Here’s the Trailer for That Drumline Sequel You’ve Been Waiting For Since 2002

Drumline was one of my favourite movies. That was until the senior division of my daughter’s callisthenics club chose it as a performance theme. Which reminds me. I must do a tribute to callisthenics blog. It takes a bit of explanation and a few glasses of wine to give it some clarity. Anywho, I’m not a lover of sequels and I would imagine that this one won’t fail to disappoint.


Twelve long years later, they’re making a sequel to Drumline, and it’s called —what else? — Drumline: A New Beat. After two teasers, we finally have an official full-length trailer.

In the sequel, a Brooklyn girl named Danielle disobeys her parents in order to attend Atlanta A&T and pursue her dream of becoming the first female section leader of the once-great drumline. There will be romance. There will be rivalries. There will be Nick Cannon returning in some sort of mentor capacity. (Sadly, Zoe Saldana was presumably too busy to do the same.)

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