Don’t Feed the Trolls

Some useful information for my friends. We have tended to take the strong women don’t take any shit approach to trolls. Have we got it wrong?


Part Three in my Fanfiction Series

I will be honest with you – I really enjoy constructive criticism.  It’s the only real way to improve as a writer and to grow as a person.  What you are doing isn’t always right, and if someone can professionally and constructively tell you how to improve why not take it?  If you do follow my blog you might have seen that there has been, on occasion, readers who have disagreed with my review of a novel.  That is totally fine!  And I have encouraged those exchanges between us.  Mostly because it was done professionally and constructively, but also because I always like to get into a bit of a debate about books.

But – all bets are off when it comes to Fanfiction-land.  Fanfiction is like message boards – it’s where Trolls are born and thrive.  What’s a Troll you ask?  Well a…

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Trolls

  1. utterlyprepossessing says:

    Hi!! Thanks so much for the repost! I always love to see other fanfiction writers out there on the web doing their thing. I found your comment intriguing. Did you mean it to say we should go after trolls like the vermin they are? LOL What has been your experience with trolls?


    • Delighted to have found you. We have a 200 strong Facebook group dedicated to FSoG fan fiction. Mostly women of some life experience many of whom have only found ff because of FSoG. We are raucous, rowdy and rude and tend to call a spade a shovel. I personally haven’t had to deal with trolls or flaming but others have and there are a couple of approaches we take as a rule. One is some kickass author notes pointing out how ridiculous the critique is aka the zinger, the other is a strike team approach of anti-troll reviews where the fan base strikes back. The younger writers tend to take it to heart. The older ones kick ass. As much as it is a source of frustration, it has also become sport to pick them off one by one. Are we wrong?


      • utterlyprepossessing says:

        When it comes to trolls only the trolls are wrong! LOL I commend you and your community for fighting back! I’ve just seen, with other friends, the very slippery slope that can be created with fighting back. Then again we Harry Potter fans tend to be a very picky group. hahaha
        I wish all of you luck with your writing and your troll defense systems!


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