Don’t Take It Too Seriously

I am not going to go back on how much I love the FSoG series and how much I enjoy writing my little stories.  However, this blog got a like from rebecca2000 recently and I had to satisfy my curiosity (let’s face it,  I am not overwhelmed with followers) and check her out.  Most of her blog is amusing, irreverent and nothing to do with FSoG.  She has, however reviewed the series and it is worth a read (I still have tears running down my ears – note to self: must not read lying in bed).

She added in a link to JasonWrites

He, too, is quite funny although didn’t quite pull liquid from my eyes in the same way (dude, just don’t get it).

Do yourselves a favor – go read, laugh and then return to loving what you do.


Sasha xox