Fifty Shades of Blackheart


A new story evolving from the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  The Honorable Anastasia Steele seeks a favor of the great naval hero, Capt. Christian Grey on behalf of her friend and employer, Lady Katherine Kavanagh. He is required to assist in the rescue of Kate’s brother, Lord Ethan Kavanagh, Earl of Ravensthwaite, from his French prison before the Earldom reverts to the crown. Neither of them bank on falling in love and this will only complicate the very dangerous and secret life that Christian leads. Definitely AU – set Regency London. 6 chapters posted so far.

“So you are aware that Lady Katherine has requested a favor?” Ana held his gaze as best she could. There was little that she didn’t know about the predicament in which her friend currently found herself. She was also patently aware that Captain Christian Grey, although from a fine family, was in fact a bastard son and presumed to act like one. Young ladies, engaged in matrimonial pursuits from season to season, were mystified at the seldom seen Captain, often romanticising his existence beyond belief. Ana tried not to listen too closely but they had cast him as variously a master swordsman, a government spy and a cutthroat pirate king. Sitting here opposite the man, Ana could see why he aroused such speculation and she made a mental note that they had omitted ‘mythological god’ from their lists.

“Captain Grey, I have full knowledge of the request that Lady Katherine has made. It is her fervent wish that you should present yourself and your…friend…to her at your parents’ masque two days hence. Once you have formally introduced her then she will no longer be in need of your services.”

“And what makes her so confident that I can fulfill this request?” He crossed his thick arms across his body as he watched her with a considering gaze. He was beautiful in his stillness but like the calm waters of a tidal sea, Ana sensed that there were hidden and menacing undercurrents. To her horror, she found that rather than be afraid, as she should, she found him deeply attractive. This said very little about her taste in men.

Blackheart: Chapter 1