Going Grey – Ch 17: You’re the Best Thing

Going Grey Ch 17: You’re the Best Thing…Read More Here

“Kate! God, it is good to see you.” I am wondering where the serious and circumspect Mia is from last night. Perhaps the meds are kicking in. Then she whispers,”They’re in the study. Hey Lelliot!” She leans in and gives him a big hug then when she pulls out with her back still to Ana she gives us a wink. So we are expected to play along with…?

I laugh. “You look a lot more with it today, Mia.” Her big grin doesn’t quite make it to her eyes. This is such an act and I wonder if there is something I am missing. “Hey Ethan.”

“Hi guys.” Ethan seems pretty tight-lipped and he is hovering around Ana and Mia like a mother hen. Guess the protectiveness doesn’t just apply to the Grey men.

“So what have we missed?” This earns him a WTF glare from Mia, Ethan and I. He shrugs and Ana seems oblivious as she passes a plate to Mia to put on the table. “Where’s Christian and the ‘rents?”

“Oh, they’ve sequestered themselves into Christian’s war room. Seems everyone is in the mood to carry out secret men’s business today.” She can’t quite filter the bitterness out of her voice as she glares at Ethan. Shit! Given the mood he was in last night I just hope that he hasn’t tried to confront Jack Hyde. He’ll be completely out of his depth if he does. Jack is pure evil. The only thing stopping me asking which way Ethan would like me to kick his butt is the thought that he wouldn’t have been able to get past the police guard on Jack’s room.

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