The 50 Most Romantic Movies Ever Made

In light of our movie lists, this one is a work of art. There are many that I am adding to my ‘to watch’ list. It sadly lacks the delights of Bronte or Austen interpretations, for me, but there are many gems, nonetheless. What’s missing here for you?

Word of the Week – Giraffiti

Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.


Gerald had ditched the cans of spray paint over the fence before he entered the gallery. It never occurred to him that his pitiful attempt at a Banksie-styled meerkat painted 25 feet high on the wall with the tag, GG would be a dead giveaway.

TGIF: Word of the Week – Innoculatte


To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.


Flash Fiction – Sebastian and Caroline

My Sketch

The tears slipped from my eyes. His body had been altered by time and circumstance. The boy I had loved had become a perfectly formed man that my body craved. Almost too perfect except for the tell tale scars of combat and the ominous shadow of his tags. Resisting him was futile but I wondered how I would ever survive when he would eventually and inevitably be deployed.

Flash Fiction – The Confidence of Woman

Part of her allure was in the clothes that she wore so confidently.  The sheer lingerie that revealed all of her deliciousness and sensuality was enough to make his heart race.  Part of it was in the attitude of her body as she posed for his viewing pleasure, her smooth skin seducing him to sample and taste.  He was deeply enamored with the ample curves that tempted him to lie prostrate as she wrapped her thighs around his waist or his face. Those would have been enough for him to worship at her alter.  But what really rocked his world,what shook him to the core, was that secret smile and the sparkle seated in her sexy, soulful eyes that told him she was all his.

I love the artistry of Samarel Sensual Portraits.  Please check his website.


Flash Fiction: The Dancer


I knew that should move. I was supposed to, in some way, mirror his stance as we had been instructed by our teacher. But in that moment, in that light, I was completely hypnotized by the fluidity of his form and my body refused to respond in a way that would not reveal my intense attraction.


This photo does not belong to me. If you know the owner of this image please let me know. I would like to acknowledge the original creator and the model.