In 12 years of blogging, the more things change, the more they stay the same

A nice piece that brings blogging back to a central place of importance. I discovered earlier this year, when I allowed Sasha to take a little facebook break, that my blog was not the central space for Sasha’s voice. In fact, everything has been so carefully routed through facebook that Sasha was almost unable to function as she was cut off from her audience. However, that is a merely a technical aspect of blogging and not the personality and raison d’etre for the blog itself. The voice is the key.

My only decision now, is how do I own the persona behind the blog and then ultimately, what limits will I put on Sasha’s productivity so that Dr J remains the puppet master. Or do I sacrifice Dr J so that Sasha can do her thing.

I pay tribute to those established bloggers who have been at this a lot longer than I and who have embraced changes of which I can only dream. They make my journey easier.


Last Friday was the 12th anniversary of day when I posted my first blog post on, and starting what would later (in June 2006) become a company. (Up until Dec. 13, 2001, GigaOM was nothing more than a repository for my previously published articles and résumé.) These have been an interesting dozen years, where we have seen blogging go from a niche curiosity to a mainstream activity to becoming a catch-all phrase for news — casual news, if you are being nit picky. The concept of blogging as we knew it has lost some of its meaning and even a bit of meaningfulness.

When I started blogging, it was to share a point of view — mixing news with musings, with pictures, links, and later videos. It started and ended with that point of view, one that was open to adaption and adjustment, but always informed.

I told the…

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