Investing Elliot Revisions: you know you want them

Just in case anyone is remotely interested.  I have started the process of editing and revising Investing Elliot.  Chapters 1 – 8 are up and ready to be reviewed.  And when I say review, I am all for constructive criticism and sensible questions.  As my good critique friends know, I kind of thrive on being able to explain and defend – thanks Chris, Kaz, Liz, Gwen and Vip. 

I’m also a whore for a bit of rah, rah and good natured cheer-leading (right, Steph?) so if you are enjoying any of my stories please let me know.  I do so love hearing from you all.  By the way this is a long slow process so I will let you know when I get through the next few chapters rather than announcing them one at a time. 


4 thoughts on “Investing Elliot Revisions: you know you want them

  1. atterbury (Liz) says:

    Whoo Hoo, can’t wait to see what you did! How do you improve perfection?
    Steph, I’ll share the pom poms with you! I love this story!


  2. rebecca2000 says:

    Rah rah rah you can do it! 😉


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