Making Mia Ch 18 Dazed and Confused

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“Get your tail down, Silver. There won’t be any bulldozing.” She turns to Elliot. “Honey, if I know my girl she’ll be eating sorrow by the spoonful. Sam and I are gonna have to go in there and rattle her cage a little. Try and get her back in the same room as the rest of us. But before we go over there, when was the last time you ate, darling?”

Yep, she’s gone bona fide Texan on our asses. She tries, fruitlessly, to shovel food into Elliot who still looks like he’s lost his best friend. Shell-shocked would be an accurate description and I hope like hell I never find myself in his shoes. Just the thought of it has me longing for Mia and I start to finger my phone, trying to get another text to her. It’s been less than a week but I don’t think I can stand another night without her.

Mia Chapter 10: Hell of a Season

Mia Chapter 10: Hell of a Season … Read More Here

“Are you going to tell me what has you pissed?” I turn around to face her, splashing water out on the floor.

She pouts. “You spent all night in the company of a beautiful hot woman, buying her drinks and all I could do was sit and watch you. You didn’t even notice I was there.”

“Mia, I was doing my job. And that hot woman is my sister’s best friend and your brother’s girlfriend. She is like a sister to me. I wasn’t about to leave her alone when your brother had just abandoned her on the street to go look after his freaky ex-sub.” I catch the look in her eye and see that I have gone too far.

“Christian did what he had to do. And I bet he didn’t abandon her. Taylor was with her, wasn’t he?”

We stare at each other angrily for a moment before I speak. “Yes, Taylor was with her but Christian should have called the police. He isn’t qualified to handle Leila’s mental state nor should he have confronted a woman with a gun.”

“Are you going to tell me that if someone was holding a gun on me that you wouldn’t try to do something about it?”