Tag! You’re It!

If you haven’t quite got on to it – and let’s face it, if Australia hadn’t been waiting to watch State of Origin Rugby League tonight, they wouldn’t have got on to it either – Australia has a new Prime Minister.

Just as a bit of background, our Prime Minister for last three years has been a woman.  Of sorts.

She wasn’t voted in, as one would expect in a democratic country like Australia.  No, no, no…Julia popped in there by stealth, with big gnashing teeth and steely knives.

You see Julia and her minions, a.k.a the faceless men, felt that K-Rudd wasn’t quite what he was cracked up to be as a leader.  More he was just cracked.

So Julia, in what would be termed the ‘Night of the Long Knives‘ kicked out our Kev and took the top job.  This auspicious start, followed by a term of incompetence ensured that in the collective consciousness she was perceived as the Red Headed Witch.


Enter Big Ears – the Misogynistic Mamil (Middle Aged Man in Lycra) – aka Tony Abbott.  Tony is the opposition clown  goat  leader *choke*, a man who for the last twelve months has been poised to snatch victory from  jaws of Julia’s defeat.

Tony thinks he’s a bit of stud and likes to get around in his budgie smugglers.

He’s a stunningly smart man with an incredible grasp of his testicles Joe Hockey‘s testicles policy and that genuine all-round appeal to goats women.

Tony has a strong Catholic faith and often cites this in the big issues that require tolerance and inclusivity.

Meanwhile back in the Australian Labour Party Caucus…

…the infighting was getting out of control.  A leadership spill was threatened every other week.  We all watched as the media reported their self-destruction daily.  It seemed that the Liberal Party wasn’t destined to win as much as the ALP was destined to implode lose.  And the public perception was that Julia was no longer in charge…

Well, tonight the threatened leadership spill that we were promised finally happened and in a vote of 57-45 the ALP kicked Julia out and Kevin Rudd was reinstated.  We are hoping that in the five minutes between Julia resigning and K-Rudd being sworn in that we can slip Hugh Jackman in as Prime Minister.  Who is with me?


It is a shame that Australia’s first female Prime Minister will be remembered for all of this crap when there have been some good (not a lot) done under her leadership.  Things that Big Ears will totally undo once he takes the top job.

But it would seem Julia has got the karmic kick in the fanny she probably deserved…and Big Ears will at least be challenged in the next election.  K-Rudd may not have a chance of winning but he will at least stop the ALP from a electoral down trou when Australia finally goes to the polls.  However, tonight that is not really the point, is it Kev?


5 thoughts on “Tag! You’re It!

  1. telcontari71 says:

    Oh sarcasm, thy name is Sasha!


  2. The big winner in all of this is a bloke called Bill Shorten who was instrumental in getting Gillard in and has been just as instrumental in getting her out tonight. Bill is likely to be the next ALP leader when K-Rudd and ALP lose the next election. I wonder if Kev and Julia were both encouraged to fall on their swords. Let’s see if they both end up in top diplomatic positions in the next six months.


  3. Thegreysfan01 says:

    Sasha you are a riot!
    This was as always a hoot!
    I actually just posted a piece about said “clowns”


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