Fifty Shades of Fame – New Story

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Christian Grey and Ana Steele are stuck in a rut. Beautiful, talented and wildly driven they have strong ambitions but they’re going to need each other to get what they want. However, their plans rest on their uncooperative and often self-destructive siblings. And a lot of people would be happy for them not to succeed.

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“You asshole. You’re meant to be on my side. She said she was paid to be there for the photos. And you know I don’t do coke. Pot, pills occasionally and booze but never anything hard.”

Christian sighed. “Look, Elliot, I am on your side but since you never seem to know what is in the weed or the pills don’t you think that ‘hard’ is a relative term?” It was like dealing with a five year old. All talent and no responsibility. “Why do you take it, anyway? You haven’t written anything decent in months.”

“Thanks, dude. So ‘You’re My Everything’ is crap, huh?” Even Elliot couldn’t keep that line of reasoning up. Yes, the song had shot to number one on the back of the previous three hits from the first album that Awaken had released. It was also being sung all over the world by teeny boppers who couldn’t be more than eleven years old and it was not a patch on the music that Elliot used to write in college. They both knew it. He swallowed. “Fuck, I hate that shit.”

“So why do you do it?” They’d had this discussion before and got nowhere. The reason was Jack. The reason was the shit sold. The reason was that selling his soul for fame and fortune had eventually sucked the life out of him. The booze, the drugs and the whores that posed as fans were anesthesia against success. And success was killing him, one number one hit at a time.

Mia Chapter 4: Fall for You

Chapter 4 Fall for You ….Read More Here

“And this is my brother, Ethan Kavanagh,” I still have my arm around Ana and by the look on his face I don’t think I will just hand back his new shiny toy. For a start Ana is a nice girl and she deserves better than to be some contractual obligation. I smile at him and he smiles back in that way that says ‘let the pissing contest begin’. En garde, Grey.

“Ana, baby.” And that is enough for Ana to go into submissive mode. Her body language and stance changes completely. Her demeanor is replaced by this kind of subservient compliance. Wow, I have seen this in criminal and combat relationships but never in a romantic relationship. It is quite something. I’d love to see more but then Kate drags me away.

“What the fuck was that?” Maybe Kate can tell me more.

“You just met Christian Grey, the dominant.” I laugh but I know that is exactly what I have seen. Somehow I need to get someone inside Escala. Ana might need protection.


Chapter 16: Leave A Scar

Chapter 16: Leave A Scar ….Read here

“I guess, Kate, we owe you an explanation.” James says this as a way of starting and I feel very awkward. I want to know, have wanted to know for days but this idea that I have a right to know anything doesn’t sit well. For the first time in my life, privacy has become important. For the first time I am starting to appreciate the subtleties of privacy versus secrecy. Elliot is responsible of giving me these lessons in ethics and I wonder how I will reconcile this when I start my job on Monday.

“James, you don’t owe me anything but if you will allow me to understand I would appreciate your candor.” He smiles.