50 Shades of A Stranger

Awesome post. Includes interview with Christna Lauren – Beautiful Bastard. Fabulous Michelle, love your work.

Color Me GREYsessed!


Good evening  GREYsessed readers! It’s been another week of teasing tweets from E L James and Kelly Marcel. The dynamic duo is together again in LA and we can assume why! From purchasing “supplies” from Starbucks to spanking references, they leave us wanting more! I told Ms. James that her tweets are a torture device, in which she replied, “Mwah ha ha ha haaa!” Well played Ms. James. Well played.

All I ask is that an official press conference be held when this casting finally happens. There is a new rumor every day as to who is getting cast and who is not. Wouldn’t if be refreshing to suddenly hear those famous words, “We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news.” Then it just seems appropriate that E L James herself should announce the casting from the penthouse of the Escala, NFL draft-style. Yes! I could see it now. Have…

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