Dedicándose a Elliot

It is so fitting that my first translation should be in Spanish.  I want to thank and introduce to you, Jenn Caruso, my beautiful translator:

My name is Jenn Caruso (aka Ella West). From Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I’m 21 and I’m a law student. There are two essential things in my life: Books and music. They allow me to travel to different worlds through them.

I have an addiction to any story involving romance or supernatural creatures (yes, I’m a hopeless romantic). In my free time, I enjoy writing, but I’ve never been brave enough to publish any of it.

After reading Fifty Shades, I couldn’t help to fall for Christian Grey. And thanks to that book, I discovered the wonderful world of fanfiction, which has became my latest obsession.  I’m very excited to have the opportunity of translate this amazing story and I hope the rest can enjoy this story as much as I do.


Read Dedicándose a Elliot – Capítulo 1 – Humo y Espejos- here


One thought on “Dedicándose a Elliot

  1. telcontari71 says:

    This is such a great story. It’s great that it can now be enjoyed by a whole different set of readers. Thank you to Jenn Caruso for undertaking this task. I also love the new blog design.


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