50 Shades of A Stranger

Awesome post. Includes interview with Christna Lauren – Beautiful Bastard. Fabulous Michelle, love your work.

Going Grey – Ch 17: You’re the Best Thing

Going Grey Ch 17: You’re the Best Thing…Read More Here

“Kate! God, it is good to see you.” I am wondering where the serious and circumspect Mia is from last night. Perhaps the meds are kicking in. Then she whispers,”They’re in the study. Hey Lelliot!” She leans in and gives him a big hug then when she pulls out with her back still to Ana she gives us a wink. So we are expected to play along with…?

I laugh. “You look a lot more with it today, Mia.” Her big grin doesn’t quite make it to her eyes. This is such an act and I wonder if there is something I am missing. “Hey Ethan.”

“Hi guys.” Ethan seems pretty tight-lipped and he is hovering around Ana and Mia like a mother hen. Guess the protectiveness doesn’t just apply to the Grey men.

“So what have we missed?” This earns him a WTF glare from Mia, Ethan and I. He shrugs and Ana seems oblivious as she passes a plate to Mia to put on the table. “Where’s Christian and the ‘rents?”

“Oh, they’ve sequestered themselves into Christian’s war room. Seems everyone is in the mood to carry out secret men’s business today.” She can’t quite filter the bitterness out of her voice as she glares at Ethan. Shit! Given the mood he was in last night I just hope that he hasn’t tried to confront Jack Hyde. He’ll be completely out of his depth if he does. Jack is pure evil. The only thing stopping me asking which way Ethan would like me to kick his butt is the thought that he wouldn’t have been able to get past the police guard on Jack’s room.

Book Review: Lover Unbound J.R.Ward

Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

V’s story was well….hot? Yeah! You expected that. Given V’s sexual proclivities you had to expect that he and Jane were gonna rock the sheets. Funny? …Hell, yeah! No one does pithy turn of phrase like JR Ward and V has the most righteously sarcastic and eat-shit-or-die phraseology of all the brothers. Gripping? …. absolutely! This is the dude with 300 years of off-the-scale fate and destiny crap that glows as bright as the megawatt voltage channeling through his cursed hand. Talk about shitty parenting – his life makes Z’s years as a sex slave look like a walk in the park. But if you are working your way through the brotherhood series and you get tempted to miss any, then don’t miss this one. This is the book of a thousand reveals and loose ends reconnected. There is so much going on in this one that my head is spinning enough that I think I might just be feeling what V has gone through for so long as the brother with all the visions.

Ward is amazing, off-the-charts incredible. There must be some scary shit going on in her brain, that is all I can say. I have a read a few of the reviews that didn’t like this book and I absolutely get where they are coming from. There are potential inconsistencies in the ‘world’ that Ward creates. The romantic connection isn’t quite as visceral as previous books which makes it odd given V’s relationship with sex. On the other hand, what does happen is the understanding that Jane and V connect on a cerebral level. All the way through Ward has told us how smart V is – he’s the intellectual and the technogeek of the group. Like Z, he also has lived this completely secret life in terms of his sexuality and perhaps more could have been made of the homoerotic connection that has been developing between V and Butch but the one thing that Jane gives him is a clinical and biological acceptance of what he has seen as his dirty little secret.

Phraseology Samples:

“V did his best to marshal some hi-how’re-ya onto his puss, in hopes of camoing the oh-fuck-me that was there.”

“Then I suggest you hold your breath. Won’t affect me in the slightest, but at least the suffocation will help pass the time for you.”

“Right now you’re throwing off an aura like your ass is plugged into the wall. So I strongly encourage you to drop the I-am-an-island bullshit and get your sorry excuse for a personality into Rhev’s office before we have a situation. Dig?”

“You didn’t ask questions of the Scribe Virgin. Not unless you wanted to add being used as floor wax to your resume.”

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Mia Chapter 13 Trust in Me

Mia Chapter 13 Trust in Me … Read More Here

“Come here.” I walk into his arms and soak up his warmth. His hands are in my hair as he yanks my head back and crashes his mouth into mine. God, I need this. I need to feel every ounce of his strength bring me back to life. I need his love to be rough and hard and fast. Instantly I jump and wrap my legs around his waist, his hands going to my ass to support me. Our tongues thrash together as he walks us back into the room and over to the bed.

Throwing me back onto the mattress his body follows quickly pressing down onto me. “I want to make you feel everything tonight. I want you to trust me. To trust that I know what you need. Can you do that Mia? Can you let yourself go for me completely? Will you let me give you what you need?”

His voice is a constant whisper between wet languid kisses, into my ear, on my forehead, my cheek, my jaw, my neck. All the while his hands are feathering traces of sensation down my face as if calming a small frisky puppy. His erection is pressing into my stomach and I wriggle to move so that it presses my core but he pulls me back.

“No, no, no. Don’t take control baby. Don’t make this harder on yourself. Let me love you. Let me hold you. Let me do this for you.”

Mia: Chapter 12 I Bruise Easily

Chapter 12 I Bruise Easily …. Read More Here

“No!” Mia and I simultaneously shout without thinking and Rory lets out a low chuckle as he straightens up without taking his eyes off Mia. Well, don’t that beat all. The prick was just baiting us. He walks around the table and stands right in front of me. His next words are for both of us but he is directing them at my face.

“Thought not. Whatever is going on between you two, has the potential to make this work… or to destroy this investigation. So you better make your fucking minds up which one it is cos we are running out of time. Now, would you ladies like some alone time so you can work out which one of you gets to wear the dress?”

Flash Fiction – Sebastian and Caroline

My Sketch

The tears slipped from my eyes. His body had been altered by time and circumstance. The boy I had loved had become a perfectly formed man that my body craved. Almost too perfect except for the tell tale scars of combat and the ominous shadow of his tags. Resisting him was futile but I wondered how I would ever survive when he would eventually and inevitably be deployed.

Flash Fiction – The Confidence of Woman

Part of her allure was in the clothes that she wore so confidently.  The sheer lingerie that revealed all of her deliciousness and sensuality was enough to make his heart race.  Part of it was in the attitude of her body as she posed for his viewing pleasure, her smooth skin seducing him to sample and taste.  He was deeply enamored with the ample curves that tempted him to lie prostrate as she wrapped her thighs around his waist or his face. Those would have been enough for him to worship at her alter.  But what really rocked his world,what shook him to the core, was that secret smile and the sparkle seated in her sexy, soulful eyes that told him she was all his.

I love the artistry of Samarel Sensual Portraits.  Please check his website.