IE Ch 11: Sexy Silk

I will be your sexy silk

Wrap me around, round, round, round

I will be your pussy cat

Licking your milk right now, down, down, down

Sexy Silk – Jessica Cornish­ (aka Jessie J

Later that afternoon my phone rings.  When Elliot’s number flashes  I put on my best sexy and efficient take-no ­prisoners business voice.

“Kate Kavanagh speaking.”

“Hey Katie.” The low sound of his voice holds me breathless for a moment.

“Hey yourself.” I grin from ear to ear, leaning my head against my bedroom door with a sigh. “Where are you?”

“I’m still in Portland. Christian and I went hiking and we just came back to the hotel to clean up.” I have this vision of him walking around his room in only a towel and I immediately go moist. Damn it, get a grip!

“I thought you were going back to Seattle. Why aren’t you here with me?” I was aiming for playful but I fell pretty short. “Shit, I’m sorry Elliot. That sounded bad. I didn’t mean to act like a nagging wife.”

“Baby, you could never nag and wife sounds pretty cool.”  What the hell?  I have no words. Actually I have no air. Breathe, Kate, breathe.  “Katie, I don’t want to go back to Seattle without you. Can I come over tonight?” He wants to see me! What are you, twelve? Contain yourself, Kavanagh.

” You don’t even have to ask, Elliot. Get your butt over hear before I combust.” Sultry and sexy is now completely beyond me.  My inner fan girl just kicked her heels up and is doing a can can.  At least he’s laughing.

“I’ll be right there. Shall I pick up something for dinner?” Only if you can find something you can eat off my naked body.

“Sure. See you soon?”

“Laters, baby.” I hang up and rush around the room trying to tidy up. I wonder briefly he will stay over but then wave that one away since he was meant to be back in Seattle hours ago. But now he is coming here, to me. This is it. I feel like I am getting in so deep. For a start, I can’t believe that he has mentioned or even joked about the words ‘wife’ and ‘love’ in the past 24 hours. This is not the love-em-and-leave-em Elliot Grey that I have read about in the social pages.

Half an hour later his truck pulls up outside my apartment but he doesn’t get out. I see him talking on his car phone from my bedroom window. He looks warily at the apartment and I think he has seen me but then he turns his face away. The conversation looks pretty heated and I feel like I am intruding even though I can’t hear a thing. Then he puts his hands on the steering wheel and leans his forehead against them. I wonder what has happened, it looks like bad news or a fight and after watching a while longer I can’t hold back. Grabbing a cardigan I throw it around my shoulders and head out to the truck. I tap on the passenger window and climb in.

“Hey,” I put my hand on his shoulder and I can see the weight visibly lift from him. The need to comfort him kicks in and I want more than ever to be the one who can be there for him. I don’t even know what has him upset. Once more it scares me how much I want to be near him.

“Hey, yourself.” He leans over and gives me a quick kiss, placing his hand behind my head to pull me in. His hand strokes my hair and I am drawn by the intensity of his eyes. The disturbing sensation of sinking into an abyss follows and it takes every ounce of effort to shake it off.

“You look like you have the problems of the world on your shoulders, babe. You wanna talk about it?” I can see that he wants to but something is holding him back. I don’t think it is trust, it looks more like fear. Are you afraid of me or your secrets? It hurts to think that he might have them but then the Grey men are known to be social enigmas to say the least. I have friends who have encountered Elliot on the social scene and lusted after him. If only they could see me now. Shit, he’s probably slept with two thirds of my senior class. Fuck. With a resolve I don’t really feel I try tell myself the past is in the past. It’s not like I have a choice.

He’s wrestling with demons, I can tell but I’m not sure that I want to know any more than that. He strokes my face. “Let’s go inside. Maybe you can help me solve them or forget them.”

“You can count on me, babe.” I smile but my heart sinks.

We enter my apartment, carrying the bags of food that he has picked up on the way over. I lift my bag up to my face and inhale.

“Smells divine. Can’t wait to see if you buy takeout as well as you cook breakfast.” I grin at him. He laughs and moves past me. His mood change has me doing a double take. We drop the bags on the kitchen counter and he begins opening a bottle of red wine. Since he called this afternoon, I have prepared by setting the table with plates and glasses with a candle lit in the center. Slow, sultry jazz is playing on the small Bose sound system; some old Chet Baker. He smiles and hums along.

When he looks up his eyes sweep up and down my body, taking in what I am wearing. It’s a slip of a dress, only just enough to cover my bottom and fitted close enough to show off my cleavage. My hair is piled up on top of my head and my face is fresh with a light make up.

“You look delicious, Miss K.” This from the man who is pure sex. He puts down the bottle and walks over to me, lifting me immediately on to the kitchen bench. His hands rub up my body and I grip his strong arms. Bending to kiss me, his lips touch mine and I slip my tongue into his mouth.  He tastes of mint and testosterone. Oh, I want this man, now. He slides his hands up underneath my dress and gasps when he discovers I’m wearing a tiny g string. Quickly, he turns me over so I am perched on my stomach and I squeal with my legs dangling in my high heel pumps.

“Elliot, what are you doing?” I giggle.

“This,” he says, as he flips up the skirt of my dress to examine my lack of appropriate underwear. “Did you forget your panties, Katie?” I gasp as he rubs my backside.

I’m panting. “What do you mean? I have underwear on.”

His hands stroke down the length of the string to where a little scrap of material is trying desperately to cover my sex.

“I hope you didn’t pay a lot of money for these. You’ve been ripped off.” He says bending down to lick the my bottom cheeks. I am all molten sex now as my folds start to drip on his fingers. “How can you expect to soak up all this wetness if you don’t wear the appropriate covering?” His tongue slips down to lick between my legs and he pushes his fingers into me. We both moan.

“They seemed totally appropriate this evening when I put them on.” I pant. “When did you last get your eyes tested Mr Grey. What are you? 30 years old? A man of your advanced age may need bifocals.”

“29 and I have 20/20 vision, Miss Kavanagh, although playing with you might make me go blind.” He pulls his fingers out of me and sucks my juices off before lifting me back down to the ground and tidying up my skirt. I reach for him but he moves quickly to the kitchen to wash his hands and deal with the food.

“What? You’re going to leave me hanging?” I pout with frustration.

“Oh, baby, you are just going to have to wait for your dessert. It is very naughty of you to distract me like that. You know I have a sweet tooth.” He winks at me as he dishes out the Lamb Korma and roti.

“I didn’t know that, Mr Grey, but I will take that on advisement. No sweets for you.” Grinning I take my place at the table as he brings the plates over and pours me a glass of wine.

We eat, savoring the exotic curry flavors. He is beautiful to watch as he takes in every aroma before placing the food in his mouth. His tongue darts in and out to lick sauce off his lips and I am mesmerized thinking about what he was doing with his tongue not so long ago. He is so fucking sexy. He reaches over with his thumb and wipes a piece of rice from the corner of my mouth and I can’t help myself. Grabbing his hand, I take his thumb into my mouth and suck hard. Yes, I want you, Elliot Grey and if you don’t take me soon I think I will explode. Just to put the final nail in his libidinous coffin, I lean back in my seat and casually cross my legs, Sharon Stone style, giving him a view of my soaking crotch.  He shifts in his seat then reaches underneath the table and adjusts his jeans. I giggle placing my hand on his thigh. Gotya.

“Have you had enough Mr Grey?” I whisper. My excitement is mirrored in his eyes.

Deliberately he picks up another mouthful of bread and I have to look down laughing at his tease. Then, just as deliberately, I stand up. He pushes back his chair as if to clear the table but I move over to straddle his lap before he can rise. Placing my hands on his face I lick the corners of his mouth.

“Mmmmm…you taste good.” I gasp, grinding against him. His erection is hard against the seam of his jeans and it rubs deliciously against my tender spot. “Are you ready for dessert?” I whisper.

Our eyes lock then he tips his head up to smile. “Do your darnedest, Katie.”

Oh, you are on Grey. I undo his jeans and tug hard. He lifts so I can slide his pants down. Without any hesitation I go down on my knees in front of him and with his cock in my hand I lick around the crown. It tastes amazing and his head goes back as he takes in a deep breath. Then he looks down at me, placing his hand in my hair. I take him deep into my throat, sheathing my teeth and pulling down the hard length. I can feel him struggling to hold back so I go again making him a little harder.

Control almost lost, he suddenly lifts me up off the floor and slides my pitiful excuse for panties off. I put my hands on his shoulder reveling in their strength and balance as I step out of my undergarments without taking my heels off. He makes me feel so sexy. Moving smoothly I straddle him again, taking his length in my hand as I poise over it for a moment before sinking down onto him. I am hot and slick and the sensation is incredible. He lets out a little hiss.

“Jesus, Kate. You feel amazing.” I give a little gasp, looking into his eyes. “No condom?”

I pause for a moment, keeping my eyes focused on his. “I trust you, Elliot.” His eyes widen and then he smiles. Then holding his gaze I start to move, slowly rising up and sinking back down. He grinds up to meet me and our rhythm starts to build. He pulls the top of my dress down so that my breasts are bared and he tongues my hard sensitive nipples. I keep up the rhythm driving us both to the brink. His hands reach down and gently stroke the hard nub of my clitoris sending me into immediate spasms around him. It is enough to tip him over and he pumps me full. Our bodies are both coated in a slick sheen of sweat as we come back down to earth.

I kiss him gently and I can feel everything in that kiss that he doesn’t say. It is not a kiss of passion but a kiss of pure adoration.   I had no idea that I knew the difference. This man is turning my life around.

After a while I unsheathe myself from him and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I emerge he has tidied the kitchen and refilled our glasses. He hands me a drink and leads me over to the couch. I immediately curl up against him, nuzzling into his shoulder as he places his arm around me. Nothing in my life has felt so right and so good.  I am so screwed.

We sit quietly together listening to the music and he looks around at our packing boxes stacked against the wall. He frowns.

“When are you moving?” he asks.

I look up at him. “Saturday. I have an apartment and a job lined up in Seattle. But you know that.” I frown slightly. What is the matter?

“I want to help you move. My sister Mia is arriving in from Paris on Saturday but Christian can pick her up. If you want me I can be available all morning.”

“You don’t have to do that Elliot.”

“I want to.” His reply is firm. There will be no argument here and quite frankly, I’ve been so damned busy with school that I haven’t actually arranged any movers.  I figured we would be borrowing Jose’s truck and towing a trailer load of our crap down to Seattle unassisted.

“Do you have house moving specialist on your resume, Mr Grey?” Sitting up, I look at him with a grin.  Hell, he could move me with that smile.

“Oh, Miss K. I am pretty sure I’m the man for the job.” His reply is cheeky and teasing.

“What special skills do you bring to this role, Mr Grey?” I pretend to peer over non-existent glasses,  assuming my sexy client role. He flexes his considerable biceps at me and raises an eyebrow. I giggle and lean over to touch his arm. Shit, he’s packing lead in them guns.

“Mr G, what big muscles you have!” The huskiness of my voice betraying how much his body is affecting me.  Yes, that would be the patented Kate Kavanagh, fuck-me voice.  Sister Brigid of the Sensible Shoes is holding up a sign that says, ‘HUSSY!’

“And I have a truck. A nice… big…truck.” My eyes widen with every word. Okay, salivating here. Sooo not attractive.

“I know you do.” I’ll take your innuendo and raise you a suggestive retort. I’m sure I’m heating up and the pure sex in his eyes is enough to make me squirm.  Worse than that, the scent of sex is hanging in the air and I know it is all me.  Then he brings out the big money.

“And I am handy with… power tools.” Oh, fuck me with the cold end of a raw cucumber, I’m about to come on the couch! He leans in to me and I throw myself back in my seat laughing sarcastically in a pathetic effort to lessen his effect.  His hand is over his heart. “Way to bruise a man’s ego, Katie.”

“Oh, don’t you pout at me, Macho man. Your sexy mind games won’t work on me.” And with that, I can’t help myself. I am immediately up in his arms and kissing him ardently.

“I want to fuck you in your bed. Nice and slow. So up you get, Katie.” He smacks me hard on the rump and I leap off him.  Not the most romantic proposal I’ve ever had.

“Ow.” I rub my butt with what I hope is a petulant look but secretly thinking that was hot. Then I flick my skirt up showing him my naked behind and run off down the hall way. He is up out of his seat fast and chasing me hard. The look on his face says that he had forgotten my shameless lack of panties. When he gets to the bedroom I am already standing on top of my bed looking down at him with a big smile. My heart stops for a moment. This beautiful man has fallen into my life and I almost can’t believe that it is real. Then he stalks me slowly as I back across the bed a little. Suddenly he launches at me and tackles me on to my back. We tumble together laughing and then kiss tenderly.

“Katie, I’m sorry, I have to say it.” He looks at me intently and I am holding my breath. “I love you.”

“I believe you.” I whisper, gazing at his soft blue eyes and I know that I love him, too but I still can’t say it. Instead I nuzzle into his neck.

And soon we are making wild, noisy love. Thank goodness Ana isn’t here.

Author Question:  Is Kate being naive by trusting Elliot on the condom issue?  What advice would you give her?

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FanFiction Reviews

devangel6 1/2/13 . chapter 11

looks like Elliot managed to very successfully distract Kate from any thoughts about Ana

Talillicious 10/16/12 . chapter 11

I’m really loving this story!

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  1. telcontari71 says:

    Like the new edits. In terms of advice… Always trust but verify. If you are active, get tested regularly. If are about to enter a long-term relationship, still be careful and request a check. Do one yourself as well just to reassure your partner.


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