Chapter 9: Bound to You

Black and red corset, black cuffs, kneeling

Black and red corset, black cuffs, kneeling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sweet love, sweet love, trapped in your love

I’ve opened up, unsure I can trust

My heart and I were buried in dust

Free me, free us

You’re all I need when I’m holding you tight

If you walk away I will suffer tonight

I found a man I can trust and boy, I believe in us

I am terrified to love for the first time

Can you see that I’m bound in chains?

I’ve finally found my way

I am bound to you I am bound to you


A/N: A little artistic license taken here. I know that Gail is meant to be older but I wanted another option for the connection to Elliot. Also I think she isn’t meant to be at the apartment at this point but I wanted her to have the conversation with Kate.

Sunday June 12

First thing in the morning we are both up and on high alert even though we are still exhausted. Jen and Karen have prepared breakfast and are doing everything they can to pamper Kate which means that Karen knows about the baby. I look at the shadows under Kate’s eyes. She is too exhausted to worry about them both knowing it seems. Her father has already been on the phone this morning and sent through more photos. These ones are of Kate and I in Barbados and Haiti including some fairly candid shots of us in the outdoor bathtub and one of us dancing together at Zanzibar’s. While we are no longer concerned about who is taking the photos, I would still like to slam a fist into that little pervert’s face for following us around. TJ might be being blackmailed but no one else was holding the fucking camera down in Barbados. I just wish we knew who TJ is being blackmailed by.

Later in the morning I slide Kate’s car into the carpark at Escala. Jason’s ugly mug greets us at the elevator and he escorts us upstairs but not before Kate does a double take at Ana’s car.

“Shit, I love that car. What sort of sick fuck does that?” My girl has a way with words. Jason looks pretty damn grim and I know that he is pissed off that Leila has managed to get into Escala on his watch.

“You are doing everything you can, Jase. You’re gonna have to let this one go.” I put my hand on his shoulder to reassure him.

“Yeah, well tell that to your brother. Fuckin’ chewed my ass out something fierce last night, damn near tore me a new one. Not that I blame him. If anything had happened to Ana…” Yeah we get it man. The elevator ride to the penthouse is silent, full of words no one wants to say out loud. Since Ana and Christian are away today it is a good opportunity for Kate to see the security set up that Jason has. Right now I would do anything to put her mind at rest about Jason’s ability to do his job. Just didn’t think I would be reassuring him of this too.

Meeting the security team at Escala most of whom were present at Bellevue last night helps Kate to understand how much effort is being put into both protecting Ana and finding the threat. Most of the time I would say that Christian overdoes this shit but today I am grateful that he is a complete anal retentive. Kate asks lots of questions which Jason is quick to answer including talking about some of the measures that might not be completely legal. Like I said, every effort is being made here. Eventually we move into the main room which is an open plan kitchen, dining and living room. Kate whistles as she looks around taking it all in.

“Your brother doesn’t do anything by halves does he?” I smile. Yeah, it’s like a big white womb for a big giant prick. Hey, I can think that, he’s my little brother. Just then a statuesque blonde enters the room and my smile goes into megawatt mode. Gail Jones is still one of the most beautiful girls from my high school year and one of the nicest women I know. She is statuesque and stunning with her stylish uniform of a straight navy skirt and white fitted shirt. Her hair pulled back into a neat bun and minimal make-up. Gail is one of those people who give off a Martha Stewart vibe and you just feel safe. She manages to make this mausoleum feel like a home for a start.

“Kate, this is Gail Jones, she is Christian’s housekeeper.” Jason smiles fondly at Gail and I am reminded how much he needs to feel this place is secure for his own peace of mind. Jason and Gail used to date in high school but broke up before graduation. A year after school finished they both married other people and Jason joined the marines. Jason and Kelly had Sophie, their daughter seven years ago but then Kelly had an affair with another officer and they divorced while he was still deployed. Gail’s husband Paul was a cop, killed in the line of duty. Her world falling apart coincided with Christian’s corporate rise and a week after he bought and moved into Escala I convinced him to hire Gail as a housekeeper. Within a month Jason was back from Afghanistan and looking for a private security gig. Once more I was able to get his name in front of Welch, Christian’s corporate security specialist. Jason and Gail fell back into each others arms almost straight away and haven’t looked back. One day he will make an honest woman of her but I suspect a lot of what holds them back is the delicate relationship he has with his ex-wife and his need to protect his daughter. Neither of them will ever know how grateful I am that they are here for Christian.

“Hi Gail, it is so nice to meet you. I have heard great things about you.” Kate does that genuine warm interest thing that she does and I can see Gail visibly relax under her charm. After some small talk and a quick tour of the apartment we stop back by the kitchen for coffee. Kate opts for a weak tea and I wonder if she is starting to feel sick. I am trying so hard not to hover but I can’t help worry that she is pushing herself too hard. Gail gives me one of those looks that says I am acting weird so I put every ounce of energy into trying to look normal. I shrug at her and she glares at me. She’s worse than Mia. Mia would have flat out asked, Gail just knows. It’s creepy, clairvoyant shit. Luckily she turns her attention to Kate.

“Kate, I want you to know how much Ana has come to mean to us. Jason and I have wanted to see Christian have a normal relationship for a long time. Ana seems to be reaching him on a level that no one else ever has. I know that there was a lot of hurt on both sides last week during the break up but I really believe that they will be good together.” Gail looks worried that Kate won’t support this idea. I try to get her to back down a little with a quick shake of my head. I don’t want Kate to start in on all the very valid reasons why she doesn’t trust Christian but then she surprises me.

“Gail, if you had said that to me a few days ago I would have bitten your head off. Just ask Elliot.” Her hand snakes up and touches my neck and I lean into her. “But after last night, I had to reevaluate my position. Christian’s body language and attentiveness said so much, he never took his eyes off her and he moved around her like a satellite. I can tell she loves him and I have to say, that if I didn’t know about the other stuff then I would have said without a doubt that he loves her.”

“But you’re not convinced about their lifestyle choice?” Gail is pretty astute at reading people. Jason has that look that says he would rather be anywhere but here right at this moment. Yep, talking about tying people up and beating them for sexual gratification is likely to do that for you.

“I just…I guess it is outside my experience. On some levels I can see the appeal of some of it but the hard core stuff. I just don’t know.” This candid discussion about my brother’s sexuality is doing my head in. I clear my throat a little and turn around to stare out the windows of the giant,cavernous vagina while the ladies continue to wax lyrical about bondage.

“Look, we have been around this for a long time now and there has only been one time that I would have called questionable. I think Christian takes a great deal of care to learn what his partner’s want. He has always been very careful and attentive even if he has been standoffish up until now. They certainly all seemed fairly besotted with him in the past. Hence this Leila Williams situation.” Gail is so open about all of this that I am fairly damn sure that I am blushing. I really don’t think I want to know this about my little brother. Looking over at Jason I can see that he feels the same. Do we really have to talk about this shit? I think right now I would rather have a prostate examination.

“But what makes Ana different?” Fuck me, Kate is clearly not going to drop the topic.

“That is simple, although I can’t answer the ‘why’ other than to say she deserves his love more than anyone he has ever brought here. The ‘what’ is that he is letting her into his life. In the past his subs have only ever slept in their allotted bedroom next to the playroom. They were no more than employees. Even though some of them thought they might become more.”

“Are you saying that they never slept in his bed?” Even I am a little taken by surprise. So much that I nearly choke on my coffee. Kate thumps me on the back. “Steady there, cowboy.” Jason has a smirk on his face, prick.

“No, nor did they meet his parents or attend family functions or get their photographs take with him and published in local and national newspapers. Kate, Ana didn’t even realize how much he was letting her in at first. I think she understands better now. They have a long way to go but she is reaching him in a way that I have never seen before and he genuinely loves her even if he doesn’t know it yet.” Gail seems fairly intent on convincing Kate and I am grateful, really, but couldn’t they just make a girlie date for shopping or something? Do they have to have this heart to heart with us in the room?

Kate is taking all of this in when Jason, gormless prick that he is, gets a smile on his face and speaks up, looking at Gail as he does. “Perhaps Kate needs to see the playroom.” Gail’s eyes widen a fraction with a hint of smile and then she nods, sliding the key over to me.

Shit, I haven’t been in there for years and it shocked the hell out of me back then. I wonder how Kate is going to take this.

“Guys, I don’t know…”

“Listen, we are going to make ourselves scarce. Welch’s team have pretty much finished up changing all the locks and they will be heading off soon. My guys are on other tasks including going through hours of security footage. We will leave you to explore on your own. Just come and check in with me in the monitor room when you are ready to leave. By all accounts Ana and Christian won’t be back until this afternoon. Take some time.” Son of a ….

There is a lot of fucking innuendo in that last comment. What, does he want me to screw Kate in the playroom? I don’t think so, sicko. You might be alright with all of this stuff, living here for four years could make you immune I suppose, but I don’t want to think about what Christian does in his leisure time.

We slowly make our way up the stairs and I can feel the apprehension in Kate’s body but see the curiosity on her face. She really wants to know about this which I am going to put down to investigative journalism training rather than any inherent kinky streak. I already know she likes being tied up and spanked, that’s enough for me really. Inserting the key into the lock my nerves kick in and my hand shakes as I open the door.

Fuck me. From the giant white vagina to the small red room of pain. Christian has some pretty sick tastes in decor. Everything is very much as I remember it. The large four poster bed, the couch, the wall mounted equipment and draws and cabinets that I assume are full of toys. This place is a sadists wet dream. Quite literally. Kate’s mouth is open in a wide o shape as she feels for my hand. I close the door behind us and lock it, out of fear that one of the security team might stumble up here and see this. Kate does a slow spin in the middle of the room surveying every corner.

“Oh, fucking, my.” Her voice is a hushed whisper.

“This is pretty much as I recall it. I’m sorry babe. It’s a bit confronting.”

She is over at the wall of canes and riding crops, slowly running her hand along them before moving to the spreader bars and cuff arrangements attached to the walls. Without hesitation she straps herself into a leather cuff, testing out the strength of it. Then she gazes up at the track and pulley system hanging from the ceiling and tilts her head curiously. I reach up and grab a chain, giving it a firm tug to test its weight bearing capability.

“Is that thing safe?”

“Should be. Are you questioning my skills?” I watch her quickly look to me. I give a small shrug and turn away to test the chain further.

“You installed this? How the hell could you do that without Christian having to explain all of it to you?”

“For a bright boy, Christian is a fucking idiot. He thinks he can just buy all of this shit off the Internet without any worries. Problem was the day it was all delivered they just dropped boxes in the service bay and left Jason to it. Jason was relatively new back then so he did the only thing he could think of and called me. Luckily Christian was away so we sat here for half a day working out what it was for, how to put together and then fixing it to the ceiling. That was the first time I saw the play room and the last.”

Kate giggles. “Poor baby. That must have been horrific for you.”

“Mm…confronting yes but horrific no. You don’t work at a place like Sirens without seeing some pretty kinky shit.” There is a memory hovering there that I don’t want to draw on right now. Luckily I catch Kate’s flirty little smirk.

“What are you smirking at Miss K? What are you thinking now?” I can see that this room is unsettling her. I just want to get her out of here.

“I am just wondering if you can put the other cuff on me, actually.” Holy shit. Katie, what the hell? Her smile is shy but her eyes tell me that she really wants this. I stroll over, still questioning in my mind if she really wants it or not. I get a whiff of a very aroused Kate which makes me want to get her in that cuff quickly but she halts me with one hand. Shit, she was just teasing.

“Top off first, Grey. I want something pretty to look at.” Oh my. Glancing at my watch, I see that we have time so I turn around and head to the sound system. Jason and I played Divynils Touch Myself very loud the day we worked in here. We had to have something to break the tension around what we were doing. I find what I am looking for; a track called Skin by Rihanna.

I turn around, strip my t-shirt over my head and kick my shoes off before walking back to her. Her breath is a little labored and her eyes have darkened. My Katie wants to play games and who am I to resist her. She lifts her hands up as if she expects me to cuff her up but I undo the one already strapping her to the wall. Slowly I strip off her clothes, lifting her t-shirt over her head before cupping her breasts and kissing the skin that bulges over the top of her lacy balcony bra. She has the most beautiful tits and I just want to stay here for a while but I am aware that our time might be limited.

Sliding her jeans down her long legs I help her to take off her shoes and then begin kissing up her legs, licking her soft skin. I slide my hands up the length of her leg and feel her sharp intake of breath as I reach the top and slide back down again, taking her g-string with me as I go. She steps out of the scrappy piece of lace and I can feel how wet the material is and smell the pungent aroma of her desire. My cock is straining against the denim of my jeans and I am reminded that this beautiful woman seems to be able to make me rock hard at the mere suggestion of sex. This blatant invitation just ramps up my need to have her.

I lightly cuff her ankles wanting to restrain her but also wanting her to know that if she needs to she can slide her delicate ankles out. She looks so fucking amazing spreadeagled against the wall. Once her feet are secure I slide my hands slowly up her legs and body as I stand. My hands continue up not breaking contact and lifting her arms straight up in the air. Rather than undo the bra I slide it up her body and over her head making her tits pop out, her hard little nipples scraping the wire and causing a little moan.

Throwing it behind me I take each arm and cuff it again this time pulling on the restraint so that her arms are spread above her head. Once she is secure I step back from her to admire my handy work and her dilated pupils burn into me when she sees my scrutiny. Me looking at her is heightening her desire and for the first time in my adult life I am aware that I can really read what a woman needs just by the little shifts in her body and the nuances of her facial expression. I don’t think I have ever been so connected to anyone before Kate and I’ve been told I am pretty fucking awesome in the sack. I wonder if the connection is a consequence of loving her so much or if it is the connection that made me love her from the moment I met her.

Her breathing is deep and I can see her heart beat pulsing as her breasts gently heave. I concentrate on her, in a way that I never have before. Seeing her there, surrendering to me is hot, I won’t deny it, but it also feels like this incredible gift of trust that she is giving me. She wants to trust me, she wants me to take control of her body and give her what she needs and for the first time I am starting to understand what it is about this ‘equipment’ that appeals to Christian. The tension of waiting for me to move is starting to get to her and I notice the little bead of perspiration on her chest. My eyes are drawn by an almost imperceptible thrust of her pelvis. Her need is ready to burst to the surface which means that she is about to lose control. I need her to take it back. I need to be sure this is what she wants.

“Keep still, baby. Find your center and pull up with your pelvic floor.” Her stomach shifts in as her rib cage lifts, I see her tuck her bottom under rather than thrust, she is clenching and it eases her need for a moment. Her eyes focus on mine again, she understands that I know what I am doing and she hands the control back to me. I haven’t moved any closer to her while she does this but now I step in.

“Tell me what you want me to do, Kate. Do you need me to touch you?”

“Yes.” She whispers and her eyes close as she says this one word as if it is taking all her concentration.

“Where, baby? Where do you need me to be?” I whisper against her lips, without kissing her. My body is softly against hers so that she can feel my chest on hers, my stomach, my erection and thighs all pressed very lightly against her hyper-sensitive skin. My hands are clenched at my sides waiting for her instruction.

“Please, touch me. I need you to touch me all over. I can’t…” There is a sensual desperation in her voice.

“Come on, baby. Tell me.” My eyes focus on hers and this time I do lean in and lick from her chin along her jaw line and up to her ear. I swirl my tongue around her ear before nibbling on her ear lobe and whispering. “Should I touch your beautiful pussy, baby, is that what you want? You only have to ask.”

She nods and I pull away from her shaking my head. “Say it, Kate.”

“Please, I need your tongue on me…on my…clit.” I know Kate is no prude but this is taking all her willpower to ask for what she needs. I smile. My hands go to her face and hold it firmly while I press a gentle kiss on her lips before sweeping my tongue inside her mouth. We play for a moment and I let her feel what my tongue can do. She whimpers her need into my mouth. Somehow I know that if I kept doing this she would come without any other stimulation but where would the fun be in that.

“Princess, your wish is my command.” Suddenly in this situation those stupid fairytale words actually make a whole lot of sense. She wishes, she desires but right now,I command her body and her need.

Dropping to my knees in front of her I leave a trail of kisses down her stomach, lingering for a moment on the space where I imagine Junior is growing. Her body is now this incredible vessel for our child and I want more than anything to take care of her needs. To give her the intense pleasure that she deserves not only for carrying our child or for loving me but simply for being her. My tongue licks over the soft, neatly trimmed, blonde hair at her apex. I lick through her overly wet folds up to her clit and then swirl around, repeating two… three…four times before her body starts to tremor. She was nearer the edge than I ever imagined and I quickly slip my fingers inside her so she has something to clench around as she comes. My tongue continues to flick over her, helping her to ride it out to the bitter end. She doesn’t make a sound except to allow her breathing to intensify. As I feel her orgasm start to ebb I pull my hand out from inside and stand up to watch her body again. Carefully taking in the flush of passion across her skin, to listen to her breathing, to look at her sensual face. She is ready to go again.

“Please. I would like to have you inside me. Please Elliot. I am ready, I need you. Please let me.” It is a desperate little plea that I would have satisfied without her asking. Her body has already given away her need. Her skin is flushed with a light sheen of perspiration. Her nipples are still sharply erect and she is still clenching hard inside since her pelvis has stilled again. I move to her feet and help her to slip out of the cuffs.

“Can you suspend your weight on the chains?” Her stomach muscles flex as she pulls her legs up off the ground to show me. I grab them before she can put them back down again and wrap them around my waist. I thrust against her knowing the denim will be chafing at her pussy.

“Aagh. Elliot, please, fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Without putting her legs down I slip my jeans down and with one sharp thrust I am inside her. She screams straight away and begins pulsing.

“Fuck, Kate. OK baby?” She is still coming around me in little tremors. I have never known her to be this responsive and I wonder at what I have been missing by simply not taking the time to look at her more carefully. The restraints forced this on me and I am already planning where we can install these in our house before her feet hook behind me and pull me in hard.

Grabbing her ass with both hands I start pounding, holding her off the wall slightly so that her back isn’t taking too much punishment. Her hands have grabbed the chains in an effort to support herself and I build up a frenzied pace, holding my own orgasm back while she works through me to get to another orgasm. I can feel her reaching with her body, taking my hard thrusts.

“I need to hold you.” Quickly I reach up and undo her restraints so she can fully wrap herself around me. Without pulling out I walk her over to the back of the leather couch and place her on the edge of it. Now that she is fully balanced I start thrusting again, varying the pace and straining to press my pelvis against her clit so that she is getting stimulation inside and out. We both feel it coming hard and she can’t hold back her screams this time as I drive her over the edge. She is pulsing hard again for the third time when I start to pump my own passion into her body, coming so hard that I can’t hold back my own voice.

“Jesus, Kate, fuck, baby.” My cock goes off like a shaken champagne bottle exploding, almost emptying but still rock hard on the outside. This woman is the most incredible person I have ever met and my heart is racing as we hold each other trying to keep ourselves steady. If fucking her in my office was amazing then it doesn’t even come close to how this just felt. “I love you, Kate, I need you. Do you have any idea what you just did to me? What you always do to me?”

With a slightly breath whisper she replies. “Why don’t you tell me?” I pull out of her and sweep her into my arms before placing her on the bed and lying down beside her. We lie on our sides facing each other simply holding each others hand. I’m going to say this and I want to get it right. She deserves to hear exactly how she makes me feel. I lace my fingers through hers then look directly into her pretty eyes.

“Kate, you make me a better man. It is as simple as that. I never wanted to grow up. I didn’t know that I wanted to be like this with another person. I thought I understood what my parents had but now I know that I could never have imagined this. Because I couldn’t imagine you. When you allowed me to restrain you, when you asked for what you needed, when you trust me like that, to know what your body needs…that is the most intensely moving experience I have ever had. I loved you before today. But every day you find a way to help me to love you better, to love you more. You, this baby, our future, nothing else in this world matters more to me. When I say forever, I hope that you understand that I am never, ever going to let you go.”

Her eyes are wide and glistening with unshed tears. For Kate to just listen without comment like this is unusual. I am waiting for her to be as loquacious or to at least argue back with that Kavanagh common sense but she says nothing. Just looks at me before whispering, “Ditto.”

Leave it to Kate to completely surprise me, again. I wrap my arms around her and hold her closely. We can only allow ourselves a few minutes before we have to be out of here. I pull her up off the bed and gather our clothes. We borrow the bathrobes off the door and sneak into the spare room for a shower before heading downstairs to check in with Jason and Gail before we leave. All-knowing smiles aside, I am grateful for their suggestion. I have never felt closer to Kate.

We stop for lunch at a small seafood restaurant on the way back to my house. My girl is letting me take control as I order us lunch after which I continue to drive us home. While I would like to think this is an extension of our playroom experience, I can see that she is still exhausted and I know I need to get her home to rest. Karen takes over when we arrive, getting her a cup of tea and settling her into bed. She would have fought me to stay up to talk with TJ but Karen offers the wisdom of one who knows a mother’s body and Kate relents.

TJ’s arrival at the house about an hour after we get back signals a drop in temperature. In spite of the chill I take him outside with a beer to talk. I figure the cold will make this conversation quick. His usually jovial demeanor is gone as he stares into his drink. I have known him for such a long time, gone through so much together. It hurts to think he has betrayed me and my family. I wait with as much patience as I can muster.

“Elliot, I’m sorry. I would never do anything to hurt you. It was just a few photos. It seemed … harmless.” He looks fairly desolate. Yeah, you should be mortified you little prick.

“Why don’t you explain that to my family, TJ? It’s one thing to direct your camera at me, but taking photos of my family, of Kate and Ana. Blatant violation of privacy don’t you think?” I am trying to keep my voice calm but it is taking every ounce of my energy not to simply punch his fucking lights out and be done with it. I didn’t realize how much anger I was holding back until he arrived at the door this afternoon.

“You don’t understand. This guy has…stuff on me and my brother that…well, it just can’t get out. He promised if I did this for a few months that he would give me the…stuff and we could get on with our lives. I wouldn’t care for me but Danny, man, he’s a fucking school teacher. Photography is an extra, it doesn’t pay the bills. Shit, teaching barely pays the bills and if this got out he would lose his job. He’d never get another teaching gig, his career would be over.”

“What are we talking about here Teej? More photos?” TJ wipes a calloused palm across his eyes. Fucker is crying. He must be fucking desperate. “Teej, tell me. There is very little you could say that would be worse than knowing that you have been sneaking around spying on my family for months.”

He takes a long slug of his beer and then begins to speak. “Yeah, well this is worse.” After a few deep breaths he continues. “We were employed to do a one off gig at Orpheus.” Shit, this is news. As far as I know none of the other guys have even stepped foot inside the members-only BDSM club at Sirens. We kept all of our activities in the upstairs venues. “It was really great money and Danny and I had…shared…before. We figured it would be easy. Make a lot of cash and never look back.” I know I pay TJ and the boys well above award rates but teachers get a pittance. That’s why Danny has always moonlighted either at Sirens as a waiter or elsewhere as a photographer.

“Who hired you?”

“Elena. She said she had a very exclusive client who wanted twins. They were willing to pay 10k for one night.” I blow out. Fuck. “Yeah, stupid money right? So we said yes.”

“Turns out the clients were a couple. He would sit in the dark and watch while we did his old lady. She wasn’t unattractive and it was all going fine until they decided they wanted us in restraints. By this time they had given us a few drinks, a few pills and we were high as fucking kites. Next thing we know there are two other guys in the room with us and a fucking gun.” TJ is sobbing now with shame plastered across his face. He doesn’t want to tell me this and I don’t particularly want to hear. “It started with blow jobs and then…they fucking ripped Danny apart man. Fucking assholes went at him and made me watch the whole fucking thing. All the while the bitch was taking photos and her prick of a husband sat in the dark calling the shots.” I think I am going to be sick. This is like Stella all over again.

“Who did it?” He doesn’t answer. “Who fucking did this?”

“His name is Jack but that is all I know. I don’t have a last name and I don’t know why he wants all this stuff. I don’t know anything else about him except the prick keeps threatening to give those fucking photos to Danny’s boss. He’ll never get another teaching job. It’ll destroy him, man.” While before I was thinking that TJ had just gone turncoat for cash and was a big fucking wimp now I have to reevaluate. This is still my friend, he is like a brother and he has been trying to protect someone he loves. I understand that better than anybody.

But now is the bigger question. Who the fuck is Jack and what the hell does he want with my family?

9 thoughts on “Chapter 9: Bound to You

  1. Gwen says:

    Yes ..go Elliot and Kate! Post soon!


  2. kaz says:

    Connection between Jack and Elena ?? Elena’s jealousy.. Gripping.
    Just when I thought Elliot couldn’t be any better.. Loving him!
    I am as much into Elliott and Kate, as I originally was with Christian and Ana.


  3. Melissa says:

    Loving the Elliot and Kate side of the story!! Please post again soon.


  4. Sarah says:

    I love the twists & turns! Can’t wait for ‘more’!


  5. Tarsha says:

    I know I am behind. I am just reading these. I finished the 3 Fifty Shades books and found myself missing the characters as if I had lost a friend. You have brought my friends back to life! Your stories are great!!!!! I had never heard of Fan-fiction until this past Friday…..and now I have read “Investing Elliott” and now “Creating” Kate… are soooo awesome.. I feel guilty for not paying for this :). I am no where near the end, but I hope you continue to tell the other side of the story for the Fifty Shade serious and that you go beyond the last book. Thank you!! I appreaciate you.


    • Hi Tarsha, Thanks for reading my stories and I am thrilled that you are enjoying them so much. When you get there you will see that in Going Grey, which is still a work in progress, I have already gone beyond the books. Mia will hopefully go further again, at least that is the plan. Then I will go back and work on more of the Elena story, hopefully taking it up to the point where she engages Christian. That is if time and life permits. My husband is now getting more on board with the idea of me trying to do something I can actually charge people for. Maybe one day soon you will be able to buy my original stuff but in the mean time I am having a blast sharing my bizarre thought processes with the world. Thanks again. Sx


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