Chapter 8 Naughty Girl

I love to love you, baby

I’m feelin’ sexy, I wanna hear you say my name, boy
If you can reach me, you can feel my burning flame
Feelin’ kind o Y
I might just take you home with me

Baby, the minute I feel your energy
Your vibe is just taken over me
Start feelin’ so crazy, babe
Babe, I feel the funk coming over me
I don’t know what’s gotten into me
The rhythm’s got me feelin’ so crazy, babe

Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m callin’ all my girls
We’re gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body

Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m callin’ all my girls
I see you look me up and down
And I came to party

You’re so sexy, tonight I am all yours, boy
The way your body moves across the floor
Feelin’ kind o Y
I might just take you home with me

Baby, the minute I feel your energy
Your vibe is just taken over me
Start feelin’ so crazy, babe
Babe, I feel the funk coming over me
I don’t know what’s gotten into me
The rhythm’s got me feelin’ so crazy, babe

Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m callin’ all my girls
We’re gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body

I love to love you, baby
I love to love you, baby

BeyonceNaughty Girl

When Kate outlined her plans for the bachelor/bachelorette party I had my doubts. I had no idea how we would get Christian to agree to any of it but in the end her impressive ability to manipulate her resources to her advantage sees us traveling across town in a limo with Ana, Christian, Ethan and Mia. Christian and Ana agree to wear blindfolds after we finish our dinner at the Mile High Club. Once we are moving Ana removes hers since she is very much in on the plans for the evening. She, Mia and Kate have been ordering us around like an army precision drill team for the past few days and my nerves are on edge wondering how Christian is going to take all of this.

The car pulls to a stop outside the venue and my nerves really kick in. This could go so badly once the blindfold is removed but Kate assures me that the treat the girls have planned will circumvent any issues with Christian. I hope like hell she is right.

Jason has been fully consulted about all the plans and security is tighter than a straight man’s sphincter in a prison shower. All of the security we see inside and outside the venue have been vetted by he and Welch and there seems to be a cast of thousands standing around in tight t-shirts and sunglasses. This brings a wry smile to my lips. Things aren’t always what they seem.

We start off in a secure private room for drinks and poker. The girls have left us and apparently gone to their own room. Dad, Ana’s step fathers Ray and Bob, Kate’s father, Jason, John Flynn, Claude Bastille, James and Barney Welch are all there waiting for us. While I wouldn’t exactly call all of these people Christian’s friends, they are at least more closely associated with him than most and the thought that my little brother never let’s anyone get that close to him makes me sad. I feel very blessed with the friends that I have.

The drinks flow, bets are won and lost and we make sure that Christian is well and truly in his cups before moving on to the next part of the evening. After a little more than an hour we move out of the private room and into the main club room. It is then that I hear a sharp intake of breath from Christian and I brace myself for the fall out.

“Elliot, what the fuck is going on?” If I play it cool then he might not overreact.

“We hired the venue for the night. Well, this part of it anyway. It’s a burlesque club and you bro are about to get a private show that you won’t forget.” His mouth is held in a firm line, unable to reveal to us that he knows about Sirens intimately. Soon, Christian, soon you and I will sit down and talk about all of this but tonight is not the time. Although he and my parents will certainly have a few questions by the end of the evening but Kate and I have discussed using tonight as a way of opening up the lines of communication.

“Jason, what about security.”

“All taken care of Sir. As discussed.” Christian has to trust that his team know what they are doing. Of course, the hired extras might come as a bit of a surprise. There are approximately ten members of the security team inside the room and more located outside. The whole thing looks ridiculous to me but if it makes Christian lose the stick up his butt then I will live with it.

Inside the door we are greeted by those ladies who are not in on Kate and Ana’s surprise. My mother, Julie, Gail, Ana’s mom Carla, a couple of women from SIP and John Flynn’s wife are gathered and giggling over what looks like it might be their fifth round of Cosmos. We are ushered over to tables near the stage and given another round of drinks when the music starts. The room lights go down and the stage lights up in a dark pink revealing a line of female bodies in silhouette striking various poses to a hypnotic beat. A lone female voice can be heard echoing out through the sound system and I smile. Damn but that woman of mine has a fine voice as she launches into a sultry sexy Beyonce number.

As the routine progresses Stella’s burlesque team is in the back turning tricks on the poles. Kate, Ana and Mia are in the front dressed in sexy little Power Puff Girl costumes with knee high white socks and school girl hair.  Ana and Mia do a very simple routine in the chairs while Kate works the stage. She makes her way down to the floor where we are sitting and approaches Christian who looks like he is ready to kill someone. Ethan and I are primed and ready on either side of him while Jason sneaks up from behind. We grab his arms and before he has a chance to react Jason slips handcuffs on him then we help Kate escort him up on stage where Ana and Mia are waiting with three chairs. I figured that Christian would have a fit if he was made to go through this alone so Ethan and I join him for moral support, only when the girls slip the cuffs on us we are only too willing.

A whoop goes up from the floor which I am pretty sure has been led by my mom. I can’t begin to say how wrong that feels but it makes Christian grin so I’m good. Once the girls have us settled they begin to give us lap dances, Kate singing all the way through with the burlesque girls backing her up. At one stage Ana and Mia back off the chairs and Kate straddles Christian’s lap and sings directly to him. He looks at me uncertainly but Ethan and I are too caught up laughing at him. I could care less, he belongs to Ana heart and soul, as much as I belong to Kate. This is just for fun and he needs to get over himself.

The routine is a mash-up of three Beyonce songs -Naughty Girl, Run the World and Single Ladies – that Kate and I have worked on in the home studio. That project has some special memories for us, now that we have christened both the booth, the main studio floor and the elevator. The girls are about to wind up the routine when some of the security guards around the room start to move towards the small audience sitting at the base of the stage apron. I sense the boys moving in behind me on the floor rather than look at them, not wanting to give anything away. The cuffs have been undone, Ethan and Mia are ready to escort Christian off the stage while Jason steps up on cue. The music changes to a heavy beat the security boys step up on the stage, we all take off our shirts and sunglasses and take over the routine herding Ana upstage in a crump fest. James gives me a grin when Christian is safely out of the way. Jason walks Ana to the chair Christian has vacated and cuffs her. I hear a ‘fuck’ from the floor but Ethan and Mia are holding Christian back.

The look of surprise on Ana’s face is fantastic and James and I give her the full treatment while she nervously laughs at us. My mother, Carla and Julie are going ape in the audience, rushing at us with dollar bills. Again, so wrong, Mom! Next thing I know Christian has broken free of Ethan’s hold and is charging up on stage. At this point I am straddling Ana’s lap and he moves to aggressively push me away. The look on his face has me nervous but then I realize there is no power in the push and before I know what is happening Christian has taken my place on Ana’s lap, dancing like he has done this kind of thing before. I glance at the boys who are all shocked but don’t miss a beat. We descend into the audience and give the rest of the ladies our attention while Ana gets attended to on stage by Christian. When the music finishes there is applause and we all turn to face the happy couple who are kissing passionately, Ana still handcuffed and Christian straddling her. They finally pull up for air and glance down at us sheepishly laughing.

An hour later, the girls have changed and had another drink or two and the party moves into the main public night club where we have been allocated a roped off section with two tables. We are all fairly drunk now except for Jason who never really looks totally relaxed. Gail on the other hand is having a great time with the girls and my mom looks ready to give us her special brand of drunken karaoke as per Christian’s birthday. Everyone is having a great time when I notice Elena across the other side of the dance floor from us. She is staring daggers at Kate, Ana and Mom but the shock is seeing Gia with her.

Kate nudges me, “Babe, can you check me for knives? I think your ex-girlfriend’s are gunning for me.”

“You and me both, baby. What the fuck are they doing here?”

Christian has noticed them and looks furious but Ana grabs his hand and shakes her head. She doesn’t want a scene tonight. Not in this public space. Elena looks around like she is waiting for something to happen which has us reacting nervously. What the hell is going on? Next thing I know one of the real security team approaches Jason who nods and then turns to me.

“I think it might be time to move the party back to Escala. There has been an incident outside that has been taken care of but we need to move on.” I nod. Jason has agreed to this outing on the basis that if anything looked out of place we would follow his orders without question. We are outside the club when Mia and Ethan come rushing up from somewhere outside looking a little disheveled and short of breath. I smile at her knowing what she has been up to.

“Don’t you think you ought to be a little more discrete?” I try to put on a mask of brotherly concern.

“Yeah, like you can talk Lelliot. What do you expect with you and Kate as role models?” She grins, still slightly out of breath and Ethan grabs her hand. I notice that he looks a little dissatisfied. A case of coitus interruptus? Given how long they were gone I am surprised and impressed but this is my baby sister and I check that thought at the door.

Once we are back at Escala the party winds up fairly fast, Mom and Dad don’t even come with us choosing to take a cab straight from the club. Most of the others decide to do the same which leaves Ana, Christian, Kate, Ethan, Mia, Jason and Gail. Gail manages to make everyone coffee with Jason’s assistance. I watch her staggering around the kitchen knowing she is going to have a sore head tomorrow. My curiosity is peaked about the incident and I try to approach Jason alone, making sure that no one can overhear us.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” Jason’s face looks grim.

“A group of women turned up. Announced themselves as the sub-club and said that Elena had put them on the guest list for the evening. Luke intervened with them and blocked their entry but not without having to make some noise. Eventually it was your sister and her boyfriend that convinced them to leave.”

“Fuck! I had assumed they were… I didn’t think for a moment…”

“Yeah, well, I would appreciate it if Christian doesn’t get wind of this. It will just be another nail in the coffin for Ana. He already has her on such a short leash she’ll be lucky if she is even allowed to attend her own wedding. I’m just sick of all of these breaches of security. It’s like we can’t catch a break. I would swear that there is someone on the inside working all of this shit but Barney and I are coming up blank. Everyone immediately around Christian checks out and our external threats have backed off. It’s fucking doing my head in.”

No wonder he wouldn’t cut loose tonight. The poor fucking guy is never off duty. Once more I have to question talking with Christian about Linc. I know it has to happen but if I tell him everything he will fire Jason and then there is a possibility that the danger will escalate dramatically. The fall out will be too high.

Luke Ryan drives us out to the treehouse after we drop Mia and Ethan at Kate’s apartment. Kate is snuggled up to me all the way home and I consider the convenience of having someone else on call to drive you everywhere. When we finally arrive I carry her into the house. Zeus gives us a sleepy greeting before he heads back to his bed. I take the stairs and carry my girl to our room. She gives a cat-like stretch once I dump her on the bed and gazes up at me.

“Tired, beautiful?” Her sexy grin gets me every time and I feel myself go rock hard looking at her.

“Not tired enough.” She grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me down onto the bed with her. We lie there looking at each other for a moment, me lying half on top of her. “I want you.”

Taking my hand in hers she slides it down until I touch her panties which are soaking wet. A little groaning sound comes from her lips and I smother it with my mouth. Thrusting my tongue inside her I tease her with my fingers until she is writhing underneath me.

“I love that you get so fucking wet, Katie.” I whisper into her mouth as she nips and licks at my bottom lip. One of her hands runs through my hair holding me firmly to her mouth. The other is still covering mine as I thrust my fingers inside her moist warmth. “I want you out of these clothes.”

Standing up I quickly strip my clothes off, throwing them on the floor and then I remove hers. Every time I look at her naked and wanton I am amazed at what a work of art she is. Her breasts are high, full and firm. Her flat stomach undulates in anticipation of my touch. Her sweet pussy, perfectly trimmed and glistening wet. Her long legs ready to wrap around me. Without a second though I dive down and place my head between her legs. I have to taste her sweet honey.

Propping her up in my arms I am able to lick from her clit down to her ass soaking up all the sweet liquid as I go. This only serves to make her drip more and I glance up at her face checking to see if she is enjoying this as much as I think. I expect to see her head thrown back in pleasure. Instead her beautiful eyes are looking directly at me as I work. I keep my gaze fixed firmly on her as I thrust my tongue in again. Her pupils are fully dilated and her tongue snakes out of her mouth to lick her lips but she keeps her focus on me.

I thrust two fingers up inside her and I feel her pulse a little. She is right on the edge of her orgasm so I resist licking her clit. Not yet, baby. Instead I pull my fingers out, slick and wet and relocate them to her ass. Slowly, watching her eyes very carefully for signs of pain, I slide my fingers in. She tenses for a moment with a hiss.

“Relax baby. Just let it go.” I feel her relax around me and she pushes out as I push in.

“Oh God, Elliot, that feels so good.” Her hand reaches over to the bedside table and she reaches in for lube and her vibrator. “I want you inside me.”

“Are you sure?” We have been playing with toys for a while but I haven’t yet had the pleasure of fucking her in the ass. Just the thought of it takes me to the edge. She nods and hands me the lube.

I quickly pour some into my hand to warm it and then massage around her puckered hole. As I do this she turns on the small bullet vibrator and runs it over her clit. At first I insert my fingers into her ass again as she inserts the bullet into her pussy and I lick her hard little nub as she gets used to all the sensations. We have done this before and I know just how quickly it can get her off so I try to hold her back. When she is ready she rolls over onto her stomach and pushes up on to her hands and knees presenting her pretty ass to me.

Standing at the end of the bed, I lube up thoroughly, terrified that I am going to hurt her but incredibly turned on by the thought of fucking her there. I prop some pillows underneath her so she can feel comfortable and then slowly I start to sink into her ass. I stop as she tightens.

“Breathe sweetheart, just breathe.” I feel her relax again and push down so I venture forth a little further before she tenses with pain emitting a little yelp.

“Baby, we can try again another time.”

“No! I want you now.” Her voice is a low growl and I fully expect to see her do the Linda Blair head spin. Instead she pushes back onto me without warning taking me all the way in. This time her scream is one of pain and pleasure. “Oh, I had no idea. Fuck, it hurts but it feels amazing as well.”

I’m gasping with surprise. “I know baby. Let me just hold still while you get used to it.” I firmly grip her hips trying to hold her completely still while we both get used to the sensation.

“Oh, I am pretty sure I want you to fuck me now. Shit the bullet fell out when I pushed back. Damn.” She laughs and everything tightens around me. Jesus H Christ!

“Okay, I’ve got it. Just stop laughing babe, I’ll go off like a rocket if you keep doing that.” Reaching around it takes me a couple of goes but I finally get the buzzing bullet inside her again and she holds it there with one hand while balancing with the other.

“I can’t stay up. I need to move.” Then she slumps forward which serves to pull me out of her slightly.

“Holy hell. Who’s swinging this cat, baby?” She giggles and that makes it worse. “Okay, okay. You comfortable now? Can I please fuck you now?” If my little head doesn’t explode soon my big head will.

“Alright. I’m done now. Go for it and make it good.”

“Don’t I always?” I pull out further and then push back into her with a firm slow movement. She groans below me.

“Again, again. Harder.”

“Again…swinging…cat…my job.” I say with a grunt on each thrust.

“Oh fuck Elliot, that is so good. Oh!” And with that she starts to come which sends a little tremor right through her lower body and her hole tightens around my cock pulling me over the edge with her. She might think she is out of shape but she still has an athlete’s control of all of those lower body muscles and my release is milked for all it is worth by the flexing movements.

I pull out of her slowly and then have to stand with my hands on my knees while I catch my breath. She is lying prone on the bed, all energy depleted with that delectable ass sticking straight up in the air. She has a stupid self satisfied grin on her face and she looks exactly like a goofy cat. I get a cloth from the bathroom and come back to clean her up. As I do she wriggles and stretches some more and I know it won’t be long before she has me ready to go again.

Finally I lie on the bed beside her, both of us stretched out facing each other. Her smile hasn’t faltered once and she reaches out a hand to touch my face. I turn my head to kiss her palm.

“That was amazing.” Her whispered words echo my own thoughts. All I can do is smile. “I love you so much, Lelliot.”

“I love you too, Kitten.”

“Why kitten?”

“Because that is what you looked like lying there on the bed. A little kitten that had just got the cream and was happy with their world.”

She nods then makes a purring sound. “Yep, you are my world. And I am very happy with my world.”

Rolling her onto her back I stretch out on top and slowly enter her. Our eyes never leave each other as we very slowly and thoroughly make love for a second time. I have to make her world right. I have to keep her this content. She means everything to me. Everything.

Monday morning Jason and I have an appointment with Christian at GEH. Having spent the rest of the weekend hashing out the game plan for this conversation with he and Kate this is what we have come up with and we both approach the office door with some trepidation.

“Gentlemen, come in. Just let me finish this call.” Christian waves us over to the couch and then moves to the window gazing out on the spectacular view of the Seattle harbor as he finishes his conversation. Watching him you would really believe that he is master of the universe, controlling the world from his tower. He is impressive to watch and I feel that surge of pride when I see the man he has become.

Finally he comes over and takes a seat. Crossing one foot across his knee, he steeples his fingers in front of his face. “Now, what can I do for you.”

I take a deep breath. “Casey-Grey may have an issue and we wanted to give you a heads up just in case you felt you needed to sell your shares and sever your interests with us.” His eyes widen and he leans forward to get a good look at me. I hold his gaze, protecting him is what I have always done. If I have to bury my company to do it then that is what I will do. My only other worry is if James and I go to jail for this, I want Liana and Kate to be taken care of.

“I think you need to give me more information. Why are you suddenly a risk?”

“You know that James and I both worked at Sirens before we started at the company.”

“Thank you for confirming that. I have always had my suspicions. I take it that little display you put on for Ana the other night is an example of your work?” James and I smile at each other. That didn’t go as bad as we thought it might have.

“Yes. We got out of it when we started Casey-Grey, apart from a few charity gigs a year.” James’ voice is clear even though I know he was churning inside before we came here. The intimidation factor goes up several notches when you have to confess to Christian Grey that the company he has invested in so heavily may be screwed.

“You are full of surprises Elliot. So what does that have to do with the company?”

“Before we left Sirens there was an incident. Stella, the lead dancer that you met the other night, was involved in a relationship with Linc Lincoln.” I see him bristle at the name. “Linc got jealous of a routine that Stella and I used to perform at the club, he assumed there was a relationship that didn’t exist. When he failed to have the routine banned from being performed he beat Stella up.”

For the next few minutes I describe the horrific injuries that Stella sustained and her inability to recall the details of the evening. Christian calmly asks questions but I can tell that he is anything but calm underneath.

“So Elena wasn’t the only one who suffered his temper.” This isn’t a question. I want to tell him Jason’s suspicions about the assault in Boston. How the MO was the same as Stella. But I can’t without revealing our part in his rescue and then he would know about Jason and Gail being sent to work for him by me. He would never trust either them or me again.

“Yes, and we suspect that there have been others. The problem is,without any memory of that night, Stella was unable to definitively id him as the assailant. It meant that once again he was going to get away with it.” I wait for this to sink in. I see that moment when he works out what is coming next.

“Shit, Elliot, what the fuck did you do?”

“We took matters into our own hands. Dealt out our own punishment as a warning and then James and I dumped him outside the emergency department. Which was better than he ever did for Elena or Stella. The problem is that he got hold of the surveillance video from the hospital which clearly shows James and I arriving there with him. He is threatening us with releasing them to the cops.”

Christian is up and out of his seat pacing the room running his hand through his hair. Kate is right, we are both more like Dad than we want to believe.

“Dad knows about this?” I nod.

“He is working on putting a preemptive defense team together and the hope is that Linc will get charged with withholding evidence by not releasing them earlier. Stella has also agreed to work with John Flynn and an associate Diana Lake to undergo regression therapy. I don’t hold out much hope of Elena wanting to help given what has happened between her and Mom.” I don’t want to open up that hornets nest.

“I can get Elena to make a statement.” What? He has got to be kidding. Ana will walk out on him.

“No! You can’t have anything to do with her. You have to think about Ana.” He looks contrite and a little panicked at the thought.

“I still have a business relationship with her. I can ask her this. Before she wouldn’t have been strong enough to take him on. Now I think she will do it. I will make her do it.”

I am unsure that he should be doing this at all. “Look, if you can get a statement off her then that would be great. Dad is going to ask her anyway.” I am trying not to trip up on all the lies and secrets floating around this room. I can’t let him know about Elena and Dad either. “Dad is hopeful that Linc will settle out of court. But if there is any chance that it will go to court then you can’t be tied to us. We are strongly advising you to sell out of the company.”

He considers what I have said and part of me is disappointed when he nods and walks over to pick up his phone. “It’s Grey. I want you to look at my investment in Casey-Grey. Yes. I want you to draw up an agreement selling the shares back to the directors. Yes, equal split.” James and I look at each other. Even though we might want to take control back of the company neither of us can afford that kind of money and I refuse to leave Kate with nothing. I stand up to put a stop to this when his hand goes up stopping me. “Yes, and I want to sell them below the market rate. Way below. $1.”

I thump back down in my seat in shock. One dollar? Is he kidding? We aren’t a huge company but those shares are worth twenty times that.

“No, not per share. That would be one dollar for the lot.” Holy fuck! James starts to cough as if he is choking and I have to slap him on the back. Christian gets off the phone and walks back to us.

“Now gentleman. Your legal expenses will be covered by GEH. No discussion on that one. And I want to remind you that between us, Elliot and I have almost a controlling interest in Lincoln Timber. I will put in process plans to make sure that we get the remainder of what we need. If Linc comes after you I will bury him. Make no mistake about that.”

“Christian, he has threatened Kate. He wanted her to get him information on the Asian shipbuilding deal. He physically hurt her at the club opening two weeks ago. She turned the tables on him with her connections at the paper but there is still a risk that if we get aggressive with him now he will go after her. I can’t let that happen.”

He contemplates this. “So she has some sway with Felicity Ferret?” I can see that he has been reading the gossip column. I won’t reveal her role in About Town. I would never betray her like that.

“Some but not a lot. He backed off when the recent stories about his human resources debacle were published but I am not sure she can hold him off forever.”

“I will give her something. Enough information to make it seem real but for the most part it will be misleading. Hopefully he will be chasing the wrong leads for the month that Ana and I are away and then we can deal with him properly when I return.”

The relief that floods through me must be visible. To get through any of this without revealing all of his and my sordid history has been nothing short of a miracle.

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  1. Karen martin says:

    Soooo good. Pmsl at poor Christian going through that party… Soo funny! Loved the steamy.. Pleased Elliot and Kate getting back to being hot! You covered “the talk” just right… I think CG knows the lengths his brother has gone to for him and his loyalty is just as strong as Elliot’s.. An insider giving out info? Could it be a security team member? Or has Elena got a member of Grace And Carricks staff in her pocket? x


      • Kaz says:

        That is how Elena would know they were at that club, as Grace’s staff would know they were her and carrick were there… Added that bit in my original, but new Ipad.!. My comments have missed bits and givne multiply replys.. sorry xx


    • Thanks Kaz. Once I had that vision of Christian getting drunk and going all Magic Mike on Ana’s ass I just couldn’t let it go. Imagine what that those brothers would look like wiggling their whatsits on stage. Hot. As to the insider, mmm….


  2. moire says:

    and — Kate and Ethan – hot hot hot!


  3. moire says:

    edit edit – my brain was fried with reading LOL Kate and ELLIOT


  4. Kaz says:

    I know what you mean Moire… Just got to work, after reading and thoroughly enjoying that chapter an hour ago, and can’t get them out of my head.. No Elliot Grey loolalikes in my office tho ! Unfortunatey ! lol


    • Sorry about setting you up for work like that. I keep posting at night and forgetting you guys are only just waking up. I would be spending all day longing to get home and deal with myself – or get SuperGeek to help out! 😉


  5. Atterbury ( Liz) says:

    Oh, Ms. Sasha you had fun writing this one!!
    I loved:
    “security is tighter than a straight man’s sphincter in a prison shower”
    Handcuffing CG to the chair
    Grace Whooping
    Sub-club on guest list
    Hot back door Lemons
    “You are full of surprises Elliot, so what does that have to do with the Co?”
    “One dollar ? Is he kidding?”
    “So she has some sway w/felicity Ferret?”
    “I will give something …”
    So can you tell I loved this chapter? Exciting and informative and action packed!!
    Fantastic! Sasha! Thanks for the smiles!! L


  6. Gwen says:

    Sasha…! Love love love this chapter! I can imagine the grey brothers lap dancing the away! Yep someone is on the inside! How else would Elena and Gia know! ?! Love Grace…get down Mama! I cannot wait until the next chapter!!!


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