Going Grey Ch 18 He Ain’t Heavy

Going Grey Chapter 18 ….Read it here

Even though Linc handed over the videos in the mediation hearing we have no guarantee that there aren’t copies floating around in the world, nor do we know if he won’t have another go at blackmail. The team that Dad threw together did a pretty good job of tightening up the paperwork so that he would be cutting his own throat if he tried but Linc is nothing if not unpredictable.

“We’ll have to wait and see what Jerry comes up with. In the mean time I want that product off this site. There is no way that shit goes into my brother’s house. Offload it to the MacKenzie development. Liam owes me a favor. Then get it replaced.” TJ turns back to the phone and starts dealing with the immediate issue as I emerge out to the sunshine. I notice one of the roofing crew traversing to the northern side of the building so I whistle and signal him back before finding Will crossing over with some slate in his hand.

The Justice Collective – He Ain t Heavy, He’s My Brother on MUZU.TV.

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