Going Grey – The final chapter

Read Ch 29 Set Down Your Glass here…

It is the end of an era.  The three books of Kate and Elliot’s love story are now complete.  Please enjoy!

Great minds come in all forms but we are often limited by the constraints of how we believe society perceives us. It is no secret that I cut my own education short to seek out broader horizons. While I have no regrets about that decision for myself, I will always be concerned at the message it might send out to others, including my own children. Working hard and continuing to learn and develop your mind, body and soul are important endeavors, not to be wasted. That is why I continue to fund the extraordinary body of research that emerges from Washington State University. That is why I stand here before you today and urge you to listen very carefully to the story I am about to share.

7 thoughts on “Going Grey – The final chapter

  1. Thegreysfan01 says:

    I enjoyed reading this twice today and I will read it again now. I will miss Kate and Elliot but I look forward to revisiting it again and again. I can’t wait for you to weave your magic in the upcoming Mia and Ethan’s chapter’s. I really can’t wait for more.

    This was an amazing ending to a fantastic story Sasha and you should be extremely proud of the way you have conveyed it. *Applauds loudly* Well done Sasha Cameron just Brava!


  2. asurnois says:

    Oh oh oh, can’t wait to read *claps and bounces like little girl*. I think now that’s it’s done I will start over. 🙂


  3. Maxime Noyes says:

    Sasha… Fearless writer… You are a magnificent and flawless emerald. Because it is not enough to say that you are a gem. You are rare… and however life has manifested itself in the shape of your mind, your clarity… and in the unique way in which you catch the light… you dazzle this humble reader… I am so grateful for the webs you spin… your stories take me away… and just as Cinderella found her magical kingdoms to explore from her own little chair in her own little corner… And I know I’m not alone here… you take us by the hand and introduce us personally to these wonderful characters… You are such a gift!!! Thank you for writing, you precious, precious emerald!


    • Maxime, I am considering having this review tattooed on the back of my hand so I can read your kind words as I write. Some may prefer to shine bright like a diamond but I love the vivid imagery that goes with being an emerald. Green is the color of growth. It would be a very encouraging statement to hold close to my heart when those shadows of self-doubt descend. Bless you for finding me, and finding the time to read and tell me the ways this work is reaching out to you. With intense gratitude, Sasha xxx


  4. Jenn says:

    I already said it on FF but I’ll say it again. Thank you, Sasha, for such a beautiful journey with Elliot and Kate (:


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