My Massive Week

Well biggish at least.

First of all Slug Boy got a place in his chosen course for next year (a cause for much celebration seeing he has not got off our couch in the last year).  He will be doing Live Theater Production which will translate into us supporting him for the rest of his life until he finds a career that actually pays for his lifestyle but we are taking this one step at a time. This first step gets him out the front door.

Monday – kicked some big goals at work.  Always good to do as the year heads towards a close.  Very satisfying.  Of course, it was all subversive and subjective meaning that some idiot from higher up will come along and tell us that we have it all wrong but until that happens we will ride on a little euphoric ‘didn’t we do well’ high. This is one of those projects where someone in authority is throwing stupid money on something that we don’t know if we either want or need but we feel obliged to play the game BECAUSE there is money attached to it.  I could come up with a thousand ways they could spend the money that are better than this but when one is low on the academic food chain there is a realization that all you are likely to get is your butt chomped unless you learn how to swim really fast (or hide).  Hint No 1 that they are spending too much money on this: called to a planning meeting where there are three academics and sixteen ‘professional’ (assorted computer nerds and marketing) staff.  Methinks there was just a little bit of overkill. Continue reading