Making Mia Ch 16 Lay Your World On Me

Read Mia Chapter 16 here

WTF! Kate arrives back at the apartment on Sunday night and I know I am looking at the shell where my once vivacious partner-in-crime had been. She looks like crap. No, she is actually making crap look attractive.

The shell shuffles straight past me with TJ in tow as she heads to her room. TJ looks like a spare prick at a wedding when she shuts the door in his face, leavi

ng him standing in the hall with her bag in his hand.

“What the fuck happened?” He jumps at the sound of my voice in the enclosed space and if I’m not mistaken, he may have just squealed like a pig. Looking around he can see that he has to get past me to get out of the apartment and he looks scared shitless.

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