IE Ch 6: Little Bad Girl

Dancing Girl by RobertGomesArt

Oh yeah they tell me I’m a bad boy

All the ladies look at me and act coy

I just like to put my hands up in the air

I want that girl dancing over there

Look at her go on the dance floor

She’s amazing on the dance floor

When she moves, girl, I want more

Keep it going, girl, like I got an encore

You got me sayin’

Go little bad girl, little bad girl

Little Bad Girl – Taio Cruz/David Guetta-

The final exams are over, the final edition of the newspaper has gone to print and Ana and I head to the bar with friends for a celebration. It has been a hell of a week with neither of us getting much sleep. We put it down to study but I can’t help but feel that it has more to do with the Grey men. After our last exam today we had gone home to rest up and change for the evening to find a package had arrived for Ana. It turned out to be a set of first edition prints of Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. Ana is a little taken aback by the gift but I can tell she is charmed. I, on the other hand, would rather not see Tess again since our final exam was almost solely dedicated to her. On those grounds alone I take the view that Christian Grey is a vindictive bastard who needs to be strung up by his balls. Ana is a little more circumspect but she announces that she is going to return the books after my internet research reveals that they could be worth as much as $14,000. Who the hell buys a $14,000 gift for a college grad that they have only just met?  So let’s make that over-the-top vindictive bastard.

Jose and Travis join us at the bar. Included in our small gathering are fellow newspaper students including Levi who I have warned upon pain of death not to say anything to Ana about the Heathman photo shoot. I had to bribe him heavily with a photo journal tribute to the varsity soccer team, his favorite sport, but it seems a small price to pay to keep my plans from Ana and Jose. Medication by Margarita is the backbone of this plan. Then when they have let down their guard they might just realize that they are made for each other and Mr Christian Grey can fade into the background.

Okay, granted, it’s not the most original plan or romantic way of hooking up but tonight we have alcohol, we have setting, we have opportunity.  There might not be a better time to ensure that Christian Grey is forgotten. Of course I didn’t count on him sending that damn gift this afternoon just when Ana seemed to be returning to normal.  If I didn’t know better I would say that Christian Grey has spookily effective timing.

Currently, Ana is telling Jose about our move to Seattle and I can tell he is a bit miffed about the fact that my parents have given me a condo. Yeah well, that sort of shit happens in my world Rodriguez. Get over it. However, as the conversation progresses it becomes clear that he is more concerned that we won’t be back for his show than he is about her living 165 miles away.  I glare at him which he catches but then he returns a kind of weird, quizzical look as if he doesn’t understand what I am pissed about.  Come on Rodriguez, where’s your game man?

For the next twenty minutes he answers her insane questions about the show.  The type of questions that she isn’t really interested in the answer for and in his effort to come across as some sort of artistic intellectual, he groans on and on about frame and aperture and light.  Damn, Rodriguez, you will never win the girl if you don’t put more effort in.

The most useful thing he does is offer her another Margarita. She is pretty gone now and one more will certainly help his cause. None of us have ever seen Ana drunk, it is a surprise to all of us to see her start to relax but when the effusive ramble kicks in I start to worry that we haven’t gone too far.  Luckily she has the good sense to refuse another drink. For the moment. Me, I am too far gone to know better but I am one of those people who appear sober right up until the moment they go comatose. Upright and cohesive one moment – flat on my back and incoherent the next.

“More drink, Ana!” I yell out. Now I know I am drunk as I swallow down the urge to call her a lightweight.  I don’t think she will keep drinking which is a good thing cos one of us will have to remember how to walk home. She disappears into the crowd and I decide I will give her twenty minutes to negotiate the bathroom line and then go and find her. Or better yet send Jose.

“Jose!” I call him over. He refills his glass and climbs over the assorted legs to get to my side. His smile is electric and just for a moment I wonder why I haven’t made a pass at him before. “Having a good time?” I ask. He nods his head as he continues to bop to the music. Some old 90’s drinking song is playing which seems infinitely appropriate. We both grin at each other. “Do you know my friend Levi?” I lean over and yell into his ear. He nods again.

“Yeah, we did a photography class together a couple of years back. Good to see you man.” Jose leans over to shake Levi’s hand almost falling off his seat as he does so.

“You too, man. Great job on the Grey article.” Levi is such a good-natured drunk and I am eternally grateful that he can be this happy, this gone and not divulge all of my worst secrets. “Yeah, I was pretty pissed to have dropped the ball on that one but all kudos to you, man.”

“Yeah, it was a bit of a no brainer. It’s difficult to make the truly beautiful people look like crap, you feel me?” Jose says then he blushes as he looks at me. “Of course I was tempted to have a go at him in Photoshop but Kate wouldn’t let me.” We all laugh but I know there is some bittersweet in that mix when alluding to the Grey factor, or the Kavanagh factor for that matter.

“Oh brother, I hear you! I would rather photograph sports anyway.” And suddenly they are off, talking soccer, baseball, football. I am out of my depth here. I am more a politics, economics and save the environment kind of chick. Sports leave me cold which is kind of ironic given my own history. It’s not the activity per se but that endless male banter and one-up-manship that I don’t get. Glancing around I spy Ana waiting at the bar looking agitated. Finally she gets served and heads back to our table. Oh, green is not her color. She doesn’t look good.

“Hey sweetie, you need some fresh air?” I ask concerned. She nods and turns to head outside, stumbling through the crowd.  Seizing the opportunity, I immediately go and throw myself into Levi’s lap to put a halt to the boys’ conversation. Through my drunken haze I register that this is Jose’s big chance and I need to get him out there to be with Ana, asap. Only problem is he doesn’t look too with it himself.

“Whoa, babe.” Levi laughs with me as we fall back. I take a sip of his drink then lean forward to Jose who is smiling at us.

“Jose, go and see what’s up with Ana.” He looks around a bit bewildered and fuzzy. Shit he has had way too much to drink. I point at the front door and he takes the hint as I give him a conspiratorial wink. It takes a moment and then I see it register on his face. Ana – alone – outside – slightly drunk. He stumbles to his feet and heads out the front door. I am lying back in Levi’s lap congratulating myself when I feel the atmosphere in the room change. Suddenly Elliot Grey is here in front of me and he doesn’t look happy.

“Mr Grey, are you stalking me?” I smile up at him as I firmly wrap Levi’s arms around my waist.

There is a slight pause and then he murmurs something under his breath that sounds like “no that would be my brother.” Then he reaches over to grab my hand. “I need to talk to you Katie.”

Levi is such a good buddy playing along and all but he lets me go immediately when he sees the look on Elliot’s face. Not that there is ever a thing between us but it would be nice to know that he would defend me if had I needed it. Instead he relinquishes me to this stranger. Well, a stranger to him, anyway. Elliot takes a tight hold of my hand and pulls me upright. I teeter on my high heels.  Mmm just a little more drunk than I thought, as he puts his arm around my waist to steady me. We are locked against each other in front of all of my friends and bugger me if the man isn’t aroused. Lucky for him I am too or I might have to kick his butt, if I could only balance unaided.  But standing here face to face with a very angry and horny Elliot Grey is more than a little overwhelming and as I look into his baby blue eyes the breath leaves my body.

“Come on baby, let’s get you some water.” Leaving his arm around me he guides me up to the bar. Of course, he doesn’t have to wait to be served. His height is commanding and the barmaid jumps to get his order with a simpering giggle. I resist the urge to reach over and punch her.

“Steady baby.” He hands me the glass. “Now drink that straight down.” And without much thought, I find myself doing his bidding too, until someone behind me knocks my elbow and the glass jumps out of my mouth, water pouring down the front of my top.

“Fantastic, the wet t-shirt look, very appropriate Kavanagh.” I say to myself as I try to wipe the residue off my chest. Meanwhile Elliot has grabbed the guy by the shoulder.

“Apologise to the lady.” He says in a low and threatening voice.

“Fuck off, man. Everyone knows that Kate Kavanagh is no lady.” I blanch. Shit! Of all the morons to run into in the bar, it has to be Wayne Dalgetty. He is such an ass-wipe and I know this is going to go nowhere.

“Elliot it’s okay. It was an accident.” I try to push them apart but they both hold their ground. Dalgetty stares into Elliot’s eyes for a moment, then obviously sees something that looks like more threat than warning and backs away, hands in the air.

“Sorry Kate. Tell your guard dog to back down.” Wayne doesn’t take his eyes off Elliot.

“Sure thing Wayne. No harm, no foul.” I turn Elliot bodily away from the bar. “Come dance with me.” I plead with him by pushing my body into his and then I feel it again. The instant electricity and arousal. Shit, this guy is going to have me in bed without even kissing me!

Elliot looks down at me with anger still in his eyes. What is it with this jerk? This is not his fight and he doesn’t need to know about my history. If he knew about my flirty reputation he wouldn’t want to defend me, that’s for sure. No guy likes a tease.  Besides, I don’t own a range of pink pjs for nothing. My life is full of endless fall out from bad choices in bars and clubs. Elliot Grey will probably be added to that list and I am feeling a little resigned to that as he smiles and wraps his arms around me.

The music has changed to something a little more up to date. A David Guetta track with a strong beat and stronger lyrics. Time to turn on the charm, Kavanagh. I move in closer straddling his thigh and start my usual bump and grind. Arms up and flicking my hair around. I know it won’t be long before he wraps his arms around me and mirrors my moves. Then it will be a quick two step to bed.  Maybe I will let this one.  Most of the time the guys think getting to my place will be easy. It is something about my vibe.  Usually they are disappointed and more than one has accused me of being a cock-tease. Very few actually make to my bed because it usually ends in heartache.  But if I sleep with him tonight, I can get Elliot Grey out of my system once and for all.  Bring on the chocolate ice-cream. Shit, I just lost the last lot of aftermath weight.

“What are you doing here?” I lean into his ear to shout over the music. He leans back with his hands on my waist and looks into my eyes.

“I came for you baby.” Yeah, keep up with the baby and you know where this is going. What the hell, he is hot, I am drunk and I’ve been horny for him all week. I can see in his eyes that he knows he has this sewn up and now it is just a matter of time. Might as well enjoy the vertical dance before the horizontal begins.  I settle back into the beat when I suddenly spy Ana walking into the bar with Christian Grey. I am not surprised. Realization hits me with an enormous kick to the guts. This was never about me, this was about Ana, and Christian has enlisted Elliot for aide. Okay, so I am a little disappointed for myself, and worried for her. Elliot Grey I can handle – there have been a few Elliot’s in my life but Ana is so innocent and Christian has the potential to destroy her.

“So the Grey boys are slumming it tonight. What is going on with your brother and my roommate?” I ask. Elliot pulls me in close placing his face against mine as we both look over to them. Christian is angry and tense but when he sees Elliot with me he nods. I feel Elliot smile as he rubs his hands up and down my back. I want to enjoy this but I know I’m being used. This is about keeping me out of the way.

“Christian is going to take care of Ana, okay?” He is looking in my eyes again. I still for a moment then nod placing my hands around his neck and leaning in closer. To anyone else it looks like dancing sex but then I turn my mouth to his ear.

“Okay, but if he hurts her in any way I am going to cut your balls off with a blunt kitchen knife and send them to your brother by courier mail. Capiche?” I place my hands in his hair and run them slowly down his face, chest and then run them over his stomach and the waistband of his jeans. I feel his body tremble with laughter.

“Oh, Katie, is that a promise sweetheart?” He leans in and kisses me, at first gently and then deepening with his tongue. I respond, tangling my tongue with his and I know I am going to lose the battle with this Grey, very quickly and painfully. I pull away, placing my forehead against his and breath deeply. “Damn, Katie. What are you doing to me?” He breaths.

We both continue to dance but don’t move our heads away from each other. He is all sensation and way too much. I can feel the arousal so strong now and Ii’m pretty sure that one touch would tip me over the edge. He is hard against my thigh and it gives me a thrill to know that I am affecting him the same way that he is affecting me. Next thing I know Ana and Christian are next to us dancing. Ana never dances but damn they are pulling some moves that rival Elliot and I. Could this be the night that Ana finally brings someone home. And what a someone! Christian leans over to talk to Elliot who pulls me around so that my back is pressed against his front. I suspect that he wants to hide his erection from Christian and Ana. He places his lips next to my ear.

“Ana is going with Christian. Don’t worry, he will take good care of her. You are not going to stop them no matter how much you may want to. Now just smile as if you are having a good time and wave to your friend.” I am so stunned by this that I do exactly what he says. Shit, what is going on here? Are the Grey’s as dangerous as they seem? A look seems to pass between the brothers. A warning from Elliot. Shit. What if he is some kind of pervert or into bondage? Ana will never recover from that. I want to go after her but Elliot pulls me back. “Katie, leave them. She will be fine. You can trust him.” Yeah but can I trust you?

His arms are like a vice around me and I am torn between a great sense of security and feeling trapped. I rub my hands over his and feel the callouses on his hands. He said he was in construction and he means it. These are hands that have done their fair share of laboring. His forearms are huge and tanned with soft blonde hair. I lean back into him feeling his erection again. If he is not going to release me then I will just have to go with it. However, once Christian and Ana move through the door, he lets me go abruptly and moves past me grabbing my hand. Fuck, what the hell? Talk about mood swing!

“What? What are you doing?” I yell. He moves to the table where my friends are and grabs my bag and jacket. Wrapping my coat around my shoulders he pulls me through the bar. As we approach the door I see Wayne and his neanderthal mates standing in a huddle to one side of the door. Wayne says something and they all turn to look at me and laugh. He raises his drink and it is all I can do not to spit on him. Sanctimonious prick. But I realize that the assumption he is making is the one I had made about ten minutes ago when Elliot first touched me. It pisses me off that everyone will be thinking the same thing. Kate Kavanagh has just helped the newbie surfer boy score. Nothing like being a sure thing.

Once we are outside Elliot wraps an arm around me and starts to walk purposefully down the road. I pull back, resisting slightly with my body. Surely he could buy a girl a drink before he takes her to bed. “Slow down cowboy. Where are we going?”

“Sweetheart, I am taking you home.” What no dinner first?

“Why are you hungry?” Shit did I say that out loud? He looks concerned. I shake my head.

“Meaningless sex it is.” I mutter as I struggle to keep up. He looks a little pissed at that comment but he keeps walking without acknowledging me.

“Are you going to tell me about that prick in the bar?” There is venom in his voice which is kind of hot but not something I can afford to acknowledge. Too many wounds.

“Nothing to tell and none of your business if there was.” I spit back. He glances at me quickly then keeps tugging me through the car park to the street beyond. The last thing I want to do is discuss Wayne Dalgetty. Nothing would be more sure to kill my libido which is climbing rampantly with every touch of Elliot’s hands.

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FanFic Reviews

koocher 8/27/13 . chapter 6

Love your story and the music. Cannot wait to finish this one to see what happens in the next saga and the next I am so hooked. Thanks to Steffie for suggesting I read your stories. I might not review to much until I get caught up.
So keep going love to read.
Cheers NK
  damonsnewlove 8/9/13 . chapter 6

Wow! I want to have that kind of attraction to someone. It sounds so good and fun. Wish I could find it. I really like the way you are writing Kate and Elliott’s story.
Carmelroads 3/16/13 . chapter 6

I love Kate even more for this… “Okay, but if he hurts her in any way I am going to cut your balls off with a blunt kitchen knife and send them to your brother by courier mail. Capiche”1 question. Out of curiosity, why did you change Jose’s last name?

Ljs117 11/16/12 . chapter 6

Great chapter…enjoying!

4 thoughts on “IE Ch 6: Little Bad Girl

  1. Linda says:

    Why do you call Jose Gonzalez? Isn’t it Rodriguez in the books?


    • See – this is why I need a team of proofreaders and Betas. I often type in a placeholder and think to myself I will go back and check that later. Then don’t actually get around to it. Thanks for picking that one up – I will go back and check/edit. By the way – you will probably find I made a couple of time line slips as well – those ones are now harder to change so I apologize in advance. 🙂


  2. thegreysfan01 says:

    Well well well Ms. Kavanaugh the little minx rears her head 🙂
    Loved it keep up the great work!


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