IE Ch 1: Smoke and Mirrors





You’re a fraud and you know it

But it’s too good to throw it all away

Anyone would do the same

You’ve got ’em going

And you’re careful not to show it

Sometimes you even fool yourself a bit it’s like magic

But it’s always been a smoke and mirrors game

Anyone would do the same

Smoke and Mirrors – Gotye

Writer Gotye 2011

Kate’s World

In my world you learn not to trust too easily. The smoke, the mirrors — they are all an illusion – a darkness, a deception, a misdirection – in which it is all too easy to you lose your true sense of self. If you know enough of the right people, are seen in the right places, can spin the right spin, then it is easy to blur the lines between right and wrong. However, if you are aware of the games being played, then deception is often easy to recognize in others. The false platitudes, the disingenuous smiles, the fake flattery. It is a truism – the more beautiful the people, the uglier their lies. Look – can you see? A moment of hesitation, followed by a backhanded compliment loaded with envy, and a touch of lust lurking just beneath the surface.

This is the world I was born into. I attended the right schools, lived in the right neighborhoods, knew the right people. It was all about networks. Whose version of ‘right’? Well — theirs? Yours? Ours? Who knows?

Mine is a media family. My father and grandfather built empires in global media, doing their time at the news desk before ascending the throne to rule their fiefdoms. I always knew I wanted to end up here. Partly because I have a nose for a good story and partly because I have a deep desire to hold the mirror up to the world. I know the secrets, I smell their crap, I know where to dig.

To the world I am just another one of the beautiful people. Connected, well-educated, well-spoken. My looks open doors, even more than trading on my father’s name. I am not afraid to use either.

So when an enigma like Christian Grey walks through this world, I feel the need to crack his code. We are similar, he and I. Too attractive for the rest of the world to leave alone. Too aware of how they perceive that beauty to trust others. Keeping a distance, keeping secrets. He comes from a family of beautiful people; his mother – a doctor, his father – a lawyer, his brother and sister talented, successful and beautiful like him. They flit through our world of shadows and light, assuming a mantle of philanthropy but I know there are secrets and lies underneath. There always are.

My feet straddle the border between two worlds. One I was born into and one where I breathe. That second world is a simpler one, where caring and hard work count. Where good friends can be relied upon. Where the secrets are harder to keep. My good friend, my best friend Ana, lives in this other world. Refreshingly welcome in my life, she doesn’t lie, she doesn’t pretend, she doesn’t watch with envy waiting for me to fall. There’s no competition because she lacks guile. She simply doesn’t see that she could command in that other world. For her, it as a space I inhabit, apart from her, and she seems to like it that way. Friends like Ana are hard to find. I cherish that friendship as I would a sister.

So it is with a sense of foreboding that I sent her stumbling into his world on my behalf. I had no choice. It was the interview of a lifetime and I was too sick to lift my head off the pillow. Ana was my back up plan. I deliberately told her nothing about him, reasoning that the less she knew the safer she would be. In and out. Get the story and never set foot there again. How wrong could I be?


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FanFic Reviews

Guest 8/13/13 . chapter 1

Great start.
LoveMyMan2 8/12/13 . chapter 1

Love it so far!
anoname 7/3/13 . chapter 1

Very interesting! I’ve only read the first chapter of Book 1, but I can’t wait to see what happens.
Carmelroads 3/16/13 . chapter 1

Ok so idk what has taken me so long to read your stories. I am one of about 10 people who actually liked Kate in the books. Can’t wait to see where you take this.
ohcara 11/25/12 . chapter 1

Because of this, I’ve learned to love Kate! Thanks to you! I love you!
fmiles 11/4/12 . chapter 1

I have read your story and it’s a fresh breath of air. I was looking for a story outside the normal pair and I’m glad I found yours, tho I see you took some liberties with some characters background.. I don’t mind that. I anyways really good story, good writing and I’m waiting for more chapters

Thanks for sharing

Fefe3 10/26/12 . chapter 1

I can tell this will be a great story from the first chapter. I love how you’ve chosen to go with the POV of Kate variety is the spice of life.

15 thoughts on “IE Ch 1: Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Monique Lain says:

    Awesome!!! You’ve got what it takes babe!


  2. Veronica says:

    Wow! I am so glad I listened to Mobabe’s suggestion and checked out your story! Its really good and i’ve only read the first chapter.


    • Sasha J Cameron says:

      Thanks Veronica, I hope you enjoy the rest, too.


      • Veronica says:

        Your story only got better and I love the song quotes you use! I’m now all caught up and dying to know where this is going. Lol.


        • Sasha J Cameron says:

          Thanks again. I have more chapters to put up but I need to work for a living. The first book is complete and I am trying to get more fleshed out on the second one before I start posting but it is on its way!


  3. Sarah says:

    Love the story from Kate’s POV. I’ve added you to my favorite FSOG blogger’s list, so keep up the excellent writing!


  4. Lizzy Lyon says:

    Hi there, I’ve been following your blog for a little while now at the suggestion of Mobabe. I’m finally getting around to your story. I usually only read stories about Bella/Edward or Ana/Christian. So, I was sort of passing on the whole Elliott/Kate thing. I noticed in some of your recent posts that Ana/Christian seem to be a decent part of this story…so here I am. Hoping that my new iPad will let me post here. I used to be on the iPad 1 before Christmas and I couldn’t leave reviews on many sites.


    • Hi Lizzy, welcome to Kate and Elliot’s world. I hope that you enjoy their story. It is a lot more intense and dramatic than I ever imagined it would be. Seems a shame that Ana and Christian were so caught up in their own story and missed all of this. Hope you stick around and I value your feedback. Don’t you love the newer Ipad. I upgraded just before Xmas too.


  5. thegreysfan01 says:

    Wowee I love your writing. Sentence structure is fantastic and all of it is just wow!!!!


  6. LLama Girl says:

    Hey – a great beginning – I will follow on – I never disliked Kate, and will be glad to get to know her further.


  7. KCat says:

    Wow! Why is it only now that I’ve gotten an introduction to your marvelous writing?!? Well structured and smooth are your lines as I read through them. I’ll probably be stalking your page now and read through and await for more. Thanks to Bronzy I’ve found your story.


  8. I am so happy that you have found me. Please take, your time, enjoy yourself. Can I get you some wine?


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