Meet Dave – A Man Who Reads FSOG and really shouldn’t: it is bad for my health

John Tucker Must Die (soundtrack)

John Tucker Must Die (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dave’s Blog – A Man Reads Fifty Shades of Grey

At first I was put off by the title.  After proving definitively through at least two hours of extensive research that Dudes do not in fact get it (FSOG), I was a little hesitant to engage with another ill-informed MM (mere male) commentary.  This has challenged me in so many ways most of which have to do with sneaky pee leakage as a result of excessive laughter.  Dave has taken the time to read (albeit slowly) each and every chapter so as to better provide us with a thorough analysis of the text.  He is insightful and witty which is a shame really because I didn’t want to like this.  My one major complaint, besides the smell of my furniture is that I may have broken my computer when I rolled off the chair and on to the floor.  When my stomach stops hurting I will start reading again from Chapter 5.  Yes that is as far I could get before hemorrhaging.  Pay your health insurance up to date and then go and have a look.

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