Chapter 14: Flirt/I’ll Stand By You

I gotta know, don’t you really understand
One syllable words old man?
You got a problem with my space?
Get your look out of my face
‘Coz I’ve had it with your lies
You’re pretty damn close to being unfine
‘Cuz everything you do makes you look like a fool

You’re looking for some dirt,
I’m lifting up my skirt
I’m searching for a light under me in my purse
You always think the worst,
I just wanna flirt
You found me on my knees,
Next thing you’re saying “tease”
I’m trying to find my phone and my keys, not your sleaze
My spell is like a curse,
I just wanna flirt

Flirt Pussycat Dolls

His nerves are seeping into my veins and suddenly singing in front of this crowd doesn’t seem like the worst thing I could go through. If Elliot can’t get himself together then we are going to be putting ourselves in serious physical danger. Warming up in the green room consists of me lying on the floor and him stretching my leg up into a split. Normally he would be cracking jokes about now given the compromising position he has me in but he is reserved and tense. Perhaps I should give him a blow job and be done with it.

Sitting up I turn so that I have my legs stretched out to form a diamond shape as they connect with his. The push of my feet against his calf muscles stretches his groin and hamstrings. The effect is heightened by pulling him by the shoulders towards me as I lie back on the ground. He is so flexible for such a big guy and he can put his body almost flat on the ground, his head against my groin. If you won’t say it, I will.

“While your down there.” He glances up at the sound of my voice. I smile in what I hope is a lascivious manner. “Well, a girl has needs you know and I would hate you to regret a wasted opportunity later.”

“Miss K, are you coming on to me?” There’s my Elliot. Come back to me babe.

“Oh, I think you know I am coming on to you, Mr Grey.” I lean in for a quick lick of his pecs as he sits back up, teasing his nipple with my tongue. “You look nice, all sparkly and yummy.”

“You know that glitter dust is edible and has pheromones in it don’t you?” His finger traces a line down between my breasts and he brings it up to my mouth. I take it inside my mouth and suck, rolling my tongue around his digit and making him groan. I suck hard and pull his finger out of my mouth.

“Mmm…they seem to be working, Mr Grey. I am feeling awfully horny right now and here you are about to make me writhe and squirm all over your body at 10 feet in the air. Seems a girl can’t get a break?”

“Yeah, well you’ve given me a hard on big enough to pole vault up to that ring without any assistance Miss K so who is going to be in more discomfort up there, do you think?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Having a nice fat cock to stabilize myself on sounds like a sensible precaution. After all I am the one who is going to be gushing all wet and creamy. I might find it difficult to grip in some of the holds.” I give him a coy smile.

“Given that you spend half the routine with that delightful pussy firmly planted in my face, I can’t wait to get a whiff of that baby. Don’t be surprised if you feel my tongue on you at some point.”

“Oh, I will look forward to that sweetheart. Especially with all those people watching us.” My breath is coming in shallow pants now as my plan to relax Elliot backfires on me. I want to fuck him so badly. I slide myself forward so that my legs are over his thighs and rub myself against his hard cock. Feels so good.

“Katie, let’s not start something we can’t finish, baby. I want you so much it hurts.” His tongue snakes into my mouth and I open up for a passionate, tongue-thrusting kiss.

“Sweetheart, I am so going to fuck you tonight when we get home. Or maybe on the way home. Or maybe in the dressing room before we leave. I can’t have my man with a nasty case of blue balls.” He laughs and kisses me again. The stage manager chooses that moment to walk backstage and catch us in this rather awkward embrace. He coughs into his hand.

“Um, you need to move to your places now.” Embarrassed he turns away from us and moves out of the space. We both laugh.

“How can someone who works in this place be phased by us? He’s going to have to toughen up.”

“I tell you babe, when you work in this place a bit of naked titty is passe. But catching two people who are quite obviously in love and lusting after each other, well, that is pretty rare around here.” I giggle as he stands up and helps me to my feet. We check each other’s costumes before moving into the wings.

The lights go down and I walk out and take my place on the floor. Elliot lies down upstage on the floor beside me.

“Deep breath, honey. I love you Kate.” He whispers in the dark, holding my hand. I obediently breath in deeply.

“I love you too, Elliot.” Then the music starts and the lights simultaneously fade up. We are bathed in blue light, wearing costumes that for all intents and purposes make us look as if we are naked, except for the sparkly bits. I have a white sheet wrapped around my body that Elliot, having risen up onto one elbow, unwraps slowly, lovingly, his eyes on mine with the hint of a sad smile. His hand touches my hair and then strokes down my body and I allow my body to ripple as he touches me. The rich soft female voice begins.

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now

Pushing up on one hand he leans in to kiss me and my hands raise to his face before sliding down his front as he raises up and over the top of me. His leg extends out in an arabesque and then he slides down between my legs pressing his body against mine.

Don’t be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
‘Cause I’ve seen the dark side too

He continues back onto his knees and I push his shoulders so that he is sitting up. His hands slide beneath my bum, lifting my legs so that they are over his shoulders and I brace myself against the floor of the stage, arching my back as he pulls my hips off the floor.

When the night falls on you
You don’t know what to do
Nothin’ you confess, could make me love you less

In a fluid movement of incredible strength, I suck my stomach muscles in and he pulls me up so that I am bodily wrapped around his head and he holds me there for a fraction of a second before propelling me further up so that I can now place my feet on the ground and he slides his body down through my legs rolling to his back as he goes.

I’ll stand by you, I’ll stand by you
Won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you

(I’ll Stand By You – Kate Cebrano)

Turning the upper portion of my body I reach back to take his hand placing my downstage foot between his legs and extending into a perfect leg mount as I lean towards his body. I frete into a planche arabesque, Elliot supports my upper body before releasing me down in a ripple so that I am now lying on top of him. We kiss as we embrace first rolling upstage and the back downstage.

So, if you’re mad, get mad
Don’t hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now

He does a push up over my body, not releasing my lips until the last minute when he arabesques and pushes himself up into a stand position. His hand is joined to mine and he braces both his feet firmly on the ground as he pulls me up again. This time I jump so that both legs are kneeling on his thigh and I lean into his hip extending my left leg into the air.

Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
Well I’m a lot like you

Our hands move to a cross over hold and he supports me as I perform a turning ronde de jambe out of his arms and move off across the stage away from him. By this stage the ring has lowered down and he simply reaches one arm up gripping the metal and keeping his body perfectly rigid as he is raised into the air. His other arm extends towards me and I race to grab it.

When you’re standing at the crossroads
And don’t know which path to choose
Let me come along
‘Cause even if you’re wrong

He pulls me in an almost effortless movement so that I am gripping the metal and then I invert myself, sliding my legs up his body and over the edge of the ring. His body follows me. His hands let go of the ring and he is ready to hold my body. We are suspended in mid air, I no longer have any contact with the ring, only his glorious body as he holds me. I split me legs into a perfect inverted split and our lips meet, my arms free enough that I can embrace his face and stroke my hands through his hair.

There is a commotion in the audience but my focus is completely on Elliot as I feel his body tense up. I can’t afford to lose concentration and neither can he. I bring his eyes back to mine, there is a moment when he sees me and relaxes then we continue in perfect motion. Sliding our bodies over and around each other. He is right I spend a great deal of time with my crotch in his face and at one stage I feel him open his mouth on me and breathe warm hot air against my swollen lips. His teeth even graze my clit through the thin material of my leotard and I almost come in mid-air. My nipples are stiff and sore as they grate against his chest and over the ring. It’s almost too much sensation as we allow our hands to touch in places that we haven’t quite choreographed.

Our tricks earn applause from the audience and we can feel the collective intake of breath as they take in each of the risk elements. In the end the routine looks more difficult than it is as we have taken out some of the parts that would require months of rehearsal and strength training. We have not tried to be ambitious and this keeps us both relatively safe. However, it is difficult enough for me and every element requires control, strength and concentration so I am encouraged that Elliot has not lost his focus again. Every time we can see each other, our eyes lock sending messages of love and trust. The danger gives as much of a rush as the best sex that we have ever had and I thoroughly believe in every message in the lyrics of this song. No matter what he has to tell me now, no matter what the situation brings, I will stand by him. I no longer have a choice and nor does he.

Finally we are lowered to the floor and we take our bow. Looking out at the audience we can see people standing to applaud. Amongst them are Jack and Linc. Jack looks morose and angry. Linc looks confused and furious. He is looking from the stage to the stage door where I can see Stella standing with TJ. She is looking at him defiantly with the kind of strength of purpose that a person gets when they are pushing through intense pain. Linc’s fists are clenched and the big guy with him has his hand on his jacket as if he is going to pull out a gun. I gasp and pull Elliot from the stage. We run to the wings.

“Fuck, Elliot. That guy was he going to shoot someone.” I can’t possibly keep the anxiety out of my voice, I am so scared right now.

“No, babe, I don’t think so. He didn’t seem to know what was going on but Linc had already stopped him from taking out the weapon. That bit I saw. Linc is angry but he is confused, he obviously thought it was Stella on the stage but when she appeared at the stage door that threw him for a loop. He seems to have no idea who just performed.”

Grabbing my hand he drags me back to the dressing room. No sooner have we stepped inside and stripped off our masks then Stella comes through the door with a tray of drinks in her hand and looks at us.

“Elliot what the hell were you talking about out there? Why would it matter if Stella was doing that routine?” I look from him to her in frustration. Always too many damn secrets. Why won’t they just talk?

“It matters because Linc threatened to kill me if I ever performed that routine in public again.” Placing the tray on the table she looks at me but I notice her body shaking as she holds the door handle at her back. Terrified. “Linc and I have a history that isn’t pretty and certainly wasn’t smart on my part.”

“And you really believe that he would kill you over a dance?” I am finding it a little bit difficult to believe.

“Oh, I have no doubt whatsoever. I know first hand exactly what Linc is capable of.” Her eyes are terrified belying the calm in her voice she pulls down her top to reveal a series of vicious scars under her arms and across her breasts. The shutters come down as she pulls her top back up. This is Stella withdrawing in the same way that I saw in Barbados. Her terror is very real and I move to her and put my arms around her.

“Stella, I am sorry for doubting you and for putting you in this position. Why didn’t you say something? We could have dropped the routine.”

“No, Kate, this is not your fault. I should have thought this through for myself. There was always a chance that Linc would have come tonight even though he hasn’t been to the auction for the past three years. It was stupid of me to even suggest the routine.”

“Are you going to tell me why he forbade you from performing or hwo you got those scars?” Her eyes flick to Elliot’s whose face is impassive. He is leaving it to her to say something.

“Kate, I will tell you but if the guys are all coming back tomorrow I would rather we were all together. You will have questions that only they can answer so please, can we leave it at that tonight?”

I look at her studying her face a moment then nod. “All I want to know now is are we, any of us, at risk with Linc out there tonight?”

“Only if he recognizes Elliot. As long as he doesn’t make that connection then we should be okay.” Fuck! Not Elliot, please not Elliot. “Elliot, you need to get back into your other disguise and behind the bar. He will come back here and look for you now. You need to get back out where there are a lot of people.”

Elliot moves past me to get changed. This is obviously no time to have a conversation. Stella locks the dressing room door and helps me out of my costume and into the next one for the song. She is quick to get my hair back under the wig, I put my contacts in and she applies heavy make up. The boots make me inches taller and I hope it is enough to fool Linc into thinking that I am someone else. Elliot is changed and reapplying his mustache. Stella and I work to mop the body glitter off him. When he is ready he gives me a quick peck on the lips, grabs the tray of drinks and heads down the corridor. Stella closes the door after he is gone.

A few minutes later a fist pounds the dressing room door making us both jump. Stella calms herself and walks to the door to open it. Linc is standing there with his bodyguard beside him. He looks even more furious than when we left the stage. I quickly glance around to make sure that there is no evidence of costumes from the last act. My leotard is still hanging over the chair and I move in front of it, keeping my hands behind my back as I pick it up. I quickly scrunch it into a ball and throw it into the rubbish bin by my dressing table. Hopefully I can get it back to Tiffany before someone empties the bin.

Someone has left a packet of cigarettes by the mirror so I nonchalantly pick it up and take a cigarette out, placing it between my lips. Stella is standing in the doorway trying to block Linc from coming in but he gives her an aggressive shove as he enters the room. I have one foot perched up on the chair, cigarette in my mouth as I fiddle with my fishnets. I look up at him from underneath the heavy bangs of my wig with a pouty glare, I take the cigarette out of my mouth.

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my dressing room?” I fake the best New York accent I can muster. It seems to be doing the trick as Stella looks at me open-mouthed.

“Don’t mess with me Stella, where are they?” Linc sounds as furious as he looks. A big aggressive nasty with a bad attitude. The type of guy who would never let you eat your own lunch at school.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Linc.” Stella looks at him with a defiance she obviously isn’t feeling. Linc raises his hand as if to hit her and she flinches away.

“Hey, hey, hey, big boy. You wanna play rough, then play rough with me.” I move my body to stand between him and Stella. He glares past me at her then he refocuses on me. I push my body up against him. “Come on big boy. You wanna piece of me?” The cigarette is still in my hand as I run my hands from his shoulders down his arms.

“Who are you?” His hand reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. Shit I am going to have to smoke this damn thing. Yuck.

“Kit, Kit St James.” Jesus, I hope I can remember that later. “And you are?”

“Linc Lincoln.” He flicks the lighter and I suck on the cigarette hoping that I don’t choke. I inhale and then blow the smoke back into his face with a sexy pout.

“Well, Linc Lincoln. You look like a lot of fun. Are you gonna stick around and see my number? I would be deeply offended if you didn’t.” Linc’s eyes light up and he seems to have forgotten Stella for the moment but then he glances up at her.

“Does your number include that prick Elliot Grey?” I look at him blankly and then at Stella with a question in my eyes.

“Elliot Grey? Don’t believe I’ve ever heard of him, why?” I step back from him in mock horror. “Don’t tell me you bat for the other side, Linc? What a fucking waste?”

“Watch your mouth, bitch.” He points an aggressive finger in my face but I don’t flinch. Instead I flick my tongue out and lick it, taking it into my mouth for a big suck. I want to throw up so badly right now but I hold it together as I gaze into his eyes.

“I mean it, Linc, it would be a real fucking waste.” Grabbing the lapels of his suit jacket I pull him into me, grinding my hips into his trying for all the world to come across as a two bit whore. “How about I let you buy me a drink and I will tell you what a bad girl I have really been. I think I’m in need of a severe punishment.”

The sharp intake of breath on his part tells me everything I need to know. Now I have his attention. Come on you big bully, take the bait. He reaches down and fingers the necklace Elliot gave me.

“Has your master given you permission to play, Pussy Kat. I don’t piss in another man’s territory.” His voice is hoarse. He may not intend to but he wants to.

“My Master, allows me a LOT of latitude when I am working. In fact, he usually likes to watch so that he can discipline me appropriately later. Now about that drink.” There is a pause as he looks in my eyes for more confirmation. Luckily he seems to see what he needs.

“Sure baby. Come on.” His hand goes around my waist and we walk out the door together. I give Stella a quick look over my shoulder willing her to stay still. She just stares back at us wide-eyed as we disappear down the corridor and out the stage door.

Chatting nine to the dozen we saunter over to his table where Jack is still sitting. He looks up with obvious interest as I take a seat. The bully’s bodyguard wisely sits at another table nearby. Linc summons a waiter and TJ sidles up to us, tray in hand. If Jack recognizes TJ he is giving nothing away.

“Champagne for the lady and two more whiskeys straight up.” Linc takes my hand and starts to run his tongue in circles on my palm. Eew gross. It’s like being seduced by one of my father’s friends, disgusting. I try not to let it show on my face. Moving to sit on Linc’s knee I grab TJ’s hand before he can leave the table and look up at him.

“Hey, tell your boy to make me one of his special champagne cocktails. You know the ones I like.” I give him a wink and hope like hell that he will convey this to Elliot.

“Sure, babe.” TJ looks confused but he walks back to the bar and I see him whispering to Elliot who just looks furious. Jeez, all these angry men but I am the one putting myself on the line here.

Looking over Linc’s shoulder I see TJ on his way back with our drinks. He pauses half way to the table to talk with another waiter and while I watch I see him drop something into one of the drinks. He looks directly at me while he mixes the drink with stick and then starts to approach again. I stand up and move back to my seat as he arrives. I toast with Jack and Linc then take a sip of my drink. Luckily Elliot has got the message and my drink is a non-alcoholic spritzer with a strawberry. This should fool Linc. I watch Linc carefully to see if there are any effects of his drink. Before too long Ethan walks over to our table. Shit, shit, shit. What the hell are you up to?

“Hey, aren’t you Jack Hyde from SIP?” Ethan doesn’t look at me or Linc. He keeps all of his attention focused on Jack and sways as if he is already a little drunk. Jack returns his stare with a sullen look.

“Who wants to know?” He takes a big slug of his drink then leans back in his seat to look at Ethan.

“Ethan, Ethan Tremaine.” Shit, Mom’s maiden name. Why didn’t I think of that? “I sent you a manuscript a few months back. I wanted to thank SIP for signing me up. I got the confirmation today so I am celebrating tonight. Let me buy you another drink.” He thumps down in his seat and summons TJ. “Another round for everyone.”

“I…sure, I remember you.” It is clear to anyone who might be listening that he has no idea. I suspect that he smells a rat and luckily Ethan picks up on this immediately.

“Well, it wasn’t you exactly. It was one of the other editors who got me the contract but I sent my manuscript to you because… I. Knew. You. Were. The best.” He pokes Jack in the chest with a finger on each word to emphasize his point then he frowns. “I guess it never made the cut for your personal attention but that is okay. I’m just glad someone was prepared to take a look at it.”

“Sure, fine kid.” Jack seems pretty disinterested. “I don’t work at SIP any more, anyway.”

“Oh? You don’t?” Ethan gets a look of concern on his face. Very convincing. “I only went to SIP because of you. Where are you now?”

Jack looks like he is immediately getting an idea in his head and I know that Ethan is deliberately planting it there. I wish he would stop. I don’t need his help right now.

“Well, I might be starting up my own publishing house soon so if you’re interested I will give you a call.” Smart Jack.

“Sure. I would really appreciate that.” Ethan has sidetracked us long enough and the slave auction is almost over. It is time for me to head backstage. “Well it was nice to meet you, Mr Hyde. And you too Miss…?”

I reach my hand up to his. “St James, Kit St James.” He grins at me as he shakes my hand. Linc scowls next to me.

“Fuck off kid. She’s not interested.” You’ve got that right but not for the reasons you think, you ugly troll. Ethan gives a look like he might want to take Linc on. Oh no you don’t.

“Hey boys, play nice.” I chug down my drink and stand up. “Well, Linc, Jack, Mr Tremaine, it has been a real slice but I have to earn a living. Mr Tremaine, why don’t you stay and keep my friends company. The next round is on me boys.”

“Thank you Miss St James. Don’t mind if I do.” Ethan slurs at me and gives me a wink then summons TJ over and has a quiet conversation with him.

“Oh, it is my pleasure.” His attention is elsewhere so I turn to Linc. “Now baby, how about giving a girl a hand.” Linc takes my outstretched hand and kisses it then guides me toward the stage.

The lights go out, TJ has walked over to hand me the mic as I don’t have time to go backstage. The girls will be standing in position backstage ready to drag their chairs on. TJ makes the announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Club Orpheus presents straight from New York, Miss Kit St James and the dancers of Burlesque Siren.” Shit, how did he know the name I chose? Then I catch Ethan’s eye and he gives me a wink. Oh. The applause starts and I walk up on to the stage in time with the music, dragging my hand around Linc’s face and down his arm as I go. He looks a little dazed but unfortunately still very much with it. I hit the top of the stairs at the same time as the girls and I turn into the spotlight. Given the bullshit I have been spinning for the past twenty minutes now is not a time for nerves.

“Let’s go girls…Some times I feel I’ve got to (bump, bump) get away, I’ve got to (thrust, release) run away…” I go into overdrive, strutting around the stage, grinding my pelvis at the audience. The feeling is unbelievable as the crowd starts to respond to me and I can feel the energy on the stage lift. Suddenly all those years of flirting are having a pay off.

As the instrumental break approaches I make my way down to the audience and find Linc’s table. Still singing I give Linc a lap dance before turning my attention on Jack. Whereas Linc sat impassively during my performance, Jack starts manhandling me. He places his hands on my hips as I move in but soon shifts his grip to my ass pulling my pelvis into his face, the perv. I grind a little hoping that he will let go but he holds on tight so I lean over placing my hands on his shoulders and push backwards away from him. The eyeful of cleavage is too much for him and he releases my bum but shifts his hands over my breasts and squeezes.

Several things happen at once, at this point and they seem to be happening in slow motion. Elliot vaults the bar, TJ moves across to us from the other side of the room and Linc is out of his seat with a look of fury. Jack is a little too drunk to notice how much danger he is in. However, my savior is Ethan who appears to be laughing at the whole thing, looking for all the world as though he is drunkenly enjoying Jack’s groping and that, at any moment, he is going to join in. Leaning towards us he half stands and reaches for me pulling me into his body and as I go into his arms he appears to lose balance,knocking his full glass of whiskey all over Jack’s lap.

“Fuck, what the hell?” Jack is up out of his seat and ready to punch Ethan as he stumbles back releasing me. I step towards Linc who wraps his arms around me and signals to the bouncers. Very quickly Jack is evicted out the main doors while TJ and Elliot make as if to grab Ethan and evict him. I keep Linc focused on me while they take him out through the stage door.

Linc takes his arm from around my waist leading me back to the stage just as the track segues into Mercy. Somehow I manage to keep going knowing that to stop would be to draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Staff have moved to Linc’s table to tidy up and he settles back watching attentively but with a look of thunder on his face. The song finishes and I leave the stage but peer out from the wings to see what is happening.

By the time the lights come back up Jack Hyde is well and truly gone and Linc still looking furious with the world is on his way out. He seems to have forgotten his need to locate the aerial dancers. His gait is sluggish which could be the drugs that have been slipped into his drink. Nothing seemed strong enough to knock him out but now he doesn’t look quite himself. Good, the sooner the bastard is gone, the safer I can keep Elliot.

Satisfied that he is leaving I make my way back to the dressing room. As I walk in I see everyone is waiting for me. Ethan gives me a squeeze as he leaves the room with TJ. Stella starts to help me undress and Elliot holds his position, his body shaking with barely suppressed rage. I know this is largely aimed at Jack and Linc but I also suspect some of it is for me. He looks for all the world like he wants to take me over his knee.

“What the fuck was that Kate?” Turning in my seat I stare up at him impassively.

“Don’t start with me Elliot. I did what I had to do to divert his attention away from Stella and you. I would do it again in a heart beat. I don’t know what is going on here but I took what you said tonight at face value and I trusted you. It would be good if you could give me the same courtesy.” I really don’t have it in me to listen to him rant at me about taking risks or the baby or how stupid I am. Half expecting him to still go off like a rogue rocket he surprises me by kneeling at my feet and placing his head in my lap.

“I was so fucking scared, baby. If he had hurt you I don’t know what I would have done.” His shoulders are shaking as he murmurs into my thighs. All I can do is stroke his hair to calm him down.

“It’s okay babe. I’m fine. He’s a big bully, that’s all.” Elliot’s head snaps up and he looks at me with red, tear-filled eyes.

“No Kate, he is so much worse.” Shit what have I done.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 14: Flirt/I’ll Stand By You

  1. 1klkelly says:

    That was so intense! In every way! I’m looking forward to what you have next for us!


  2. Atterbury ( Liz) says:

    Sasha, these last two or should I say the whole story not just a few chapters are Hot, exciting, intriguing and riveting!! I find myself reading too fast to see what’s going to happen, and reread be ause there is so much detail that needs to be savored and absorbed!! The show routines are so vividly depicted that ones minds eye can see them thoroughly! Wow, you really have us on the edge our seats to see how this all comes together. Awed, Liz


    • Melissa says:

      Ok, I can’t say it any better than Liz did!!!


    • I am so glad this is working for you. I had to condense the routine into the opening section only. Frustrating when I could see it all in my own mind. I have to say I am loving this and right now I have Mia and Ethan’s story formulating in my mind as we go into the next few chapters. I am starting to worry about how much FUN this all is and hoping that it doesn’t start taking up all of my thinking during my work day. I might find myself out of a job! 🙂


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