Mia Chapter 8: It Will Rain

Chapter 8: It Will Rain …. Read More Here

Finally I arrive back home after the longest two weeks of my life. SeaTac is heaving with people but I easily spot Elliot through the crowd. As I make my way towards him I spy her across the far side of the airport. Risk-taking yet again but it is so good to see her. Blonde hair suits her, although she looks a little too much like her mother for comfort. She smiles over the top of her magazine before skipping out of the terminal. Elliot hasn’t noticed, luckily. Every bone in my body wants to run towards her right now and I rack my brain trying to think of a way to ditch Elliot and get to the safe house.

Of course, Elliot coming anywhere near SeaTac is a risk in itself. As far as anyone knows, except for my parents and some their closest friends, Elliot and Kate are still in Barbados. Since the threat of the blackmailer became known to them they have been hatching plans to try to gather enough information to identify who it is. So now my major problem is keeping them out of the way of a major CIA operation. In an effort to keep them safe I have trailed them back to Seattle a couple of days earlier than I planned. My supervisor wants to make sure that they don’t do anything stupid and since Mia is not meant to know they are here in Seattle, the job has fallen to me. Mia kept an eye on them at the Coping Together event and she has filed a report that reads something like the Keystone Cops. Damn amateurs.

Mia Chapter 4: Fall for You

Chapter 4 Fall for You ….Read More Here

“And this is my brother, Ethan Kavanagh,” I still have my arm around Ana and by the look on his face I don’t think I will just hand back his new shiny toy. For a start Ana is a nice girl and she deserves better than to be some contractual obligation. I smile at him and he smiles back in that way that says ‘let the pissing contest begin’. En garde, Grey.

“Ana, baby.” And that is enough for Ana to go into submissive mode. Her body language and stance changes completely. Her demeanor is replaced by this kind of subservient compliance. Wow, I have seen this in criminal and combat relationships but never in a romantic relationship. It is quite something. I’d love to see more but then Kate drags me away.

“What the fuck was that?” Maybe Kate can tell me more.

“You just met Christian Grey, the dominant.” I laugh but I know that is exactly what I have seen. Somehow I need to get someone inside Escala. Ana might need protection.