Making Mia Relaunch 2016 Prologue


Mia Prologue: Girl from Ipanema

Jean-Claude, the prick, chuckled as he glanced at the book on his lap and turned a page, like her, preferring print in an age of emergent technology. “Ah, my friend. You have your work cut out for you.”

“You have no idea.” He stifled a groan, wondering how he was going to get through the next few months without killing her or fucking her.

A/N: Thank you to anyone who is still waiting for updates for this story.  I have taken an extended and unavoidable break from Fanfiction. The past few weeks, I have made the decision to complete this story, however, this required me to revisit all my stories and reacquaint myself with the storylines. I have now done a major structural edit of Making Mia to realign it with the story that I intended to tell but was losing sight of a long while ago. So, with your permission and endless patience, I will start to upload the updated chapters first and then I have some new chapters to give you. In the revised author’s notes, I will try to give you an idea of how each chapter has been altered. Sorry for making you reread but it was important to me to tighten up the many strings.

In the original prologue, which I wrote part way through the Creating Kate, we met Mia and Ethan on the beach. Significant difference here is the detail around the birth certificate. This becomes important toward the end of the story in a conversation with Grace and Mia. Also, the original had only a hint of a connection whereas this one lets you know very clearly that Ethan and Mia have history. The reason for starting so overtly is that I didn’t like the pace of the first chapters when I read them all together. I’ll explain a little more soon.

I hope that you enjoy and I welcome your reviews. Cheers, Sasha xxx

5 thoughts on “Making Mia Relaunch 2016 Prologue

  1. So happy your are back!!!!


  2. Chris L says:

    I’m in.


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