he is… what? …laughing at me? Fuck off, Grey, you’re not all that.

“The tenacious Miss Kavanagh. How do you do? I trust you’re feeling better? Anastasia said you were unwell last week.” Anastasia! What is up with this guy? He sounds like a headmaster talking about a naughty school girl. Anastasia was caught smoking a cigarette in the girls’ bathroom.  She will have to submit to a severe punishment until she admits remorse and changes her recalcitrant ways.

“I’m fine, thank you, Mr Grey.” I smile and shake his hand but my jaw is so tightly clenched I think my teeth might break. I simply don’t trust this man. There is something very off here and I’m resisting the overwhelming urge to throw Ana into my car and drive her away from here at high speed. My private school education and manners kick in. I am not going to take any shit from you, Grey. “Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this.”

Ana seems to sense the tension and steps in to introduce Jose and Travis. I can see him eying Jose. The testosterone kicks up a level as Jose squares his shoulders as he asserts himself in the room. He doesn’t have Christian Grey’s height but his muscular physique is well-defined and he is just as pretty in an exotic latte kind of way.

Yeah, Grey, Jose can take you on. Of course, he doesn’t have your… resources…but the slightest indication from Ana and you won’t get a look in. Better still he isn’t from our world, Grey; you can’t intimidate him. In that moment, I couldn’t be more proud of Jose and I delight in seeing Christian Grey’s hackles go up.

“Where would you like me?” Grey addresses his question in a calm but threatening tone to Jose, which just pisses me off. Number one, Jose is worth ten of you Christian Grey, number two, this is my show and three, don’t asking leading questions because I have this enticing vision of you straddling an exercise bike with no seat on it, feel me? Don’t ignore me in favor of your little all-male stand-off.

“Mr Grey – if you could sit here, please? Be careful of the lighting cables. And then we’ll do a few standing, too.” Secretly, I would really love him to trip over the lighting cables but then we would be dealing in litigation and I suspect that my small victory would be overshadowed by Christian Grey’s phenomenal legal resources. I direct him to a chair against the wall. Then Jose takes over and I try to hide a smile as I hear Jose all but ordering Grey to turn this way and that. He’s in his element as he subtly, quickly and efficiently manipulates Grey’s movements, . Oh yeah, take that Grey. But then I notice the looks that are passing between Ana and Grey. Jose might have control of the photography; Grey has complete control of Ana. The devil inside of me decides to shake it up again.

“Enough sitting.” He looks far too comfortable anyway. “Standing, Mr Grey?” He stands and Travis removes the chair. Jose starts clicking away and Christian Grey just oozes supermodel. Bastard.

Five or ten minutes later Jose has had enough. The standing hasn’t made it any better. Christian Grey just can’t be made to look bad. This is something, probably the only thing we have in common. The perfect looks make it both too easy and extremely difficult for both of us. Me, I get taken in by guys so quickly who make me think they see me but turn out to only want the pretty face or the money and connections. When I start to feel a little empathy with Christian Grey I mentally kick myself. I don’t want to feel anything for him.

At the end of the shoot I shake his hand, as do Jose and Travis before Ana guides him to the door.  The next thing I know he’s asking Ana to walk with him. What the? They leave the room with us staring after them like stunned mullets.

“What the hell is that all about?” Jose asks me his eyes not leaving the door. Oh shit. I get an attack of the guilts knowing that Jose is going to get hurt by this. For the last couple of years I have watched Jose fall more in love with Ana and up until now I thought he might have stood a chance.  Seems like he has just been eclipsed.

“You have just witnessed all the charisma that money can buy.” I make no effort to disguise the sarcasm in my voice. Jose looks at me. “Don’t be too intimidated by him Jose. It’s just a pretty face.”

“Yeah and a bottomless bank account,” he mutters. He looks thoroughly dejected and my heart goes out to him.

“Look, do you really think that Ana is going to be swayed by money? She’s not that kind of girl and you know it. But if you want her… really want her…then I wouldn’t leave my run too late. I think Mr Grey has designs on our Ana and you don’t want that particular ship to sail. I have an awful feeling that given a chance he will hurt her,” I state quietly.

“Should I go after her?” He’s looking for approval I simply can’t give. If he really wants her he may need to grow a pair which doesn’t seem likely when he is acting like lovesick puppy. The object of his affection walks back in the room asking me to swap cars so she can go off and have coffee with Christian Grey. Every bone in my body wants to say no but I don’t. Part of me hopes that if she goes with him she might just get him out of her system but somehow I doubt it. I can feel Jose getting more and more despondent beside me and I hustle Ana out as quickly as possible with a warning to stay safe.

We continue packing up the gear in silence when I sense a new presence in the room. I look up and all the breath leaves my body. Elliot Grey is standing in the doorway, looking thoroughly gorgeous in black jeans and  shirt. His longish, dark blond hair is combed back off his face and his blue eyes search the room. They settle on me and I’m forced to stop what I am doing. I know who he is from my research and the countless appearances his photo has made in the social pages.

“Hi. I’m looking for Christian Grey. The concierge said he would be here.” He smiles, a full-blown Sex God smile and I feel my legs start to shake. Wow, how does he do that?  Unbelievably, all the words have just gone from my head and I have no thought except how beautiful he is. He has a kind of surfer-boy chic going on but with the build of a super-jock.  I have to remind myself to close my mouth.

Jose looks from me to him and shrugs. “Mr Grey has left the building. He’s gone for coffee with Ana,” he states simply and continues packing.

Elliot looks questioningly at me. “Ana?” This has thrown him and suddenly I am back in the room.

“Yes, Ana Steele, my assistant.” I feel Jose and Travis looking at me. I keep going hoping that they don’t contradict me. “We’ve been here doing a photo shoot for my newspaper. I’m Kate Kavanagh, editor of the WSU Student Standard.” For a few more days anyway. I step up to him but he’s so tall I have to tip my head back before extending my hand. He takes it and I feel the shock. Shit, what is wrong with me? Then I see it in his eyes. He felt it too.

“Not Sam Kavanagh’s daughter? Of Kavanagh media?” he asks smiling, not looking letting go of my hand. Oh, his smile is so enticing and I have no desire to pull away.

“The very same. Have we met before?” I know that we haven’t, I would have remembered. Given we move in similar social circles, it is a wonder we haven’t crossed paths at some point before now but somehow we never have. I am beginning to regret that.

“Elliot Grey, Casey-Grey Construction and older, better looking brother of the recalcitrant Christian Grey.” He smirks and it’s enough to break the spell. Oh such a finely tuned sense of self-worth, Mr Grey? Let’s see what we can do about that.

“Mmm…I am sure some might say that, if only to stroke your massive ego.”  I smile back. A flash of anger crosses his eyes and a shadow of petulance. Shit, did I go too far?

“Why, Miss Kavanagh! Claws, so early in our relationship! Who would have thought?”

“Mr Grey, I don’t believe we have a relationship.” Where have I heard that before? I smile sweetly. But oh, I want one, right now on the floor of this room. If only Jose and Travis weren’t here. On cue, they begin carting cases and equipment out of the room towards the elevator leaving me alone with Elliot Grey.

“I think you might be kidding yourself, baby.” His low voice is no louder than a whisper and I am both attracted and repelled by his presumption. My traitorous body wants him badly but my logical mind is urging me to reach up and slap him into the middle of next week. “Thinking of slapping me angel?” He leans down towards me and I am appalled that he can read my mind.

“I wouldn’t want to sully my hand, Mr Grey.” Yeah, lie to yourself Kavanagh.

“I’m a little disappointed by that, Miss Kavanagh…Katherine… Kate… Katie.” He leans in even closer, his voice dropping down a tone with every utterance of my name until the last comes as a low husky whisper again. The stud has me almost pinned against the door frame. Shit! Where are Jose and Travis? For once in my life I feel totally out of my depth with this … Viking Fabio. Not because he is so gorgeous, or because I feel physically intimidated but because even though he isn’t touching me, that electricity still charges the air between us.  No mere man ever makes me feel like this.

“Feeling a little impotent, Mr Grey. What a shame?” I choke out, desperately trying not to look away.  I don’t want him to have the upper hand. His face takes on a look of pain, as if I have kicked him. I almost reach out to touch and reassure him even though I know it’s all an act.

“Ouch,” he whispers. He straightens himself away from me, hand on his heart and I feel a little bereft of his proximity.  At that moment the elevator door opens across the hall and Travis and Jose shuffle through as we move to the side. They pick up more gear and move back past us.

“We should be ready to go in 15 minutes Kate.” Jose says to me. They keep moving to the elevator and are gone again.

“Well, Katie. What can we do in 15 minutes?” Elliot Grey is smiling at me, arms folded. No one ever calls me Katie and gets away with it except my Dad.  Elliot Grey has said it twice in the past few minutes. The smug smirk is back on his face and I struggle to repress a giggle. Suddenly we are both laughing and the tension is broken. I pull away from him and head into the suite to pick up my things. He follows me, taking my jacket and holding it out for me as I shrug it on.

“Thanks,” I murmur, throwing my bag over my shoulder. His hands reach out to straighten my collar and those pesky electric shocks shoot through my body again. I’m fighting the urge to turn into his arms and bury my head in his chest. He slides his hand from my shoulder down to the small of my back and I arch against him gently. We both pause and look at each other for a moment. He’s going to kiss me. Fuck, I really want him to kiss me.

“Let me walk you to the elevator, Katie,” he murmurs and gently starts to guide me. We are both silent as we wait.

The elevator arrives and without breaking contact he walks me into it. The doors shut and he pushes buttons for the lobby with his free hand. I can’t breathe properly with him so close. His proximity is stimulating and unnerving and nothing like I have ever felt before. Christian Grey is gorgeous and beautiful in a dark and brooding way but he’s cold. Elliot Grey is like the sun; all blond, tanned and rugged. More importantly, like the sun there is this gravitational pull between us and I feel like I am a planet caught in his orbit.

The doors finally open and I hear him release his breath. At least he isn’t completely unaffected by this thing between us. I glance up at him and he has his eyes closed as if he’s trying to steady himself. When he opens them and looks at me I see this amazing intensity. Oh, God, you’re gonna need more ice cream, Kavanagh. As we step into the lobby, I can’t understand why I want so much for him to fold me in his arms. I’m not the cuddly, possessive type and I’ve never really been into public displays of affection but I want this man very badly and I don’t really care who knows it.

Once more, as if he’s reading my freaking mind, he murmurs, “I want very much to kiss you, Katie Kavanagh, and I cannot for the life of me work out why.” My heart skips a beat as we walk towards the revolving door.

Turning to face him, I see the turmoil in his eyes. How can this be happening so fast? This is like some kind of bad romance novel plot complete with bodice ripping in the first chapter. People don’t fall in love at first sight. Especially not beautiful people. We know better than to trust an instant attraction. It always ends badly.

Feigning bravado, I reach up and place my palm gently on his face. “You’ll get over it, Grey.” Then I turn on shaky legs to walk through the revolving door with his laughter echoing behind me.

“Laters, baby.” I fractionally hesitate but don’t look back. Stepping into the spring sunshine I begin breathing again. What the hell was that? I try desperately not to look back at him as I climb into the car but I can’t help myself. He leans casually on a door frame watching me. I blush…hell, I never blush. He laughs and gives a little wave. Oh my, what happened here?

Author Note:

I always wondered why Kate had never met the Grey brothers before.  If she is connected and the daughter of a media boss then there is a chance that they might have moved in the same circles long before Christian became a billionaire. There is a deviation from the original story here.  Elliot announces that he is from Casey-Grey Construction.  In this story he has a business partner, James Casey.  Some of the dialogue from FSoG is used to contextualize the events. Thanks for reading, please leave a review.

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    Wow. That was intense. Nicely written; well, well, well done.


  2. thegreysfan01 says:

    WOOO wOOOO she does it again! Go Sasha I love it!
    Well written intense chapter loved every single word!


  3. Kaz says:

    Do enjoy a little re read every now and then.!.. First time round that was one of my fav chapters.. .From anybody else that attitude would warrant a slap .. But your version of Elliott has always had it going on.. His style and little boy cheekiness is so natural… 😉


  4. Happy Reader says:

    To the a/ n Maybe the parents were inthe same circles but not Elliot and Kate… he is older than Christian and Christian what 6 yrs older than Kate and Ana? So may their age difference 7-8 maybe yrs apart ? Kept them from bumping into each other?


  5. JESC says:

    love it!! I’ve always liked Kate… ok you have me hooked and its just the 4 chapter! eeek!!


  6. mothergolf says:

    omg, love this…….so sassy. Yeah, I find this meeting of Kate and Elliot more believable than just hooking up in the noisy club, at least they had a chance to really feel the chemistry between them…….


    • I’m so excited that you are reading and enjoying it. Yes, I played that game of ‘what if’ and thought if Elliot really was in Portland to hike with Christian then what would the chances be that he might run into Kate. Let me know how you are enjoying it.


  7. Am loving this, your a really good writer, filling in the blanks from the original FSOG, seeing the way other peoples lives were going at the time, brilliant, Elliot is starting to make me sweat the way Christian does, cool, very, very cool.


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