Making Mia Chapter 7: Last Kiss

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Two nights before they had been alone in the boathouse; her lying in his arms as they kissed and touched. They never went beyond that, no matter how much she begged and for the first time she began to wonder if he had ever intended to sleep with her. She had believed him when he had whispered his love in the darkness of the wee small hours before they drifted off to sleep. But for a year they had not told anyone, not even their closest friends, that they were dating because the risks always seemed too great. The only people who knew were a select bunch of fellow students that they hung around with on campus and the agency who had eyes and ears everywhere. So now she had no one to tell and she didn’t know how to go about missing him when so few people knew he existed for her.

Chapter 9 We Can Work It Out

Chapter 9 We Can Work It Out … Read Here

“You know she was always so good to me when we were growing up. She was Auntie Elena back then. I always wanted to be like her; her style, her chic, her cool. And the way that men would look at her. Even my brothers. Of course, I didn’t know that she was…” She wipes a tear from her eye. Then her voice turns cold and harsh. “I hate her so much for what she did. And I won’t let her near this wedding.”