Book Review: Lover Unbound J.R.Ward

Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

V’s story was well….hot? Yeah! You expected that. Given V’s sexual proclivities you had to expect that he and Jane were gonna rock the sheets. Funny? …Hell, yeah! No one does pithy turn of phrase like JR Ward and V has the most righteously sarcastic and eat-shit-or-die phraseology of all the brothers. Gripping? …. absolutely! This is the dude with 300 years of off-the-scale fate and destiny crap that glows as bright as the megawatt voltage channeling through his cursed hand. Talk about shitty parenting – his life makes Z’s years as a sex slave look like a walk in the park. But if you are working your way through the brotherhood series and you get tempted to miss any, then don’t miss this one. This is the book of a thousand reveals and loose ends reconnected. There is so much going on in this one that my head is spinning enough that I think I might just be feeling what V has gone through for so long as the brother with all the visions.

Ward is amazing, off-the-charts incredible. There must be some scary shit going on in her brain, that is all I can say. I have a read a few of the reviews that didn’t like this book and I absolutely get where they are coming from. There are potential inconsistencies in the ‘world’ that Ward creates. The romantic connection isn’t quite as visceral as previous books which makes it odd given V’s relationship with sex. On the other hand, what does happen is the understanding that Jane and V connect on a cerebral level. All the way through Ward has told us how smart V is – he’s the intellectual and the technogeek of the group. Like Z, he also has lived this completely secret life in terms of his sexuality and perhaps more could have been made of the homoerotic connection that has been developing between V and Butch but the one thing that Jane gives him is a clinical and biological acceptance of what he has seen as his dirty little secret.

Phraseology Samples:

“V did his best to marshal some hi-how’re-ya onto his puss, in hopes of camoing the oh-fuck-me that was there.”

“Then I suggest you hold your breath. Won’t affect me in the slightest, but at least the suffocation will help pass the time for you.”

“Right now you’re throwing off an aura like your ass is plugged into the wall. So I strongly encourage you to drop the I-am-an-island bullshit and get your sorry excuse for a personality into Rhev’s office before we have a situation. Dig?”

“You didn’t ask questions of the Scribe Virgin. Not unless you wanted to add being used as floor wax to your resume.”

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Lover Unbound J.R.Ward

  1. 1klkelly says:

    Sasha, have you read all in this series? If so, does it matter where one should start? This one sounds interresting. I’m not usually into vampire novels (Yes, I’m probably the only person on this earth that hasn’t read the “Twilight” series). I can hear the gasps as I’m typing this. 😀


    • Hi there. First of all, forget Twilight. These are not sparkly vampires with teenage angst. These are grown men, hard-assed, tattoo wearing, heavily armed, been through more crap than you can imagine, shit-kicking vampires on steroids. They play hard and love harder. I am working my way through all 11 books and loving them. I suggest that you do yourself a favor and start at Dark Lover and work your way forward. And when you get to this one, I have a little treat for you. JR Ward would not approve cos she doesn’t allow FF of her work but I found a little something something that really knocked my socks off. I am happy to share it with you if you get this far and are still loving them. I love the way she writes and you might notice that more of her literary attitude is sneaking into my work. Not that I wasn’t always capable of this but now I edit with a different frame of mind and try to turn the phrases a little more to this style which I love so much. I am very grateful to the FSOG ladies who turned me on to this series. I feel now that my writing could start to sit somewhere in between the styles of Damon Runyon and Stephen King if I can learn to channel my inner JR Ward editor. I hope you do indulge in her work with me.


  2. 1klkelly says:

    Well, I’ll give them a try. Not sure when I’ll get to the most recent but I’ll def. Let you know. I’m looking forward to some good discussions/compairisons. Lot’s of reading on my “shelf”. But I’m not complaining.


  3. 1klkelly says:

    Ok, as I told you on GoodReads I’m loving me some BDB. I never thought I would like this genre. I go to buy #6 today and it’s unavailable on Amazon and on the Kindle bookstore. GRRRRRR! Something about it being under review. Agh! I WANT MY BOOK NOW! 😩


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