Snippet: A Siren’s Deviance

deviance2She threw her assignment in the trash as she crossed the quad. Seething, she reached into her pocket, pulled out her lighter and headed down to smoker’s alley. Fucking idiot professor. Fucking stupid freshmen who regurgitated his crap and cited his work like the butt-kissing morons they were. Taking out her civics text book from her canvas knapsack she flicked the lighter and set fire to the pages before throwing it over the wooden fence. It was a crap text but it made great fire wood. Turning her body into the relative shelter of the brick wall she reached behind her neck, unhooked the chain releasing the razor blade pendant into her hand and held it for a moment.

An arm reached around her shoulders pulling her back into a firm muscular body while another hand restrained her cutting hand. Pressure was applied until she dropped the blade onto the ground beside her. She would have screamed but his hand slipped up and over her mouth as they both staggered backwards. Her long jacket hung open and he quickly grabbed her breast and squeezed. Her involuntary but useful reaction was to bite down on his hand until he slackened his grip.

“Aargh! Shit!” Fucking neanderthal! She tried to bring her elbow back into his stomach but he slipped sideways turning them both around to face the wall. His hands grasped hers and slammed them onto the hard surface above their heads as he crushed her flat into the brickwork. He ground into her backside with his erection.

“Stop flirting with me Cassie.” He hissed. “You know how it turns me on.”

A small gift of a little something I’ve been working on.  Sirens has been such a feature of the Kate and Elliot story so I am writing some original stories that have the club as a point of interest.

15 thoughts on “Snippet: A Siren’s Deviance

  1. pam mathews says:

    This is fantastic! I would like to read more.


  2. Sue says:

    I like it! Look forward to more x


  3. Maxime Noyes says:

    Wow Sasha! Already very intrigued! Lady, I want to know… Who what why when where… And what’s the temperature because it’s already way hot?!?!!! What why where when who? Oh god, I can’t remember…. But, I know that I want to know! 😉 Happy new year you wonderful talent! Write On! ❤


  4. kallipygos1 says:

    Wow, I really like it !!! and looking forward for more. 🙂
    Now I want to share something else with you: After several years I just saw a rerun of “Pretty Woman” on TV and other than it is still a very cute lovestory, there is a close resemblance in the emotional change of character of Edward Lewis alias Richard Gere with our beloved Christian… You should give it a try…
    Corinna x


  5. telcontari71 says:

    Oh. Love it. Definitely more please. Love reading original writing for you… You should continue with original writing. Any thoughts on continuing Tram 19? That is also a great story.


  6. Oh, I like it! I hope to get to read the whole thing at some point. xx


  7. Chris L says:

    Interesting and hot sample.


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