IE Ch 10: Later for You, Baby

Angel Blowing Kisses by Erik bij de Vaate

Later for you baby I heard my train whistle blow

Later for you baby I heard my train whistle blow

You won’t be getting to miss me

Until my train pulls out and goes

Later for you babyGuitar Slim

I don’t know what the hell has happened but the old Elliot Grey has left the building and this new, improved, totally besotted Elliot Grey has taken his place.  If I could describe what came over me in that room in the Heathman then I think I could make my next million off it.  All I can say is that I got hit.  By a hurricane of tenacity called Katherine Kavanagh and I know I will never be the same again.

We shower again before leaving her apartment for more coffee. Walking down to the local cafe holding hands feels like the most natural thing in the world but I get a little nervous after I order her an espresso without checking. Knowing what she wants and anticipating her desire is one thing.  Stepping all over her independence is another and I wonder if I might have to protect my private parts at my presumption.  Hell, I never imagined myself in this position but I can’t help feeling happy.  Insanely and unreasonably happy.  I can’t believe how much has happened within twenty four hours.  I reach for her hand again as we leave the cafe and head back to her apartment wondering if we can go back to bed as soon as we get there.  If I keep thinking about fucking her I won’t be able to walk straight. I need a fucking distraction.

“So tell me about the paper. Have you finished that article on my brother yet?” Her hand tenses in mine. Jesus, I hope she hasn’t written some crap that is going to cause issues.  There’s just too much at stake for too many people.

“Are you checking up to make sure I haven’t defamed your brother?” Her voice is way too calm.  That kind of eerie calm that my  mother pulls out whenever she wants to remind us we’re being patently stupid and she’s disappointed in us.

“No, I’m interested in your work.  Why are you being so suspicious?”

Brushing her fingers through her curls, a small smile plays across her face.  She lifts my hand up to her mouth and kisses my palm.  Christ, if she keeps that up there will be fucking, lots of fucking.  In some quiet alley way, up against the wall.  And chafing.  Lots of chafing.

“I’m sorry.” A whisper, a smile and she’s back. “Yes, the article is finished and the paper has gone to press.  This last one took the most out of me so in some ways I was glad to see the back of it but it’s bittersweet.  Does that sound stupid?”

“Not at all.  I feel like that at the end of every major project.  You sweat and toil over the whole thing and find yourself getting pissed off at missed deadlines.  In the end, when you do that final handover, it feels like you’re giving up a child.”  She looks up at me as if I’ve grown horns.  Fucking sentimental or what? “For the first five minutes anyway.”

She laughs. Cute, sexy damn laugh that has my balls clenching. Goddamn it, this woman is going to have me whipped in less than a week.  That’s if I’m not already.

I ask her a few more questions about the paper, and I’m interested, I really am but only in as much as it is distracting my cock from her proximity.  She’s talking animatedly at fifty miles an hour totally ignoring everyone and everything around her.  I try to keep up but she’s so freaking smart that it kind of blows my mind.  I’m so used to the vacuous airheads that posture around my life that she just seems like a breath of fresh air and I can’t help but think how much she reminds me of my sister and my mother.  The same energy, her incredible brain, her class and her style but she’s also so incredibly sexy that I just want to touch her all the time.

Giving in to temptation, I reach out and brush some hair out of her face and her smile has me back in that alley.  My intense case of blue balls is relieved when we round the corner and approach her apartment.  We’re hardly in the door before I have her back in my arms, her long legs wrapped around my waist as I take her straight to her room.

“You are so fuckable and loveable and not necessarily in that order.” She blushes at my words but she’s turned on, I can tell. She’s perfect, a princess in the ballroom and a whore in the bedroom, although I would never tell her that.  She’s just so willing and… flexible… and this thing with the multiple orgasms is like a freaking dream come true. If we keep this up she’s going to be sore.

Later, we climb out of bed and return to the table. I nuke our abandoned coffee in the microwave which is kind of awful but she smiles through it anyway.

“Come here, baby.” I take her hand and lead her to the couch and the coffee is forgotten as we start to make out again.  Her lips are so soft and sweet.  Her skin is satin smooth, especially that perfect spot at the sides of her breasts that makes her suck her breath in when I touch her there.  We’re fundamentally wrapped around each other when the door to the apartment opens and Ana walks in looking like a frightened rabbit in the headlights.

Kate lights up when she sees her but I’m wondering just what has gone down to have her looking so stunned. For a moment, I feel a little guilty that Kate and I must look so totally into each other but Kate just beams that fantastic smile at her.  However, Kate’s grin fades when she sees Christian walk in behind Ana. He doesn’t look too happy to see her either.

My eyes shift between Kate and Christian and I realize that Kate really doesn’t like my brother.   Given that he’s wearing a face like thunder, I’m not surprised.  Could you be more of a fuckwit?  Jeez, any normal guy would know that winning over the best friend is the key to holding your woman.  My brother doesn’t do normal.  Time for Elliot Gray’s ‘how to win a woman’ 101.  I flash Ana my megawatt smile trying as best as I can to make her feel at ease.  Christian scowls.  Stupid prick.

Kate leaps up to hug Ana which turns into a part examination, part interrogation but she’s genuinely concerned. Her greeting to Christian is bordering on hostile and while he might deserve it, he’s still my brother and perhaps Kate needs a lesson in winning over a guy’s family.  Christian gives that holier than thou look, the one that scares mere mortals.  Kate isn’t intimidated by him but she’s pissed at me.  Fuck, once more caught in the firing line because my brother has no social skills with women.  Business, not a problem, in fact there is nothing like him.  But anything social or personal and he acts like bloody Rasputin.  Only Mia and Mom have ever been able to get him to chillax.  Even that bitch Elena doesn’t get the best out of him.

Christian’s response to Kate is reserved and cold.  It makes me want to put a torch up his ass and see if he can’t warm to her.   I glare at him.  You do not want to go there with me.  He might be my brother but Kate’s important and he’s going to have to deal.

“Christian, her name is Kate.” My teeth are clenched and my body is poised to defend Kate. Christian would do well to remember that.  Kate smiles at me and my heart is in my eyes but when I turn back to Christian his eyes are wide. Yeah, bro, get used to it.  She’s a keeper and your shit isn’t going to get between us.  It takes a moment but I see a subtle, almost imperceptible shift in his stance.

“Kate.” He gives Kate a polite nod then glares at me.  Fuck off, Christian.  This is important.  You break Ana’s heart and I will not stop Kate from stringing you up by your balls.  Don’t think of sidelining Kate, either.  She’s going to be in your life for a fucking long time.  Even if you fuck this up with Ana.  I see him visibly change to be more questioning. He is trying to work this out.  Under normal circumstances I would never challenge Christian because whether it is business or something more physical, that prick would wipe the floor with me.  But when it comes to the women in our lives.  The ones that matter.  Then it’s game on.  If he ever fucks with my sister, my mother, my girlfriend then I will slice him every way to Sunday.  No quarter given.

This thing with Ana has taken me by surprise.  I know he doesn’t do girlfriends but Ana seems to be holding his interest in a way that no other woman ever has.  I can’t describe what I can see in him, and I’m fairly sure he doesn’t even know it yet himself, but he’s invested totally in her.  But unless you get on top of this antagonism with Kate you’re going to lose the girl. 

Ana looks totally bereft.  If I were putting a bet on this, I’d say that she’s comparing me and Kate with her and Christian and he’s coming up short.  Perhaps he needs a shove to work out what is important.

Well, it might mean I get my ass whipped later but I’ll score points with Kate and it will piss Christian off so, here goes nothing.  I stand up and walk over to greet Ana, wrapping her in a big bear hug. I can see Christian getting ready to thump me.  Job well done.

“Hi, Ana.” I step back and smile making sure I don’t let go. Christian’s hackles are rising so I keep my hands on her body.  He’s got that look like I’m touching his property.  I try not to creep Ana out but the longer I touch her the more riled Christian becomes.  Kate looks bemused with a ‘What is eating you Christian Grey?’ plastered across her face.  Ana returns the greeting and bites her lip. Christian, standing next Kate, sucks in his breath in a way that tells me just how pissed he is.  Good.

“Elliot, we’d better go.” His voice is mild but I can tell he is seething. Mmm… interesting. Seems like Christian has it bad. Kate smiles at Ana reassuringly.

“Sure.” I turn to Kate and pull her into my arms. Christ, she feels good.  She kisses me thoroughly and I can feel Ana and Christian’s discomfort across the room but I don’t let go and neither does she.  In all of this, she is the most important person in the room to me.  I love my brother, I care about his happiness but as my hands sweep down the sides of her face I know I am looking at my future.  I lean down and kiss her again, longing to whisk her back to bed and thoroughly fuck her.  No, make passionate love to her for hours.  Everything in the way she kisses me back tells me she feels the same.

We pull back, staring at each other and willing the other to let go. I can just imagine what our first phone call is going to go like. Feeling like a teenager I know I’ll be calling her as soon as I get a quiet moment. And even though I know he is going to tear me a new asshole, or worse do that silent treatment thing he does, I have to thank Christian for inadvertently introducing us.

“Laters, baby.” I can’t wipe the smile off my face and Kate is positively glowing. I wink. ‘Our secret, baby’ and I watch her take this in and acknowledge it.  It’s my way of telling her I love her.  She is so beautiful and for now, at least, she is so mine.  I raise my hand to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, loving the silky texture between my fingers. Looking across the room I can see Christian doing the same thing to Ana. Busting some Elliot moves, bro. He even uses my patented trade mark farewell.  Of course, he doesn’t know what it really means.

I can’t resist blowing Kate a kiss when I get to the door. Childish I know but while for Kate I mean it, the pissing Christian off thing has just become great sport.  Kate giggles, a little embarrassed but she’ll get over it. Ana looks bereft, like she has lost her dearest pet.  Christian looks like he wants to vomit which is not the usual Christian reaction.  He doesn’t know how to connect with Ana.  But he wants to.  Interesting, brother of mine.  If I didn’t know better I would say you are falling in love. 

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Fanfic Reviews

Originally written from Kate’s point of view, so no reviews for this chapter.

Carmelroads 3/17/13 . chapter 10

Haha great last line. And thanks for putting me on to some new music btw. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the songs yet but it’s nice to get to hear the inspiration for each chapter.

Angela76 10/15/12 . chapter 10

I absolutely loved reading this chapter from Kate’s point of view. It is so great, not to mention fun to see Elliot get a rise out of Christian. It seems like he was doing it in retaliation for the way that Christian addressed Kate. This is just so wonderful, this story I mean. I love it so much. I was so excited to see that you had updated multiple chapters, Thanks for that BTW!


3 thoughts on “IE Ch 10: Later for You, Baby

  1. Chris L says:

    Nice finish. With Kate its always a critique.


  2. Kaz says:

    Loved Elliott’s pov… He really isn’t the guy he puts out to the rest of the world.. And even he admitted smart girls weren’t his thing in the past.. So maybe his first real relationship too..


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