Going Grey Ch 25 All the Way

Read Chapter 25 here…

“It’s okay, baby, I’ve got you.” My hand circles his back trying to give him some comfort and he leans into me. His breathing is labored for a moment and the water I hand him seems to help bring things under control. He takes a long drink before lying back on the bed.

“The doctor is on his way.” A second nurse puts her head in the door. The other nurse returns to her monitors and charts while Father Kelly slips out of the room, I hope to let the others know that things are okay.

“I ruined your dress.” His hand reaches down and strokes the wet, yellow stain that is setting on the satin fabric. He looks worried but I could care less. However, it’s not my nature to let him get off so easily.

“That’s gonna be a bitch to get out. Mom’s gonna kill you even if you are laid up in a hospital bed.”

“Nah, Julie loves me.” He grunts a little as he uses his arms to reposition himself.

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