Mia Chapter 6: I Can’t Stand the Rain

Chapter 6: I Can’t Stand the Rain…Read More Here

By late afternoon I am climbing the walls of my bedroom. I go downstairs and let Mom know that I am going for a run.

“Is anything wrong, Ethan?” Mom is cutting an apple at the sink and snacking on it. I visualize taking that knife and throwing it through a wall. Or better yet, watching Mia do it. Aarghh!

“No, I’m fine. Just a bit restless, for some reason.”

“Does this have anything to do with a girl?” Don’t start Mom. Please. I don’t answer, just give her a look that says discussion over. She laughs and turns back to the sink. “Dinner is at 7.”

Mia Chapter 1 If you can’t stand the heat

Mia Chapter 1 If you can’t stand the heat ….read here

Who is that?” One of the other girl’s asks as a brown haired youth, bronze skin and long, lean body, somersaults into the pool. She recognizes the type, trying to show off and grab someone’s attention. Lord knows, enough of her brothers’ friends have tried.

Ethan Kavanagh. He’s a freshman at WSU.” A collective gasp sounds around her as he emerges from the water, flicking his hair off his face. Then he looks directly at her and smiles and she can’t bring herself to look away.

Chapter 12 Wanted

Chapter 12 Wanted Read Here

I am on my third time through my little speech when I notice a movement to my left a little further up the track. Standing there staring at me is a goat. I look around a bit to see where it might have come from but there are no animals around here. Then I notice that it has a collar on and is dragging a rusty metal chain behind it. The chain is about 15 feet long and doesn’t appear to be attached to anything at the other end. It seems that this particular goat might have been chained in back of one of the local properties, probably to keep the grass around the house down while the owners are in off season and the house empty. Now that I think of it there is a structure that looks like a dog kennel further back at the base of this track so it might even be Christian’s goat.


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Chapter 8 Naughty Girl

Chapter 8 Naughty Girl … Read more here

Chapter 7 Lego House and One Shot Challenge

Chapter 7 Lego House….Read More

“Anabel, if you would like to contact me I would be happy for you to run a story on the house but I think you should talk with Elliot about his design. He is the one who can talk about it with some authority. Gia, I suggest that you give me back the key you have to my house. I can’t stop the business relationship you have with Elliot, nor do I want to, but if you try to come here unannounced ever again I will call the police and have you arrested for trespassing. And if you try to maintain any relationship with Elliot beyond a professional one I will destroy both your professional and private reputation. Do you understand me?”



Shower One Shot …Read Here

“Well, it isn’t often that I get such a delicious looking tradesman in my home. I figured since my husband isn’t here that perhaps there are some other things around the house that you might want to, um… ‘fix’.” He shows no reaction to my words apart from the swelling that I can feel under my fingers. Let the role play begin.

“I see. Mam, I’m a married man.  I don’t mess around.”  His now very erect cock is at face height and I can’t resist giving it a quick lick but I question the logistics of giving him a blow job while he is standing half way up a ladder.

“Well, I have nine inches in my hand that would say otherwise. Safety first, big boy.” Helping to take off the shorts, I take them and the screwdriver out of his hand and toss them outside the shower. By the time I step back in he has descended the steps. He draws me into his arms, pressing himself up against me.

Chapter 6 Trust Me Is Here

Chapter 6 Trust Me….Read More Here


My girlfriend is Felicity Fucking Ferret. FML! The irony of the situation is not lost on me and for some inexplicable reason it just seems so incredibly funny. I know I should be angry, I’m fairly sure that I should be storming out of here but I look at that sorry little look on her face and I burst out laughing.