Going Grey – The final chapter

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It is the end of an era.  The three books of Kate and Elliot’s love story are now complete.  Please enjoy!

Great minds come in all forms but we are often limited by the constraints of how we believe society perceives us. It is no secret that I cut my own education short to seek out broader horizons. While I have no regrets about that decision for myself, I will always be concerned at the message it might send out to others, including my own children. Working hard and continuing to learn and develop your mind, body and soul are important endeavors, not to be wasted. That is why I continue to fund the extraordinary body of research that emerges from Washington State University. That is why I stand here before you today and urge you to listen very carefully to the story I am about to share.

Going Grey Chapter 28 Do You See What I See?

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Tent cities are alive and dancing with flapping laundry but the people are in a seemingly endless shuffle competing with the massive slow moving piles of rubble. We don’t have to stop for much in the way of traffic on our way to the government compound but our progress is certainly slow and steady as we negotiate slow moving foot traffic. We pass what might be loosely called a market square and I see a young woman haggling with a boy. She looks out of place, too well dressed for a local. He can’t be more than 16 but he has a weapon slung over his shoulder as he counts the wad of cash that she has just handed him. A young local girl stands nearby. Something about the woman looks familiar but I can’t place it. Something about the scene looks wrong but we can’t afford to get out and issue challenges. Not today, when we have so much at stake.


Going Grey Ch 27 Running Up That Hill

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“What trip?” Elliot walks into the kitchen where we are standing. His progress is painfully slow but he insists on staying on his feet as much as he can manage when we are at home. He begins lurching from bench to refrigerator in a practiced move as he gets himself a drink and a snack. Mike hovers at the ready but Elliot makes it look easier than I know it is. There have been a couple of times when he has fallen, unable to get up in the middle of the night and we’ve struggled to move him. I know I’m frowning as I consider all the implications of us going right now and weigh them up against what could happen if we don’t. In the end the only person who can make this call is Elliot.

“Honey, Christian thinks we should get to Haiti, now.”

A big shout out to Glory2Bee who was the first person I read on Fanfiction to use the term ‘The Compound’ to reference Christian and Ana’s mansion.

Going Grey Chapter 26 Radioactive

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“Hey dork, how’s it hanging?” I scowl at him. “What no pithy comeback? You’re losing your edge, Lelliot.”

“Fuck off, Chris.” He’s right. The bromance is gone and taken my witty banter with it.

“Don’t be a prick. I come baring news and I need to see you put your game face on.” I don’t know if he gets it but unless he is going to give me news on a miracle pain cure and a ten day plan to get my weak as piss legs back, then I actually couldn’t give a fuck.

“Say it and then get the fuck out. My dance classes are about to start.” I wheel myself over to the free weights as a signal to him that the visit is over. Prick doesn’t take a hint. He stalks over behind me and grabs the wheelchair handles spinning me around to face him.

“You’re an ass, Elliot. Don’t make me kick you.” He glares at me. Instead of taking the warning I push back away from him and turn around again reaching for a 60lb dumb bell, wanting for the world to turn around and throw it at his head. “Linc’s been released.”


Going Grey Ch 25 All the Way

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“It’s okay, baby, I’ve got you.” My hand circles his back trying to give him some comfort and he leans into me. His breathing is labored for a moment and the water I hand him seems to help bring things under control. He takes a long drink before lying back on the bed.

“The doctor is on his way.” A second nurse puts her head in the door. The other nurse returns to her monitors and charts while Father Kelly slips out of the room, I hope to let the others know that things are okay.

“I ruined your dress.” His hand reaches down and strokes the wet, yellow stain that is setting on the satin fabric. He looks worried but I could care less. However, it’s not my nature to let him get off so easily.

“That’s gonna be a bitch to get out. Mom’s gonna kill you even if you are laid up in a hospital bed.”

“Nah, Julie loves me.” He grunts a little as he uses his arms to reposition himself.

GG Ch 24 Leavin’s Not The Only Way to Go

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When Kate said ‘yes’ to my proposal I couldn’t help myself. I insisted that we get a marriage license within a week of getting back to Seattle. It was my insurance policy against her falling back down that big black hole of depression again and the day of the massive meltdown, I very nearly dragged her off to the registrar’s office and probably would have if Mia hadn’t been abducted by Jack Hyde. When that happened all thoughts of a rushed wedding were pushed aside and I entrusted the licence to Christian for safekeeping. Now as I look around at all of these expectant faces I am starting to regret that decision. I should have just burned the damn thing.