Mia: Ch 21: Blood on the Dance Floor

She got your number
She know your game
She put you under
It’s so insane

Blood on the Dance Floor – Michael Jackson

Red carpets look to the world like the most glamorous part of any major social event, when in fact they are a security nightmare. For all intents and purposes, I am attending this night club opening on my own, a guest of my very successful and photogenic older brother. Ethan is attending on a Kavanagh Media ticket, allowing us the space to work separately but also giving us the cover to be together. I watch some blond bimbo from the entertainment section cosy up to Ethan on the walk of fame with my hand surreptitiously resting on the knife in the holder at my thigh. She has no idea how much danger she is in right now but Ethan does, making a sound effort to extricate himself from too many publicity shots. In an act of pure bloody-mindedness I stand as near to him as I can without seeming to be with him. I pose, I pout, I flirt with the paps, all the while maintaining the elusive and available woman status afforded me by this mission.

Elena’s team has worked their magic. My dress is so barely there that I’m convinced my au naturale state is obvious to damn near everyone. I never knew that I should have shiny legs in the absence of underwear and stockings but I have it on good authority that this golden gleam, the one that almost had me sliding off the leather seats of the limo, is all the rage. I resist the urge to tug at the back hem of the gold satin lycra bandage they have tried to palm off to me as a dress, fearing that a pull at one end will result in the entire outfit shifting unsubtly southward and pooling at my feet.

I feel Ethan’s eyes burning when he gets a good look at the ensemble, or lack thereof. Part lust, part rage, I keep expecting him to whip off his suit jacket and wrap it around my torso. In fact, I’m almost disappointed when he doesn’t, choosing instead to laugh and joke with his father’s employees. It’s not fooling anyone, since every other male within twenty feet of me seems to have their eyes glued on my ass. All except, of course, my brothers. Even if I were not their sister I suspect they would have their eyes elsewhere. Elliot is overly jovial, masking what I hope isn’t a complete emotional breakdown as a result of losing his child, and Christian is so completely besotted with Ana that all other asses have ceased to exist.

“Mia, have you seen your brother any where?” We’re an hour and half into this shindig and Kate has lost track of Elliot in the crush. The incessant pulsing of music, lights and bodies makes finding the one that you came with an impossibility. My radar,finely tuned and working over time, has a pinpoint on every family member. I indicate 2 o’clock from where Kate and I are currently perched before she starts picking her way through the crowd to where Elliot is propping up the bar. A hand travels across the small of my back upon her departure.

“Dance?” My body responds instantly to the low breath in my ear. He draws me up on to my feet then places me protectively in front of his body. The shuffle to the dance floor is easier when you have another body with which to synchronize. When we get to a spot where we consider ourselves concealed I turn into his arms, savoring the heat of his body. We don’t so much dance as much as rhythmically fornicate standing up with what little clothes I still have on. His hands claim my hips, adhering my ass to his pelvis but a few unsubtle grinds into his growing erection have those hands moving down my naked thigh and up under my non-existent skirt.

“Fuck, baby. You’ve got no underwear?” A statement as much as a question. His lips sear the words into my jaw and I lean back, one hand wrapped around his neck, the other seeking out his cock. As long as no one looks down right now, he could enter me, unchallenged. I figure that has to be worth a try and I follow that thought down with his zip. His hand stops me. “Not here.”

A quick adjustment and he has my hand firmly in his as he drags me further into the crowd, pushing until we are at the edge of the dance floor near the base of the dj platform. I can see where he is taking me and wild horses wouldn’t stop me from going with him. There are some private curtained areas to the side that are reserved for VIPs. We’ve come at them from an unsecured vantage point and we enter one that has just been vacated by a group who have left their belongings to head to the dance floor. A large form is standing guard outside the booth but he hasn’t seen us enter from the side so we’re good for at least a couple of songs. If we get caught we can claim the mood and the music moved us.

Ethan sits on the red leather lounge and pulls me down to straddle his lap. The ridge of his cock is still evident and my pussy is following the homing signal, looking for a safe place to land. Our lips lock, my hands in his hair, his on my naked ass.

“Jesus, baby. What the hell is this dress?”

I giggle into his mouth. “Don’t you like it? Elena chose it?” I lean back for a moment to get a glimpse of his hazel eyes. The intense lust resting there is reassuring. My lips want his again.

“I’m beginning to like your mother.” His body prepares for me to tense up at the mention of her but not tonight. Tonight, I think she is a witch and I like her voodoo. My husband is under the spell of the golden wrap so I’m taking full advantage of his weakness. Slipping backward I reach down between us and undo his trousers. Helpful as ever, his ass lifts off the couch so I can slide them down and there he is standing proud. I have to taste first. Something that good is just crying out to be coated in this very expensive Mac lip gloss. His harsh hiss pretty much signals that he feels the same.

“Am I doing it wrong?” Playing coy only happens in the bedroom. I’ll have to bring it to my repertoire when he finally purchases me at the slave auction in a few weeks.

“You just keep going, honey. I’ll tell you when you’ve got it right.” He thrusts up into my mouth and I give a silent prayer for my lack of gag reflex. A lesser woman wouldn’t be able to deep throat what Ethan has to offer so I guess he’s lucky he has me. “Jesus, you’re beautiful when you suck my dick.”

Okay, the dirty language? That must be the couple of shots of Laguvalin that I saw him downing with Elliot at the bar. Encouraging my brother to drink might not be the smartest move but now that Kate has taken over babysitting duties I am reaping the benefit of Ethan’s buzz. Inhibitions gone, he’s fucking my mouth like he hasn’t had any ass for a month. That would diminish the impressive triple orgasm I endured at some ungodly hour this morning in the boathouse.

No, there is no way he is coming in my mouth. I’m not wasting that fantastic erection on my stomach. I take him in hand as I stand up and re-assume my straddled position only this time I face out to the curtain. Beyond that shield of black is a balcony view of the dance floor and it is tempting to reach forward and give them a show. Ethan’s hands grip my breasts as I impale myself on him. The earthy grunt of appreciation tells me all I need to know and I start to rise and fall. He helps out by thrusting upwards into me for a few pushes before he picks me up and lays me out face down on the table. So there I am spreadeagled, my dress around my belly and my husband buried balls deep when we hear the dulcet tones of my biological mother in the booth next door.

Nothing should kill the mood more than her grating whine being anywhere near us, only we’re both too far gone. If anything, listening to her drone on and on about how the Grey family has shafted her and what a gold-digging whore my soon to be sister-in-law is, has actually heightened the excitement for us. My pussy is dripping like a hot, steamy tap all over Ethan, who is ravenously pumping me with desperation. His sweat drips onto my naked skin and I’m kind of grateful to Mr Laguvalin for that chemically-induced delayed satisfaction because he’s hitting all of my sweet spots repeatedly.

“I don’t know why you think I’m interested in who that little prick marries, Elena. If you want revenge you know exactly how to get it.” A deep male voice cuts across her rant.

“No, I don’t want revenge and there is no point in reopening old wounds. We did what we had to do.” That trace of fear in her voice registers in my mind just before I come. Ethan preempts my scream by placing his hand across my mouth.

“Well, we’re all going to go down soon if we’re not careful. You might as well take them with you.” Ethan thrusts two, three more times and then comes hard inside me before his body collapses on top of mine. We’re both breathing and listening hard.

“No. Some things should stay buried. I might want her gone but I don’t want to hurt the family. Grace will come around. She will remember how we ended up like this.”

“Grace barely remembered her name back then. What makes you think she will recall any of the details? Or why she would care. You fucked her men. I’m not sure there is redemption for any of that.” There was a chuckle from him and a telling but uncharacteristic silence from her. Ethan pulls out of me, grabbing a cloth napkin and wiping me before he straightens his own clothes. Pulling ourselves back into some semblance of order takes seconds and we perch closer to the dividing curtain trying to catch all of the bits of conversation that have suddenly become muffled.

“I’ve got to find out what that other little shit knows? His little slut keeps turning up where she shouldn’t and I don’t like that she’s a media brat. If any of this ends up in print before the next cruise then you and I will be sporting the latest orange couture. You wanna exact revenge? Get that bitch off my case.” This was obviously about Kate turning up at Sirens.

“She’s inconsequential. Hell, her father didn’t even give her a decent assignment. She’s interning with the About Town team. A gossip column lackey, for fuck’s sake. She’s not worth your time.” Elena’s level voice has a hint of desperation.

“I’ll decide who is worth my time. That little bitch is annoying me, at the very least I’m going to use her to bring down the Grey brothers for you. You should be thanking me.”

“You don’t need to exact revenge on my behalf.”

“Think nothing of it, my darling. This has been a long time coming.”

“Be careful with her, Linc.” As if Linc Lincoln would need any assistance if he wanted to go after Kate. However, Elena sounds genuinely concerned in spite of not being renowned for sincerity. The downside of Elena defending Kate or Elliot is that it will be a red rag to someone like Linc. That one statement will have flashed up a weakness card and the look on Ethan’s face says that he agrees with me. Linc Lincoln is about to cash it in.

Ethan gives me a signal that he will slip out the way we came in. I need to tail Elena and Linc when they leave the VIP lounge. Sure enough I hear the movement just as Ethan gives me a last kiss goodbye and slips out behind the curtain. When I am certain they are on the move I take a slug of the bourbon someone has kindly abandoned on the table and go into my act, staggering out from the private booth straight into the back of Elena.

“Mia!” She catches me and I come up breathing heavy giving her a whiff of Jimmy B as I straighten up.

“Mother.” Making my eyes glaze over as I look from her to Linc is a great defense against the complete and utter malevolence in his glare. Shit just turned to ice. Someone is obviously still a little touchy about the whole ‘friend fucked my ex and had a baby’ thing. I bite my lip and smile sweetly at him before he turns on his heel and walks away. Elena must have seen something in him as a youth but I’ll be damned if I know what.

“You’re drunk.” Elena looks down her surgically enhanced nose at me so I lean on her shoulders and gave her another whiff of my hastily consumed alcobreath.

“And you’re a bitch. You know I heard every word in there about my brother and his fiancee. You really are a vindictive cow.” Just the right amount of slurring should keep her from seeing how much I mean what I say.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about. No doubt you’ll forget all about this tomorrow.” Elena pushes me away from her. So loving. “You’re as bad as your brother.”

“Whaddaya mean?” I rock on my heels. Another stagger and a carefully timed stiletto in her foot is so tempting right now. Not helpful but tempting.

“He’s been on self-destruct at the bar all night. I take it he’s not a happy boy. Seems both your brothers have a penchant for totally inappropriate women who are only intent on money and status.”

“You know what?” I keep slurring because for what I wanted to say next, it would be appropriate and useful to think of them as the raving of an intoxicated woman. “You, are an ugly person, Elena. And you fucked my brothers. And my father. You’re a nasty, nasty piece of work.”

Elena laughs but I can see that my words cut her. Internally I shake my head at the notion she might have some humanity. It just doesn’t sit right.

“And you’re drunk. I take it that your dom isn’t paying you any attention. If you want him, you’re going to have to clean up your act. Otherwise there is little chance that he will ever be interested.”

“He’s interested.” I don’t know why I feel compelled to give her a petulant comeback.

“He is? Then why is he over there propping up the bar. Why isn’t he seducing you?” Because even he couldn’t get it up again after that incredible fuck, you vicious whore. As we both focus our attention on the bar I see Kate leave Elliot’s side and head toward the ladies room. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought except for the hulking figure of Linc Lincoln lurking nearby. He is waiting for her.

“I think I’m going to be ill.” Elena’s laughter echoes in my ear as I make for the ladies restroom. It is a small price to pay to get out of her sight and get near enough to find out what Linc is doing.

I am almost there when Lily comes flying out of left field and throws her arms around my neck. “Mimi. You haven’t returned any of my calls.”

Oh, fuck. It has been a couple of weeks since I have spent any quality time with Lily and it looks like tonight I am going to pay for that transgression.

“Lily, hi, look I was just…”

“Shut up, bitch. The girls are over there.” She waves her hand at the bar, where a group of school friends are perched on precariously high stools sipping Cosmopolitans, looking all Sex in the City chic and desperate. My special kind of hell. “Come and have a drink with us. It will be like old times.” Lily often has better recollections of old times than I do. I glance at the group. If Mean Girls had been based on real life then Margot, Tina and Lily were the epitome of the ‘plastics’. I choke down the sick in my mouth, plaster on a smile and follow Lily into the eighth circle of hell.

“Mimi!” The shout goes up in unison, with all the seasoned hints of treachery layered across two syllables. As I look at the shining of their eyes, the twist of their painted smiles, the fawning in their fake flattery and read the jealousy and bile in their botoxed and primped faces, I wonder if this might not be the ninth circle after all. It is all there in the way they snap at the waitress when she dares to finish serving a nearby table of no-name guests before attending ours. I’d forgotten how much I hated this shit.

Wondering what I have done to deserve this punishment, I frown at the ladies room. Kate and Linc are standing too close to each other. I can’t extricate myself from Lily without causing an even bigger scene than she and her minions are already causing. Linc gazes over at me and nods his recognition. I close my eyes for a second and take a deep breath before I acknowledge some inane story Tina is telling and allow Lily to place a shot glass in front of me.

Kate backs away from Linc as I swallow down the firey liquid. Linc is radiating his particular brand of malevolence but Kate to her credit gives nothing away. As the conversation progresses I see him finger her diamond collar and the color drains from her face. I want to make my excuses and get closer to the real action but the crowd closes in around us and I can’t see what is happening. By the time I get away from trollop central and fight my way through bodies, they have gone. Damn!

A movement to my right catches my attention. Ethan is moving in fast. Then I see Kate stumble toward the bar where Elliot is staring into the bottom of his glass. He doesn’t notice her clutching at her neck but he does wrap her in his arms when she gets to him. Her eyes are close to tears but Elliot doesn’t seem to see them through his drunken haze. Then they stand and make for the door. Ethan paused on the other side of the bar looks across at me. We’re powerless to do anything for them right now. He follows them out of the club and I know he will be making sure that they get themselves into a cab without any more confrontations.

“Are you ladies having fun?”

“Linc! Why don’t you join us?” My attention immediately refocuses on the action at my table. Lily is smiling up at Linc like he is some kind of god and in a flash I get it. Too intimate, too knowing. She’s fucking him. Now I really will be sick.

“Miss Thomas, I love to mix business and pleasure but with you ladies I am sure it would be far too much pleasure. Can I buy you all a drink?” Without waiting for an answer he signals the waitress to bring over another round of shots. I’m gonna be on my ear if I stay here.

Linc’s hand rests on Lily’s shoulder and she turns on a shy smile. Whatever this is, it is new. Lily gave no indication that she was seeing anyone a few weeks ago. In fact, she was bemoaning the dearth of available men in Seattle. Now here she was shyly flirting with a man twice her age and a very dangerous man at that. I didn’t feel a lot of love for Lily but she is still my friend. Somehow I will need to warn her.

He leans in and whispers something in her ear and the smile widens. Lily takes his hand and stands up. Picking up her purse she simply smiles and waves as he moves her off.

“Ladies. Enjoy the rest of your night.” And they are swallowed up by the crowd.

“What the hell was that about?” I try to watch their progress before turning back to the others.

“Lily was hired by Linc to redesign his apartment a few weeks ago and the rest, as they say, is history,” Tina explains, half yelling over the crowd noise.

“A few weeks ago?”

“Yeah, not long after you got back from Paris. You mean she didn’t tell you?” No. She hadn’t told me and I wondered what that was all about.

“Oh. My. God. Will you look at that long tall drink of water.” Margot was staring out at the dance floor with her tongue hanging down to her knees and her nipples perked up like homing beacons. I wondered what the hell had her creaming her non-existent knickers when I turned and got a glimpse of the drink of water in question. Ethan was facing us while he did the bump and grind with a brunette hottie. I don’t know how he got back into the club without me noticing but sneaking around was the least of his worries right now. The bimbo with her hands on his ass had just hit the top of my shit list.

His eyes met mine, a warning not to move. This had better be fucking work-related or the bitch was going down. One of my hands was grazing the concealed dagger under my dress while the other gripped the hand gun in my purse. Then her hand wandered between his legs and I was off my seat before a coherent thought could land in my head.

“Hey, baby, you gonna join us?” Ethan was feigning drunk and doing a stellar job. Bimbo snuggled into his chest with a giggle and my blood pressure shot through the roof. Ethan unwrapped bimbette’s arms and turned to grind into me as if he regularly picked up two girls at a time in clubs. He walked his body into mine, pushing me back away from her and wrapped a hand around my waist, all without skipping a beat of the music. After a few well-placed thrusts he leaned in and spoke low into my ear, “She’s one of the sub-club.”

Glancing over his shoulder, I take in her facial features for the first time. Of course, Susie or Swallow 11. The one that Leila Williams has been in contact with since we started tracking her movements. Her presence here is probably no coincidence but given the high profile crowd, there could be any number of reasons. However, I can’t think of one reason that would justify her having her hands all over my man. Nope, still prepared to gut her like a sea bass and serve her up on a platter.

“You wanna take it down a notch, princess? I’ve spotted the whole club. We need to know their game.” Well, well, well. Elena has the ghosts of Christian’s sordid past assembled and ready for a reverse exorcism? Bitch-mom has sunk to a whole new level. “We need some intel.”

“Can you get it and keep your dick in your pants at the same time?” I grab his goody bag and give it a squeeze. Just reminding him that the jewels are already taken.

“Fuck, baby. You’ve screwed me so well today that all I’ve got is worn elastic to hold it up.” Leaning in, I lick from his jaw to his ear. The hiss tells me that the elastic is stiffening up, regardless of how worn and used it might be. “Okay, okay. Just play along, will ya?”

Ethan turns back to Susie with me tucked under his arm. “My girl wants to share.” I dig a sharp finger into his rib cage. His body tenses but he doesn’t show it on his face. Susie looks from his eyes to mine and back again. Whatever reservations she has last only a few seconds.

“Sure. My old man is waiting at home. We could make it a foursome.” I’m so fucking shocked that I giggle. Ethan tips my chin up then kisses me, making sure that he uses a lot of tongue.

“You up for that, baby?” There is no way that we are going down this road. I can see it in his eyes that the conversation has taken a turn he wasn’t expecting. My evil angel decides to play anyway.

“Sure, honey.” Then I turn to Susie and start to dance with her, wrapping my arms around her shoulders and letting her pull me into her body. We dance for while, our breasts and stomachs pressed together with Ethan close in behind me. “So you came here without your old man?”

“Yeah. A group of us came together. We’re friends of Christian Grey.”

“Oh, my God. Really? Have you met the fiancee?” I brush my fingers through her hair with a smile. A hint of a frown and then she shrugs.

“No. But I’ve heard it won’t last.” She looks pissed and I feel her start to pull away. I bring her back and kiss her soft lips. Ethan tenses behind me but doesn’t interfere. Her smile creeps back and her eyes glaze a little. “I’ve got a friend who speaks with him all the time. She says he will be back on the market long before any wedding.”

“Wow,they look so happy together.”

“Apparently, it’s all show. She’s a gold-digging whore. She won’t be around for long.”

“Poor guy. Is this friend helping him out?” She gives me a questioning look. Perhaps she really is as dumb as she looks. “You know, counseling him? Fucking him?”

She shakes her head. “I don’t know. I don’t think so. But she’s always known him. Since he was a kid. She’s like a second mother to him.” Yeah, she seems to think she can throw that job title around a lot. “Elena says it’s just a matter of time.”

A tall dark shadow falls over us. “Susie, come darling. It’s time to go.” I look up into the eyes of Isaac, who has pulled her away from me. Ethan steps to my side. The two men engage in some sort of unspoken stand off. If I didn’t know better I would swear that one of them was going to piss on me and mark their territory. Finally, Isaac seems to get whatever message Ethan is communicating and he refocuses on me as he turns Susie away from us.

“Mia.” Isaac nods as if he is leaving but Susie picks up on the name straight away.

“Mia? You’re his sister? I thought I recognized you!” The fuck-me-sideways look says that stunned and surprised is going to be Miss Susie’s default look for at least an hour. I smile.

“Nice to meet you. Any friend of Christian’s is a friend of my brothers.” Miss Dumb-as-a-Post doesn’t get the joke. Giving her a wink I turn back to Ethan who escorts me off the dance floor. Instead of going back to the bar he drags me off into a quiet alcove before he turns me around by the shoulders to face him.

“You wanna tell me what the hell that was about?” Ethan’s grip is just a little on the angry side.

“Getting intel.” The caveman thing is getting a little old. I try to shrug his hands off but he doesn’t let go.

“You fucking kissed her! Right in front of me!” He’s jealous?

“Shit! And you were dry humping her before I arrived! What the fuck is your problem?”

“I was dancing. You stepped across the line, Mia. You’re my wife and I won’t stand around and watch while you kiss other people.”

“She was a chick!” As soon as the words are out of my mouth I regret them. Talk about double standard.

“I don’t fucking care! A kiss is a kiss!”

“I don’t need this shit.” I try to turn away but he pins me up against the wall, hands above my head, his hips pressing mine into the concrete. The turbulent emotion swirls in his eyes.

“You. Are. Mine.” His lips crash down on mine, our bodies responding quickly to each other. I feel one of his hands squeezing my breast while the other keeps my hands pinned. I buck my hips and use the momentum of throwing my hands forward to turn the tables on him. Now, I have him pressed into the wall, although I only have one of his hands under control. The other wraps around my waist. He isn’t fighting me but he’s breathing pretty hard. I lean my forehead against his.

“And you. Are. Mine.” Returning his kiss, I let the pressure on his wrist go and his arms close around me. My hands find the sides of his head, keeping my lips pressed to his for a while longer while we seal this thing.

An hour later we are both naked on his bed at the Pike’s Market apartment. Kate is home but we are beyond caring. Five fucks in 24 hours soon becomes six then seven and I could care less that I will be walking like an overworked cowboy in the morning. As for Ethan, he’s become a fine wine. The more I take him out to breath, the better he performs. My final thought before sleep is that no white-trash, whore bag, sub-club sea bass is getting their nasty little hands on my man, no matter how well she kisses.

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  2. telcontari71 says:

    Thank you for this update. This was such an interesting chapter with the sub club and all the little games Elena is trying to run behind the scenes. I need to re-read the Kate story to find out what was going on with them at the club. I will take the updates when I can get them. This is such a captivating story, and Lincoln is surely a piece of work. I think he could give Emperor Plapatine a run for his money in the evil stake.

    Keenly awaiting more…



  3. kallipygos1 says:

    Wow Sasha, you keep me from translating… 😉
    It’s a great chapter, with fetching revelations, GREAT WORK !!!
    I’m curious which twists this story will take 🙂
    Thanks for your terrific writing !!!
    Lots of love
    Corinna X


  4. kallipygos1 says:

    … Oh, and Happy Valentine !!! ❤
    :-* Corinna 😀


  5. Sue says:

    I really enjoyed this update. So hot too!! I’d like to lick Ethan from top to toe but Mia would soon make short work of me! Can’t wait for more x x


  6. Chris L says:

    Very good. Well worth the wait.


  7. You are very welcome. A Star Wars reference? Interesting!


  8. Amber says:

    Please…please tell me you are going to continue/finish this story soon!!! I love what you’he done with these stories and I cant wait go see how Mia and Ethan play out. Don’t leave me hanging!


  9. Hope says:

    Are you going to finish this story out??


    • Hi Hope,
      Thanks for reading. The story will eventually be finished but I have some real life commitments that are taking precedence at the moment. (At least until July) 😦

      Sasha xx


      • Anonymous says:

        I just discovered your amazing stories in the last month and have really enjoyed them. They are intriguing with lots of great drama. You are a very talented writer and I found your stories very hard to put down. Can you give me any information as to when Mia’s story might be continued ? Thank you for the many hours of escape in your wonderful stories!


        • Hi there. Thanks for reading my stories and I’m so happy that they have brought you some reading joy. The story will continue but I’m currently swamped at work and haven’t been able to write for months. Hopefully, things will ease up soon so please follow the blog and updates will come your way via email as son as they are posted! 🙂


  10. Anonymous says:

    Loving this story! I have read your other work too and I am sure the remaining parts will be well worth the wait! Don’t worry, deary, I’ll stick around to see the finished product!


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    • Sorry. I haven’t had time to write for such a lengthy period that I will have to re read Mia before I can continue. Don’t mean to leave you hanging but it can’t be helped at the moment. Thanks for reading, though! Sxxx


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