Introducing Ms Ani Surnois – 30 Nights of Snow

Ani is about to become the newest published author to emerge from the fanfic world with her original work and she thoroughly deserves it.  She is currently beavering away to meet her writing deadline but this story is already great by anyone’s standards and her talent is extraordinary.  Watch out for her. I really believe that she is going to be something big. Here is a sample of her delightful prose:

I have no thoughts.  No words.  My only goal at this moment is to draw in some breath.  But the effort alone makes my nerves creak like rusty cables.  The tangy air incinerates my lungs as the officer’s words did with my brain.  Then, suddenly, the image of my parents’ funeral pops in my mind.  I stand abruptly to my feet, desperate for motion, for anything that will delay reality just a little longer.  I take my binders, feeling an irresistible compulsion to burn them.  Hot tears gather in my eyes but it feels like giving this building the privilege of a tear is too generous.  I open the door and run down the hall in Reagan’s sensible pumps, through the security line and the men in uniforms and into the moist May morning with its signature Portland sprinkle.

Please do yourselves a favor and check out her work.

Remember you heard it here first.