Flash Fiction – The Confidence of Woman

Part of her allure was in the clothes that she wore so confidently.  The sheer lingerie that revealed all of her deliciousness and sensuality was enough to make his heart race.  Part of it was in the attitude of her body as she posed for his viewing pleasure, her smooth skin seducing him to sample and taste.  He was deeply enamored with the ample curves that tempted him to lie prostrate as she wrapped her thighs around his waist or his face. Those would have been enough for him to worship at her alter.  But what really rocked his world,what shook him to the core, was that secret smile and the sparkle seated in her sexy, soulful eyes that told him she was all his.

I love the artistry of Samarel Sensual Portraits.  Please check his website.



2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – The Confidence of Woman

  1. Steph says:

    The true female form curvaceous and beautiful. Love the artwork! Sensual pieces those Sasha 🙂


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