Chapter 25: Slow Down

And I don’t know

Who to believe anymore

But there comes you

To keep me safe from harm

There comes you

To take me in your arms

Is it just a game? I don’t know

-Just a Game – Birdy

The apartment is empty, Ana has gone to Georgia. It is just me and Kate and a few heady hours of bliss before we have to go to the airport. We fall in through her door, kissing, groping, and generally making a mess of our evening clothes. Once we are inside I pull back from her, our breathing is ragged and eyes blazing as we stare at each other. I lean my forehead against hers and hold her face.

“Stop, Kate. Let’s just…slow down.” I am almost gasping through a thundering heartbeat and rampant erection the quite frankly hurts. I straighten up and then turn to the door checking that it is locked and dead bolted. Kate looks at me curiously.

“Elliot what is wrong. You have been on edge since your parents left the ballroom.” Her small hand is placed on my arm as she slides her heels off. Holding them in one hand she moves off down to her bedroom. She emerges a few minutes later in a short robe. I am standing in the middle of her kitchen texting.

“You all ready for tomorrow?” I signal towards the packed case by the door. She nods and moves past me to put the kettle on. She gives a disappointed glance at my phone.

“Yeah, was it urgent?” Her hands keep moving as she places tea bags into cups.

“Sort of. I just wanted to check that Mom and Dad got home okay.” This makes her pause and she turns her body to look up at me. “I know…I just worry.”

She shakes her head smiling. I have the Kate Kavanagh seal of approval for being a good son. We really need to talk but I am not sure it is a good idea until I have had a conversation with Sam.

Passing me a cup she walks out to the living room. I take a sip as the number on my phone rings.

“Hey, it’s me. Yeah…we may have a problem…Not sure but you need to stay alert and stay in contact. There are a couple of things. I just had a run in with Elena at a Press club function. Nothing major but she was pushing and then she started gunning for Kate. Yeah. The other is unknown. I am going to find out in the next couple of days and when I do I will let you know. No, don’t tell him…no not even about her. Let’s just be vigilant. It could be anything but Dad is worried so it might be an organized attack. Yeah – have some extras at the ready and send someone out to Richmond. No, he’s still in Haiti and I think I am going to need him. No, I am paying. Okay, man. Take care. And remember, anything changes, I want to know.”

Kate has opened up her computer and is quietly typing in between sips of her tea. “Are you going to tell me what this is about, Grey or do I have to resort to torture to get it out of you?” I lean back on the kitchen bench and take another sip thinking about the best way to handle this.

“I take it you know that there is a threat against us.” Her fingers pause for a moment but she doesn’t look up. Her glasses are perched on the end of her nose as she works. How does she do that? How does she manage to make glasses, messed up hair, a bathrobe and typing look like the sexiest fucking thing on the planet. I shrug my dinner jacket off and place it over a chair. Slowly I move towards the couch and park myself down beside her. Looking over her shoulder I notice that she is writing some sort of journal entry about tonight. I presume things that were said, by whom, the encounter with Elena.

“You want to share?” She stops typing and turns the screen toward me. I shake my head. “Just tell me the highlights.”

“Tonight was unusual, mostly in a good way. I want to remember that. But there were things that were off as well. I try to make notes on everything just in case it might be relevant later. You know, something I might have to follow up.”

“So what was off?”

“Well, the secret conversations you were having with our dads. That was odd and the sudden acceptance by my father of all things Elliot. That one kind of threw me.” I laugh.

“Yeah me too babe. What else?”

She pauses the cup on the way to her mouth. “You went on high alert after you spoke to my Dad, like you were waiting for something to happen. You still are?”

I shake my head and lean forward with my elbows on my knees. “Trouble is I don’t know what I am waiting for. Your dad seems to know something though.”

“Mmmm… I figured as much.” She knows something, I knew it.

“You gonna tell me?” She studies my face for a while then shakes her head and then she tells me everything she knows. The leaks to her Dad, the photos, the threats to and files on me, Christian and now apparently my Dad.

“I think you need to sit down with Dad. He has only told me some of it. I think we need to do this together otherwise we are going to be jumping at shadows for no reason. We need facts.” My sensible beautiful Kate.

I run an anxious hand through my hair. I feel so fucking impotent. “I just want to protect my family Kate.” I look directly at her. “All of my family.”

Her eyes hold mine for a moment. A steady blue gaze. Then she closes the lid of her computer and unfolds her legs moving into my lap. Her arms are around my shoulders and head, her hands in my hair, massaging and relaxing me. She tips my head up to look at her and she slowly slants her mouth across mine, gently licking my lips before sweeping her tongue inside. Her soft lips ease all of tension and she is pouring a world of passion into this kiss while her hands keep roving.

My hands remove the pins from her hair and I thread my fingers through her curls as the drop in layers around her shoulder. It is like warm silk in my hands as I pull her head firmly into our kiss. I slide my hands down her back and then to her front to undo her robe. As it falls off her creamy shoulders I take in with my touch the lacy bustier she is wearing. I press her away from me for a moment so I can see her. Oh, my Kate.

“Beautiful, always so fucking beautiful, Miss K.” I murmur pressing my mouth against her neck. My hand slides down from her face, down her neck and around her breast, palming it gently through the silky lace. Perfect. She emits a small gasp in response that almost brings me undone.

Her curves are perfection and I trace each one as I gently push her to her feet. She goes willingly, her robe hanging open. Turning toward her bedroom she reaches back with her hand to me, her long legs clad in stockings that end in lacy tops half way up her perfect thighs. We walk hand in hand down to her room and I flip the lights out as we go. She has left her bedside lamp glowing casting shadows around her room. She leads me to the bed and then turns to face me beside it.

“I don’t think we need these.” Her fingers make short work of my dinner shirt and pants. By the time I have stripped off completely she has removed everything but the stockings. “Want me to keep these on.” All I can do is nod, my mouth is so dry. Clothed, Kate is perfect, naked she is exquisite and my body which was already on alert is now painfully rigid, my erection straining towards her.

She takes my in her hand and begins to stroke. “Baby, I won’t last.” But she ignores my plea and drops to her knees to take me into her mouth. Her tongues snakes out of her mouth and around the head of my dick. Blowing air gently down the length of it has me pulsing in her hand and then she licks from base to tip before engulfing me in her mouth. Her tongues flicks around as she slides her mouth up and down my painfully hard cock and I struggle to resist fucking her mouth. I hold her hair in my hand so I can see her working me over.

I can’t take it any more and I pull her up onto her feet before I can come in her mouth. Running my hands down her body I place one hand behind her back and the other on her waist as I kiss her, lowering her backwards onto the bed. She scoots back under the cover and holds out a hand to drawn me in. I go so willingly into her arms, lying half on top of the length of her body as I let my hands wander over her silky skin.

My kisses travel over face as I taste her with my tongue. She is spice and sweetness on my tongue making me groan with longing for more of her addictive taste. My pathway over body takes in the perfection of her long neck and the gentle slope of her shoulders. Her scent is incredible as I nip and lick across her collarbone and down to her perfect breasts. The small hard nubs of her nipples rub against my cheek as I try not to break contact working my way to the center of each breast to suckle her. Her moans and gasps are music to my ears, encouraging to take my time with her, to hold back my passion and simply love her.

“Elliot, please.”

“What, baby, what do you need?” I murmur into her lips. I want her to tell me. I need so desperately to hear her ask for it.

Her skin is on fire as she presses her wetness up against my thigh. My hand travels down to her center finding her slick moist folds. My fingers slide easily inside her to find that sweet spot that elicits another gasp. “Say it, sweetheart. Tell me.”

“I need…I need…” she is gasping in her need, pressing her pelvis up so that she can fuck my fingers. I pull out and tease her hard little clit. Her cream is thick and pungent, driving us both crazy and I can’t resist a taste bringing my fingers up to my mouth and sucking them in. Her eyes widen and then she reaches up to kiss my in a wild thrashing of tongues. “I want you inside me. Now. I need to feel you fill me.”

In a quick movement I am over her, my hips forcing her legs apart. She tilts herself up to meet me as the head of my cock teases her clit. Then I thrust hard and she cries out. Holding perfectly still I gaze down at her until her eyes open and hold mine and when I know she won’t look away I begin to thrust in long slow movements that reach deep into her sacred spaces. She clenches around me, drawing me in until I am balls deep inside her. Her soaking wet pussy is a sweet tight hot grip around my girth as if she is struggling to fit all of me inside her. Each pull has her panting letting out teasing little moans into my mouth. Her hands are firmly on my hips, pulling me and then they move to my face and hair as she looks directly at me with lustful hazy eyes.

We kiss with renewed vigor as we fuck each other hard, straining to reach our climax. “Baby, come for me.” I whisper and on command her muscles clench and pulse around me and my climax comes hard and fast, pumping rampantly into her, filling her completely. We call each others names into the night, as our sweat soaked skin slides against each other. Her orgasm goes on and on and I keep moving gently, semi -erect until she begins to come down with a whimper.

I hold my weight off her body as much as she grabs my head unwilling to let me move away. I have no desire to withdraw. I am exactly where I belong and the thought of making love to Kate for the rest of our lives seems like the answer to my unspoken prayers. Then I notice the tears falling down her cheeks. I kiss them away tasting each one. Somehow I know this is about being overwhelmed, not about sadness. “Me too baby.” I whisper to reassure her. After all of the tension and emotion of the past few days, this is what we both need.

We make love again before we fall into a perfectly sated, exhausted sleep. The love of my life is in my arms and I just know that I have found my bliss.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 25: Slow Down

  1. Twinkie55 says:

    Wow! That was something. You must have enjoyed writing this chapter you left in a few grammar mistakes. I enjoyed reading it.


  2. Thanks – there are too many grammar/spelling mistakes to even mention all the way through my posts and I keep promising myself that one day I will go back and fix them. I need a team of proofreaders and editors or to quit my day job – don’t think either of those things are going to happen. Hopefully the storytelling will keep you here regardless of my sloppiness. I do appreciate the feedback though so if you feel like letting me know obvious ones you see as you’re reading – ones that I can do a quick fix on then that would be great! Thanks again for dropping in. 🙂


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