Mia Chapter 8: It Will Rain

Chapter 8: It Will Rain …. Read More Here

Finally I arrive back home after the longest two weeks of my life. SeaTac is heaving with people but I easily spot Elliot through the crowd. As I make my way towards him I spy her across the far side of the airport. Risk-taking yet again but it is so good to see her. Blonde hair suits her, although she looks a little too much like her mother for comfort. She smiles over the top of her magazine before skipping out of the terminal. Elliot hasn’t noticed, luckily. Every bone in my body wants to run towards her right now and I rack my brain trying to think of a way to ditch Elliot and get to the safe house.

Of course, Elliot coming anywhere near SeaTac is a risk in itself. As far as anyone knows, except for my parents and some their closest friends, Elliot and Kate are still in Barbados. Since the threat of the blackmailer became known to them they have been hatching plans to try to gather enough information to identify who it is. So now my major problem is keeping them out of the way of a major CIA operation. In an effort to keep them safe I have trailed them back to Seattle a couple of days earlier than I planned. My supervisor wants to make sure that they don’t do anything stupid and since Mia is not meant to know they are here in Seattle, the job has fallen to me. Mia kept an eye on them at the Coping Together event and she has filed a report that reads something like the Keystone Cops. Damn amateurs.

Chapter 9 We Can Work It Out

Chapter 9 We Can Work It Out … Read Here

“You know she was always so good to me when we were growing up. She was Auntie Elena back then. I always wanted to be like her; her style, her chic, her cool. And the way that men would look at her. Even my brothers. Of course, I didn’t know that she was…” She wipes a tear from her eye. Then her voice turns cold and harsh. “I hate her so much for what she did. And I won’t let her near this wedding.”


Chapter 8 Naughty Girl

Chapter 8 Naughty Girl … Read more here

Chapter 7 Lego House and One Shot Challenge

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“Anabel, if you would like to contact me I would be happy for you to run a story on the house but I think you should talk with Elliot about his design. He is the one who can talk about it with some authority. Gia, I suggest that you give me back the key you have to my house. I can’t stop the business relationship you have with Elliot, nor do I want to, but if you try to come here unannounced ever again I will call the police and have you arrested for trespassing. And if you try to maintain any relationship with Elliot beyond a professional one I will destroy both your professional and private reputation. Do you understand me?”



Shower One Shot …Read Here

“Well, it isn’t often that I get such a delicious looking tradesman in my home. I figured since my husband isn’t here that perhaps there are some other things around the house that you might want to, um… ‘fix’.” He shows no reaction to my words apart from the swelling that I can feel under my fingers. Let the role play begin.

“I see. Mam, I’m a married man.  I don’t mess around.”  His now very erect cock is at face height and I can’t resist giving it a quick lick but I question the logistics of giving him a blow job while he is standing half way up a ladder.

“Well, I have nine inches in my hand that would say otherwise. Safety first, big boy.” Helping to take off the shorts, I take them and the screwdriver out of his hand and toss them outside the shower. By the time I step back in he has descended the steps. He draws me into his arms, pressing himself up against me.

Chapter 5: I’m Not Giving You Up

Chapter 5: I’m Not Giving You Up…Read More Here

Screaming in the silence the promises we’ve spoken
Come back to haunt me, false and broken
Quiet desperation to see we’re lost forever
Searching for water in the desert

No, I refuse to have to do
Without your kisses
I’m not giving you up, no, no

We’ll find a way to be together
However long it takes, wherever
If it means having you for only a moment
A moment just might be enough
I’m not giving you up, no

Launching Book 3: Going Grey

Going Grey – Book 3 of Kate and Elliot’s story is here and I am launching it with two chapters.

Going Grey

Chapter 1: In The Shadows

Seattle, you seem to be preoccupied with all things Grey so La Ferret has been snooping about to satisfy the Grey-sessed.


Chapter 2: Mouth


“8-7.” Maneuvering myself back into serving position I immediately launch an impossible lob that Christian has no chance of getting to. Taking a moment to retie my shoelace I am aware of him stalking toward me. I look up at his intimidating stance over me. Deliberately taking my time I rise up and face off with him. At first it looks like he isn’t going to say anything. Then his voice, cold and menacing spits out.

“What the fuck was that?” He expects me to cower. Not this time, not any more.

“A point to me, fuckwit.” I chest bump him pushing him backwards across the court. More shock filters through his glare than I have ever seen and I mentally give myself a high five. Expecting him to move into position so I can take another point off him I am surprised when he is still standing directly in front of me as I prepare to serve. It only takes a moment for the look on his face to piss me off completely. It is Christian and his piss poor timing and fucked up history that has had me covering or bailing out his ass almost every day for the past 12 years. I pull back my racket and serve a volley straight into his balls taking him to his knees with a grunt.