Capítulo 4 –Soy Sexy y lo sé-

Thank you once more to the lovely Jen for her ongoing translations of Investing Elliot.


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Take it away Ricky!

Going Grey – The final chapter

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It is the end of an era.  The three books of Kate and Elliot’s love story are now complete.  Please enjoy!

Great minds come in all forms but we are often limited by the constraints of how we believe society perceives us. It is no secret that I cut my own education short to seek out broader horizons. While I have no regrets about that decision for myself, I will always be concerned at the message it might send out to others, including my own children. Working hard and continuing to learn and develop your mind, body and soul are important endeavors, not to be wasted. That is why I continue to fund the extraordinary body of research that emerges from Washington State University. That is why I stand here before you today and urge you to listen very carefully to the story I am about to share.

Going Grey Chapter 28 Do You See What I See?

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Tent cities are alive and dancing with flapping laundry but the people are in a seemingly endless shuffle competing with the massive slow moving piles of rubble. We don’t have to stop for much in the way of traffic on our way to the government compound but our progress is certainly slow and steady as we negotiate slow moving foot traffic. We pass what might be loosely called a market square and I see a young woman haggling with a boy. She looks out of place, too well dressed for a local. He can’t be more than 16 but he has a weapon slung over his shoulder as he counts the wad of cash that she has just handed him. A young local girl stands nearby. Something about the woman looks familiar but I can’t place it. Something about the scene looks wrong but we can’t afford to get out and issue challenges. Not today, when we have so much at stake.


Going Grey Ch 27 Running Up That Hill

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“What trip?” Elliot walks into the kitchen where we are standing. His progress is painfully slow but he insists on staying on his feet as much as he can manage when we are at home. He begins lurching from bench to refrigerator in a practiced move as he gets himself a drink and a snack. Mike hovers at the ready but Elliot makes it look easier than I know it is. There have been a couple of times when he has fallen, unable to get up in the middle of the night and we’ve struggled to move him. I know I’m frowning as I consider all the implications of us going right now and weigh them up against what could happen if we don’t. In the end the only person who can make this call is Elliot.

“Honey, Christian thinks we should get to Haiti, now.”

A big shout out to Glory2Bee who was the first person I read on Fanfiction to use the term ‘The Compound’ to reference Christian and Ana’s mansion.

Dedicándose a Elliot – Capítulo 3 – Control total

Capítulo 3 –Control total


Más tarde esa noche, caí en la cuenta de que también tendría que convencer a José. Cuando Ana lo llamó, pude oír en el teléfono su resistencia a aceptar lo que ella le estaba pidiendo. Comenzó con su argumento de soy-un-artista, diciendo que sólo fotografía paisajes y no personas. Curioso; parece que olvida que en sus momentos de víctima-de-amor-no-correspondido, lo he visto tomando fotografías de Ana sin que ella se dé cuenta. Sólo por esa razón, voy a lograr que acepte su parte en el “plan Grey”.
Finalmente, no soporto más la conversación que están teniendo y le quito el teléfono a Ana, cuya mandíbula casi toca el piso. Sí, sí, controladora e impaciente, ese es mi MO. En cuestión de segundos, estoy regañándolo y, al mismo tiempo, amenazándolo con no escribir en el periódico sobre su exhibición fotográfica a menos que nos ayude. Ambos sabemos que podría conseguir que Levi lo haga en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Sin importar los compromisos que tenga, ningún buen fotógrafo se perdería esta oportunidad. No sé si él se da cuenta de que hay algo raro en todo esto, pero no dejo de insistirle porque necesito a José ahí, por el bien de Ana. Ella debe ver a José y a Christian Grey juntos y, dada mi mórbida curiosidad, también yo.

Dedicándose a Elliot

It is so fitting that my first translation should be in Spanish.  I want to thank and introduce to you, Jenn Caruso, my beautiful translator:

My name is Jenn Caruso (aka Ella West). From Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I’m 21 and I’m a law student. There are two essential things in my life: Books and music. They allow me to travel to different worlds through them.

I have an addiction to any story involving romance or supernatural creatures (yes, I’m a hopeless romantic). In my free time, I enjoy writing, but I’ve never been brave enough to publish any of it.

After reading Fifty Shades, I couldn’t help to fall for Christian Grey. And thanks to that book, I discovered the wonderful world of fanfiction, which has became my latest obsession.  I’m very excited to have the opportunity of translate this amazing story and I hope the rest can enjoy this story as much as I do.


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