Not Quite Dirty -Reblog or Coblog

The beautiful Becca from Lady or Not…Here I Come  posted a conversation that we had earlier today on her blog.  I am not sure if this is amazingly creative or the height of blogging laziness.

If it is the latter I wanted to go one better and reblog her blog of our blog conversation on her blog post. So here it is….

Not Quite Dirty.

She called me her muse.  I like this; the Beatrice to her Dante, the Marie-Therese to her Picasso, the Yoko to her John. I hope that I haven’t been one of the 10 Most Scandalous Muses in Art History [NSFW] – Flavorwire.

Thalia Muse of Comedy

I like to think that I have been, in this instance, her Thalia, muse of comedy – cos Becca is shit truckloads of funny. (She doesn’t use bad language)

Anktd (pronounced ‘Cat’)-y Art

– All Vaginas Are Unique

All vaginas unique

The whole conversation came about due to Becca’s love of making up words. This is a constant search for any writer but for erotic writers (which Becca isn’t but I think she should be) in particular.  After all how many ways can one say ‘throbbing member’? Well according to my research there are lots of ways.

Some websites which might assist to enhance your writing vocabulary.

50 Great Names for Vagina.

25 Republican-Approved Ways to Say ‘Vagina’ Without Offending Political Pussies.

The Incredibly Rude Logophile: Day 4 of Alternative Words for Penis.

Victorian slang – sexual slang.

Talking Not Quite Dirty Together

Becca and I are now considering a collaboration.  I think it could be a raging success.  I imagine that if we combined our extraordinary bloggasmic skills, we could  create a new erotic genre.   Nigella Lawson, the Goddess of Food Porn could become our Thalia.


Reblog Thursday on Tuesday

Pretty Please.

I only reblog the best people for the week and usually I would reblog on Thursday but this is special and quite frankly I am behind in my writing so it fills a gap.

So I want you to a) read this awesome blog post by my friend Becca and b) vote for Lady or Not at Circle of Moms (and then vote again).  She deserves it; she is a great hypothetical mother, a more betterer blogger than me, a real writer (comes complete with pants and a bra – comes naked as well I have heard) and she has great tits.  Mine might be better but I would never tell her that because she would take away my Beccanet.

Virtual boobs

Thanks for answering the call.  Sasha xox


Don’t Take It Too Seriously

I am not going to go back on how much I love the FSoG series and how much I enjoy writing my little stories.  However, this blog got a like from rebecca2000 recently and I had to satisfy my curiosity (let’s face it,  I am not overwhelmed with followers) and check her out.  Most of her blog is amusing, irreverent and nothing to do with FSoG.  She has, however reviewed the series and it is worth a read (I still have tears running down my ears – note to self: must not read lying in bed).

She added in a link to JasonWrites

He, too, is quite funny although didn’t quite pull liquid from my eyes in the same way (dude, just don’t get it).

Do yourselves a favor – go read, laugh and then return to loving what you do.


Sasha xox