Going Grey Ch 23 Don’t Speak

Read Chapter 23 here

“I want to believe that Grace, I really do, but Elliot is decisive. You know, he knew on the day that we met that we were meant to be together. Everything from that moment on was about how to make that happen, even when it seemed that my father was set against it. God, even I fought it but he just knew. So, you see, if Elliot has decided to bow out of our lives in a worst case scenario then he is halfway out the door already.” Oh God, I feel like the worst kind of bitch for even thinking it and the only thing stopping me from biting my own tongue off is the look of complete agreement coming from Christian. And he knows because he would be exactly the same. One day I am going to have to warn Ana about this patently stupid gene that the Grey men seem to carry. As soon as I think of her, she appears at the door of the waiting room.

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