Award Bloggasm

Back in February I got nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Speaking Out On Nate 

I was so excited at the time.  A nomination? Me?  My little blog had at that stage only been going for three months and this felt like Christmas all over again.  In anticipation of the award ceremony I went out and bought a new frock.  Very sexy, very hot, very inspiring.  And then I waited…and waited…and waited.  I figured after a couple of weeks that I hadn’t won.

Then the other day Nate posted about Blogging Awards and how they work.  That if you are nominated you have won.  I didn’t know.  All this time I could have had this beautiful badge floating around my blog. I could have taken a photo of myself in the frock accepting the badge. Or at least pressing enter on my computer.

So I asked him, what is the statute of limitations on award acceptances?  There was an insane conversation about having a cactus thrust upon one’s person and before it got too kinky I made a decision that I would accept this award if for no other reason than I am an eternal show off who needs public affirmation and I have a couple of people who I would just love to give a shout out.

Here are the rules of the award:

1.) Display the award logo on your blog.

2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.

3.) State 7 things about yourself.

4.) Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.

5.) Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back. This is the one rule I don’t follow.  Too much of a pain in the butt notifying people via comment. 

Nate said that last bit. I have tried to link.  I’m not sure how successful I have been cos some things about technology and bloggasming still elude me and I am too old and lazy to learn how to do it properly.

Cover Your Eyes 7 More Things Nobody Needs to Know About Me (A Nate Title if ever I heard one)

  1. I’m a jazz baby.  I am a nut for the American Songbook and I love vocalese and vocal groups. So much so that I own every recording that the Manhattan Transfer have ever recorded.  I get chills when I listen to Count Basie.  My Dad once toured with Duke Ellington.  I have shaken Buddy Rich‘s hand, had a drink with Richie Cole, seen Dizzy Gillespie perform live and been in an audience singalong with Sarah Vaughan performing at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York.  These are some of the highlights of  my life.
  2. My music collection exceeds 300Gb. Almost every genre is represented and almost all of it has been legitimately purchased.  No one could possibly listen to that much music you say? Try me.
  3. My kids and I are complete movie nuts – so much so that we often talk in quotes, confusing everyone around us.  Monty Pythonisms are often used to end  arguments (is this the full half hour or the five minute argument?).
  4. I suffer with crippling self-doubt about everything I do.  It is the reason why I constantly have an exit strategy, why I haven’t sung professionally in 12 years, or danced even longer.  It is the reason why I haven’t written the type of book that I really want to write yet and why I think about pulling the plug on this blog and my fanfic at least half a dozen times per week.
  5. TMI. I didn’t experience a vaginal orgasm until after I read FSoG.  I need no other excuse for loving the books so much and creating a blog in their honor.  (Given the content of No.4 I am wondering why I have told you this and will most likely delete it before going to press.)
  6. I get addicted to shit really fast and thoroughly.  I get addicted to the worlds around books, to video games, to technologies, to tv series, music and movies.  My current addiction is the FSoG FanFic group and everything associated with my fanfic world.  It is so bad that I have to remove myself from the internet to get work done.  I have been known to forget my children whilst in the midst of an addictive phase.  They haven’t eaten for six weeks.
  7. My family is not allowed to read my blog but I am pretty sure that my folks are secretly chuffed that I am finally working towards the book that I have always wanted to write. Which is why my Dad sends me strange FSoG related material and that just freaks me out.  STOP READING MY BLOG, DAD! PERVERT!

The bloggers I nominate are:

  1. Lashell Collins
  2. jklly12
  3. 30 Nights Of Snow
  4. Squirrelly Writer
  5. Lady or Not…Here I Come
  6. crazinessiscontagious
  7. TwiFanfictionRecs
  8. Fifty Shades of Grey – the story continues
  9. fifty shades of grey and more
  10. Snarky Snatch
  11. Love Lust and Laptops
  12. Author C.A.White
  13.  Poetic Passions
  14. Go Jules Go
  15. skinsavant

There are others that I would like to nominate and if I ever get nominated again I will certainly make sure these people are recognized.  However, this very eclectic list are the bloggers who paid me  popped into my head  are holding my children hostage  best represent the ideas, humor and talent that I find inspirational and so I share this award with them.

Now go forth and stalk them!

Not Quite Dirty -Reblog or Coblog

The beautiful Becca from Lady or Not…Here I Come  posted a conversation that we had earlier today on her blog.  I am not sure if this is amazingly creative or the height of blogging laziness.

If it is the latter I wanted to go one better and reblog her blog of our blog conversation on her blog post. So here it is….

Not Quite Dirty.

She called me her muse.  I like this; the Beatrice to her Dante, the Marie-Therese to her Picasso, the Yoko to her John. I hope that I haven’t been one of the 10 Most Scandalous Muses in Art History [NSFW] – Flavorwire.

Thalia Muse of Comedy

I like to think that I have been, in this instance, her Thalia, muse of comedy – cos Becca is shit truckloads of funny. (She doesn’t use bad language)

Anktd (pronounced ‘Cat’)-y Art

– All Vaginas Are Unique

All vaginas unique

The whole conversation came about due to Becca’s love of making up words. This is a constant search for any writer but for erotic writers (which Becca isn’t but I think she should be) in particular.  After all how many ways can one say ‘throbbing member’? Well according to my research there are lots of ways.

Some websites which might assist to enhance your writing vocabulary.

50 Great Names for Vagina.

25 Republican-Approved Ways to Say ‘Vagina’ Without Offending Political Pussies.

The Incredibly Rude Logophile: Day 4 of Alternative Words for Penis.

Victorian slang – sexual slang.

Talking Not Quite Dirty Together

Becca and I are now considering a collaboration.  I think it could be a raging success.  I imagine that if we combined our extraordinary bloggasmic skills, we could  create a new erotic genre.   Nigella Lawson, the Goddess of Food Porn could become our Thalia.


My Bucket List – A Blogasmic Challenge



Please allow me to introduce you to Dana.  She is an incredibly brave young woman who took a leap of faith in 2011 and decided to follow her dream to become a professional writer.  When I grow up I want to be just like her.

This is Dana’s book.

The list is a combination of the unique steps that have formed my career and bolstered my creativity, and the things I haven’t yet had a chance to try. The book offers some conventional and some unconventional steps on the path through a writer’s life, why they matter, and advice for getting started.

Dana asked anyone who wanted to be involved to join her in writing their own bucket list.  There are two days to go in this blog challenge and I have been procrastinating.  So that goes up on my bucket list first – STOP PROCRASTINATING AND JUST DO IT!

What am I going to cross off my Bucket List in 2013?

I’d like to say I will leap out of a plane and write about it but quite frankly that is never going to happen due to my unreasonable fear of heights and small planes.  So this is what I will do….

1. Be A Whore – Make A Splash

As an academic in social sciences and humanities, I would be lucky if my work is read by more than a dozen people and most of those are down my corridor and read it because they had to (I may have been holding them down and force feeding them M & Ms at the time).  When I published my thesis as a book I sold three copies – two because I made the university library purchase them and the other my dad bought.  He’s still trying to get the money out of me.  My bosses bang on about impact factors but the truth is even if you make it to an A-star journal you might be lucky to get cited half a dozen times.

As Sasha Cameron, dynamic and vaguely interesting perpetrator of fan fiction, curator of fiftiness for the greysessed and blogasm artiste extraordinaire – impact factor has taken on a whole new dimension.  I’ve only been at this blogging thing since November 2012.  I created Sasha in October so that she could play in the fan fic world.  Since then she/I have just broken the 21K view barrier on the blog and reached the 60K mark on, so I am claiming that as a pretty big splash.  Look at what I have to compare it to.  Of course, I am not sure if it is a smart career move to put tags like ‘do my tits look big in this?’ on my next academic article.

2. Social Media – Work The F*#k Out of It

As an academic I spend thousands of dollars of my own money each year plugging my work at conferences where maybe ten people are in the room during my session and two of those give me their details with a promise to call.  They never do.  I feel so used.

In her short existence, Sasha has gained 90+ blog followers, 110 facebook friends, about the same number of goodread friends, 93 pinterest followers and over 600 twitter followers.  She belongs to Linked In, several readers groups, a number of facebook groups.  She is a social media whore and loving it!  Her mother would not approve.

Social media is the darndest thing.  There are a lot of warnings and disclaimers that go with it but since Sasha started showing me how it is done I can see why people want to live their lives out loud and on line. My bucket list aim is to take some of what I have learned in the blogosphere as Sasha and apply it to my academic career. And of course, nurture all that hard work that Sasha has put into whoring herself about the blogosphere.

3. Finish Shit

Part of being a  successful  mediocre writer/artist/social media whore is having the product or service to put out    sell  offer the world.  Up until now I have been stalling, in both my academic work as well as that long held desire to be a writer that I kept trotting out at dinner parties – “yes, one day I hope to write my own [insert genre here] book”.

As I read the other day on Kristen Lamb’s blog – perfectionists don’t win, finishers do.  So I am going to finish shit.  All over the place.  Great big dumps of completed crap wherever I can.  Then I will worry about how to shape it into some semblance perfect.  If EL James that artist bloke can get millions of dollars and a movie deal thousands of dollars for writing FSoG to create his shit art installation then I can at least get one original fiction book published by the end of the year.  Right?


There are at least a dozen people who are rolling their eyes right now because they know me well.  I’m hoping they can see their way to picking up their pom poms and cheering me on instead.


This leap into fan fiction/blogging has been the most wonderful experience of all.  Without it I would not have believed that I could actually do any of this.  So I will nurture the muse and my new writing/reading friendships above all in 2013.

A few of you stop by from time to time and tell me your thoughts.  But I am going to ask you all – just this once – if you are reading this blog post, if you have had a nice blogasm with me, please, take a moment to tell me about yourself. I promise not to be that chick who virtually stalks you and  leaves text messages on your phone that say ‘let’s get together sometime’.

Love and good times,

Sasha xox