Chapter 9 We Can Work It Out

Chapter 9 We Can Work It Out … Read Here

“You know she was always so good to me when we were growing up. She was Auntie Elena back then. I always wanted to be like her; her style, her chic, her cool. And the way that men would look at her. Even my brothers. Of course, I didn’t know that she was…” She wipes a tear from her eye. Then her voice turns cold and harsh. “I hate her so much for what she did. And I won’t let her near this wedding.”


Chapter 8 Naughty Girl

Chapter 8 Naughty Girl … Read more here

Chapter 6 Trust Me Is Here

Chapter 6 Trust Me….Read More Here


My girlfriend is Felicity Fucking Ferret. FML! The irony of the situation is not lost on me and for some inexplicable reason it just seems so incredibly funny. I know I should be angry, I’m fairly sure that I should be storming out of here but I look at that sorry little look on her face and I burst out laughing.

Chapter 5: I’m Not Giving You Up

Chapter 5: I’m Not Giving You Up…Read More Here

Screaming in the silence the promises we’ve spoken
Come back to haunt me, false and broken
Quiet desperation to see we’re lost forever
Searching for water in the desert

No, I refuse to have to do
Without your kisses
I’m not giving you up, no, no

We’ll find a way to be together
However long it takes, wherever
If it means having you for only a moment
A moment just might be enough
I’m not giving you up, no