Making Mia Ch 21: Blood on the Dance Floor

My apologies for taking so long to update this story.  Hope you enjoy it.

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“Oh. My. God. Will you look at that long tall drink of water.” Margot was staring out at the dance floor with her tongue hanging down to her knees and her nipples perked up like homing beacons. I wondered what the hell had her creaming her non-existent knickers when I turned and got a glimpse of the drink of water in question. Ethan was facing us while he did the bump and grind with a brunette hottie. I don’t know how he got back into the club without me noticing but sneaking around was the least of his worries right now. The bimbo with her hands on his ass had just hit the top of my shit list.

His eyes met mine, a warning not to move. This had better be fucking work-related or the bitch was going down. One of my hands was grazing the concealed dagger under my dress while the other gripped the hand gun in my purse. Then her hand wandered between his legs and I was off my seat before a coherent thought could land in my head.

“Hey, baby, you gonna join us?”

Making Mia Chapter 19: Unchain My Heart

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One of the newcomers stands very still. There is so much tension in his body that he frightens me. I can feel the anger radiating off him in waves. His whole stance is making the other two look like rank amateurs. The other, my trainer’s assistant, crosses the floor and talks to my trainer. I can’t hear them and I can’t see them but I know that there is a meeting of minds going on. The other man holds all of my focus and I feel my pussy fairly flood with anticipation. God, I wish Ethan was here. I also wish that the angry man would step out of the shadows and into the light so I can see his eyes. I hear a door open and close behind me and the two other men are gone.

Making Mia Ch 18 Dazed and Confused

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“Get your tail down, Silver. There won’t be any bulldozing.” She turns to Elliot. “Honey, if I know my girl she’ll be eating sorrow by the spoonful. Sam and I are gonna have to go in there and rattle her cage a little. Try and get her back in the same room as the rest of us. But before we go over there, when was the last time you ate, darling?”

Yep, she’s gone bona fide Texan on our asses. She tries, fruitlessly, to shovel food into Elliot who still looks like he’s lost his best friend. Shell-shocked would be an accurate description and I hope like hell I never find myself in his shoes. Just the thought of it has me longing for Mia and I start to finger my phone, trying to get another text to her. It’s been less than a week but I don’t think I can stand another night without her.

Mia: Ch 17: Mama Who Bore Me

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The crop slides down my tethered arms, tracing a feathery line from elbow to armpit and down over the swell of my breast, eliciting an involuntary shiver. My masked face drops backward sightlessly gazing at the suspension hook. The leather sensation has me sucking in my breath, a bead of sweat forming between my breasts. I imagine my tormentor is him and the moisture of longing pools between my thighs. God, I want this.

“You betray yourself, Mia.” Her voice, a harsh reminder that the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

Making Mia Ch 16 Lay Your World On Me

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WTF! Kate arrives back at the apartment on Sunday night and I know I am looking at the shell where my once vivacious partner-in-crime had been. She looks like crap. No, she is actually making crap look attractive.

The shell shuffles straight past me with TJ in tow as she heads to her room. TJ looks like a spare prick at a wedding when she shuts the door in his face, leavi

ng him standing in the hall with her bag in his hand.

“What the fuck happened?” He jumps at the sound of my voice in the enclosed space and if I’m not mistaken, he may have just squealed like a pig. Looking around he can see that he has to get past me to get out of the apartment and he looks scared shitless.

Evaluating Elena: From the Beginning – A Prequel

How did Elena and Grace end up as friends? This is a prequel to Investing Elliot and Making Mia. It backgrounds the very complex relationships between Elena, Carrick and Grace. Although my stories adhere as closely as possible to the FSOG Canon timeline there is an AU quality that deals with the secrets, betrayals and motivations of the characters that impact on Ana and Christian.

When he was sure that Carrick could not move Linc took his time moving back towards a cowering and tearful Lena. She kept her head bowed, not daring to look him in the eye. It did her no good. He backhanded her once more, the momentum throwing her into the corner of the door. In an out of body moment Carrick thought that she would have a black eye in the morning. Lena cried out in pain, her hand grasping the side of her face but this served to anger Linc further. He reached down and withdrew the belt from his pants, doubling it over in his hand before instructing her to turn around and hold the door frame.

Carrick impotently struggled against his bindings hoping for a moment that she would run, lock the door and wait for Linc to come down off his drug induced high but she didn’t. Her hands reached above her head and held the frame. She spread her feet and stood steady on the floor with her head down. He watched in horror as Linc drew his hand back and unleashed hell across her back, stripping the skin with each lashing. Was it 8? 12? 16? He couldn’t be sure. What he did know was that Lena did not utter a sound or move a muscle until it was over.