Going Grey Chapter 22: Adagio

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In an instant day turns to night. A blanket of nothingness is thrown over me bringing with it involuntary-bodily-fluid-release-terror. I have no idea how I might have fared on that front because there is nothing apart from the sensation that time is suspended. If I can feel at all, it would best be described as weightless, transported into that other world that Kate threatened me with. God, that seems like a lifetime ago. In those timeless, weightless moments her face angry, beautiful, challenging, laughing, loving flash in halting movie frames behind my eyes. God, I’m gonna miss her.


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3 thoughts on “Going Grey Chapter 22: Adagio

  1. Rose Grey says:

    Wow Sasha! I’ve never heard this song before Adagio! Talk about powerful! I love it!


  2. Franne Demetrician says:

    THANK YOU! Loving the direction of the story. Loving it all.


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