Going Grey Chapter 28 Do You See What I See?

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Tent cities are alive and dancing with flapping laundry but the people are in a seemingly endless shuffle competing with the massive slow moving piles of rubble. We don’t have to stop for much in the way of traffic on our way to the government compound but our progress is certainly slow and steady as we negotiate slow moving foot traffic. We pass what might be loosely called a market square and I see a young woman haggling with a boy. She looks out of place, too well dressed for a local. He can’t be more than 16 but he has a weapon slung over his shoulder as he counts the wad of cash that she has just handed him. A young local girl stands nearby. Something about the woman looks familiar but I can’t place it. Something about the scene looks wrong but we can’t afford to get out and issue challenges. Not today, when we have so much at stake.


4 thoughts on “Going Grey Chapter 28 Do You See What I See?

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  2. asurnois says:

    Sashaaaa! I will miss you so much on FB. I just saw on the page that you are gone. Whatever were your reasons, I am going to continue to stalk you here because your stories are awesome and you have been a good friend. In that vein, I feel dumb that i never noticed before that you are trained in martial arts: what types? I’m starting the stories over. xo, Ani


    • Love you Ani. My reasons are my own. It’s time to regroup, work out what matters. I will probably be back but with some boundaries for myself and my sanity. I’m sure a black belt in macrame will keep me safe. Stalk you! Sasha xx


  3. […] Going Grey Chapter 28 Do You See What I See? (sashacameron.com) […]


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