Blackheart: Chapter 7 – the one with a standoffish spouse

Christian sat at his desk studying the papers before him. The candle flickered, breaking his concentration and not for the first time tonight, his thoughts went to his wife. Her cool demeanor was a mask. He knew this for certain because he had perfected his own over the years. She was protecting herself, against what, he was not sure. All he knew was that the feisty and passionate woman who had confronted him on his ship and challenged his alter ego on the dance floor, had suddenly retreated into this empty husk, who had barely walked through the past few days leading up to their wedding.Her reserve had warned him to be patient but her latent tears had ripped at his heart. Within those pathetic murmurs he heard all of the passion she had been denying and he had very nearly gone to her. Instead, he had stilled his hand upon the handle, rested his forehead against the door and simply listened to all of her pain, wishing for the first time since he had approached her father, that he had done things differently. All of the decisions he had made were for their collective good. At the time he had been certain of his motives, but in being so convinced of what he thought was right, he had removed her choice in the matter. So he had stopped himself from going to her tonight, choosing not to force himself on her, as many husbands did to their wives. Instead, he hoped that, as unworthy as he was to be a husband, he could love her enough for the both of them, and in time, she might learn to love him in return.The clock chimed two and Taylor entered the room.”We're ready, Sir.”Christian nodded, locked the papers in his drawer, donned hat and cloak and followed his man through to the library.

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Not Quite Wednesday Review because I am slack!

The Sea of TranquilityThe Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of those books that gets to you on so many levels and leaves you just a little bit breathless by the end. Millay is funny, let’s get that out there right away. The one liners are priceless and she has you simply loving the characters from the outset. She is also a seriously good writer.

The love story happens on many levels and grows slowly but steadily over the course of the book. Yes, you want Josh and Nastya/Sunshine to be together and to heal each other but as we learn more about their damaged lives it gets more difficult to see that happening without something drastic intervening. But then there are all these wonderful side characters that you also fall in love with, including the ones you expect to hate. This isn’t trite and happily ever after stuff, it is real; a genuine understanding of what makes us all a little bit flawed.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. I will read it again, but I might need a few months to arrive at that point.

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